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My Prince Loki - Comments

I love this so much. It is so good. :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

I LOVE IT! Pretty please update xx

DaisyChain DaisyChain

Pleas update! I've read this so much, it's become a part of me. I feel like louisa is my long lost sister of sorts.

Arianna Arianna

I stumbled on this one night back in April and didn't stop until I finished reading all your posts at 5am. Love your writing, really looking forward to your next update :)

Golden Ebony Golden Ebony

Holy crap I've spent all day reading this story. YOU SIMPLY MUST UPDATE SOON!!

SerenitySpeaker SerenitySpeaker

As a dedicated "since chapter one" fan I have to say, i've been waiting so long for this chapter you have no clue. Being a fan means having patience. And while I consider myself patient, PLEASE UPLOAD QUICKLY!!! I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH!!!!

can't wait for the next chapter. This is one of the stories i tune into this site for.

Serphine Serphine

What an amazing story! I canĀ“t wait for the next chapter to appear!

LokisProphet LokisProphet

What are you doing to my feels!?! Update fasteeer! <3

Loki's cat Loki's cat

Amazing yet again!!!!! Can't wait till the next chapter!!!!

can not wait for the new chapter. I like how the story is flowing.

Serphine Serphine

Please please please update soon:)

Ahleta18 Ahleta18

Glad to see this new chapter up :) you've written it so well and I'm glad to see Louisa have some good times after all the hardship she's gone through. Please update it soon! :D

This story is very different from the others that i have read. As someone who has dealt with a difficult childhood, i know how it feels to just want a way out. Even now i still have to deal with stresses and events that i really wish wouldn't happen.

I actually think that Louisa is a very strong person. I believe that when a person has to go through so many hardships in life, they will become stronger and stronger. Sure, there might be points of weakness, but over all, that person will begin to see things more clearly and be able to handle themselves more firmly.
I'm interested to see where this story is taken; such as how you'll include Thor, the avengers, and even how Loki will come back into Louisa's life.

I can't wait for an update :)

Nixxie Nixxie

Don't worry, I'm not leaving this story how it is at the moment! The events of Thor have still yet to happen along with Avenger events! This story is faaaaar from being abounded.
Just right now I'm in 'assignment season' with my uni course so I'm really busy with essays and case studies. I'm still writing my ideas down on the side for this though and (hopefully) the next update will be in the next week :)

Hope this gives you readers some peace of mind :)

Scratchet xox

Scratchet Scratchet

please don't leave it there, I need to see what happens, this story has been amazingly written, I feel so bad for Louisa

CookieActivist CookieActivist

This is so beautifully written! I love it!

Rachla Rachla

I really am enjoying this story and can not wait for the next chapter. Keep up with the good work.

Serphine Serphine

And I thought that last chap had feels..I was really crying.
And you kept your promise ^^ yaaaay! Keep up the great work!

This story gets more and more beautiful by the chapter!!! I love it, you have amazing writing skills!! :D