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The Avengers go out for a night on the town!

The Avengers go out

*The phone rings at Captain Americas house. Steve picks up the phone.*
Steve: “Hello?”
Tony: “Hello Cap this is Tony.”
Steve: “Ahh yes, good evening Mr. Stark.”
Tony: “Steve cut the crap, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I do consider you an acquaintance. You can call me Tony.”
Steve: “An acquaintance? Don’t you mean friend?”
Tony: “......Umm...yeah sure....whatever....anyways the reason I was calling is because Thor, Loki, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, and I are all going out tonight. I was wondering if you wanted to join us.”
Steve: “Oh yeah sure that sounds fun. I was gonna go to the gym, but I guess I could join you guys.”
Tony: “Ok great meet at my place at six.”
Steve: “Ok bye,”
Tony: *Click*

Later at Tony’s house
Tony: “Alright! Is everyone here? Where are Thor and Loki? It’s already six o eight!”
Bruce: “Why don’t you just text them?”
*Tony gives Bruce a pathetic look*
Tony: “This is Thor and Loki we are talking about. They wouldn’t even know how to open the message.”
Natasha: “Too bad I’m texting them anyway.”
Clint: “Good, because I’m starving.”
Ten minutes later
Thor: “ Never fear! The Asgardian brothers have arrived!”
Loki: “Thor we don’t need an introduction for everywhere we go. We are on midguard remember?”
Thor: “Ohh right,”
Tony: “Ok, ok we are all here! Let’s get going! Everyone to the limo!”

The Avengers all make their way to Tony’s limo waiting outside. They all climb in and make their way to their favorite restaurant. Fuddruckers.

Tony: “Ok is everyone settled? Good now don’t touch my stereo system, my TV, the drink bar, and...heck don’t touch anything.”
Steve: “Can I touch the...”
Tony: “No”
Steve: “I was gonna say door handle, but ok,”
*Tony glares at Steve.*
Tony: “Don’t be such a smartass, that’s my job.”
15 minutes later the group pulls into Fuddruckers.
Tony: “I gotta say I’m kinda embarrassed to be pulling a limo into this joint. We could've gone to a far nicer restaurant guys. I have connections.”
Clint: “Lay off Tony, you know you love the food here.”
Thor: “Loki and I have never dined at such an establishment. It better be all you guys say it is or else.”
Loki: “Thor...midguard remember?”
Thor: “Ugh oh yeah...”
Nathasha: “Nevermind! Let’s just get a table and order!”
Soon the Avengers are all sitting down and ordering their drinks.

Tony: “Hmm I think I’m gonna have a Coke and Brandy.”
Steve: “ Umm Stark they don’t serve that here. Just get a soda.”
Tony: “Damn, sorry force of habit. Ok I’ll have a diet Coke then.”
Thor: “A soda? I want one! I want a diet Coke!”
Everyone: “NOOO!”
Bruce: “The last thing you need is caffeine.”
Tony: “Definitely. Thor you must never have caffeine. I can only imagine.”
Thor: “Wow ok fine.”
* Suddenly a waitress comes up to the table.*
Waitress: “Hello, what does everyone want to drink?”
*Everyone rattles off what they want.*
Bruce: “This one here wants a diet Coke without caffeine.” He says pointing at Thor.
Waitress: “Ok, I will bring that all right out.”
*Loki gets an evil idea.*
Loki: “Hey guys I’m gonna go use the bathroom quick.”
Steve: “Don’t fall in!”
*Loki gets up, but doesn’t go to the bathroom. He finds the waitress and changes Thor’s drink to a diet Coke with caffeine. Loki then goes and sits down.*
A few minutes later.
Waitress: “Ok here are your drinks. Now what will everyone have?”
*Everyone orders burgers. After taking the order the waitress gives the group the buzzer thing. She tells them this will tell them when they can come get their food. Thor is the first to take a big gulp of soda.*
Thor: “Yum, this is delicious! What do you call it?”
Tony: “Soda.”
*Thor sucks the whole glass down in under a minute*
Clint: “Whoa slow down Thor you can always get more.”
*Thor thrusts his glass in the air like he normally does with his hammer. *
*Natasha points Thor to the beverage area. Thor quickly darts over there*
Bruce: “Is is just me or is Thor acting a little crazy all of a sudden?”
Steve: “Well he did just down a whole glass of soda.”
Tony: “But it didn’t have caffeine....”
*Loki grins*
Loki: “Or did it?”
Everyone: “LOKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Loki: “ What I can’t help myself! I am the god of mischief!”
Tony: “Dear god.....”
Bruce: “Loki do you realize what you have done?! Thor is going to go crazy! He’s never had caffeine before!”
*Thor comes bounding back. He jumps over Loki and slides into his seat.*
Thor: “Heyy heyy heyy!!!! You guys gotta try those machines over there!!!!! The soda just keeps coming!!!!!!!!! It’s a never ending fountain of fountainy goodness!!!! Why waste your time with a cup!?!?! I just used my mouth as a cup!!!! DID YOU KNOW THERE IS LIKE TEN DIFFERENT KINDS OF SODA?!!?!?! WHO KNEW!?!?! NO WONDER YOU GUYS DIDN’T LET ME HAVE THIS STUFF!!! YOU JUST WANTED TO KEEP IT ALL TO YOURSELVES!!!! CAFFEINE IS GREAT!!!!”
*By now Thor is jumping up and down by the table. Loki is laughing.*
Natasha: “Thor can you just sit down? Our foods going to be here soon and I think you need to calm down a little....”
*Suddenly the buzzer goes off signaling the food was done. It lit up and buzzed loudly on the table.*
*Thor’s eyes got wide and he backed away*
Thor: “What is this!?!?!?!?! Some kind of bomb?!?!?! Whyyyy is it buzzing!?!?!?! WHHHYYYY!???”
Steve: “Thor it’s ok, just calm down....”
*Suddenly Thor flips the table over spilling the drinks all over and sending the buzzer skidding across the floor. Thor chases after it andjumps on it repeatedly until it breaks into a bunch of pieces. *
Thor: “Haha! I have killed the buzzing beast! You are no match for the god of thunder!!!!”
Tony: “Ok lets get out of here....NOW.”
*Everyone agrees and hightails it out of the restaurant. Tony stops and pays for the broken table and spilled drinks. He apologizes to the stunned works and customers.*
Tony: “Carry on with your mediocre dining! Nothing to see here.”
*He then follows his friends out of the restaurant who are struggling to keep Thor in check.*
A few moments later they are all in the limo on their way to the movies.
Clint: “Way to go Loki. Now we have to deal with crazy Thor.”
Loki: “Back off, how was I supposed to know he would get this crazy? I thought he’d only get a little hyper! Not psychotic!”
*Suddenly Thor leans forward and starts messing with Tony’s stereo system.*
Bruce: “Thor don’t touch...”
*Suddenly music blares through the whole limo*
-Hey girl I’m waiting on ya, I’m waiting on ya
Come on and let me sneak you out
And have a celebration, a celebration
The music up, the windows down-

Tony: “Dear god THOR! Turn that off!!! NOW! How the hell did you even find that song!?”
*Thor singing along with music*
Thor: “Yeah, we’ll be doing what we do
Just pretending that we’re cool and we know it too
Yeah, we’ll keep doing what we do
Just pretending that we’re cool, so tonight!!!!”
Natasha: “AHHH make it stop!!”
Clint: “How the hell does he know the lyrics to this song!?!!?”
Steve: “Someone grab Thor so I can get to the stereo!!!”
Thor: “Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy ’til we see the sun
I know we only met but let’s pretend it’s love
And never, never, never stop for anyone
Tonight let’s get some and live while we’re young!!”
*Thor suddenly jumps up and hits the sunroof on the limo. He pokes his head out of the top and keeps singing.*
Thor: “ Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh and live while we’re young
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Tonight let’s get some and live while we’re young!!!!!!!”
*Bruce jumps for Thor’s legs to pull him back in. Loki tries to help too. Steve was about to leap for the stereo to turn it off, but Tony’s comment stops him in his tracks.
Tony: “Hey Steve can’t live while he’s young because technically he’s already an old man!”
Bruce: “Really Tony, you're gonna do this now!?”
Steve: “Ohh it’s on now!!”
*Steve was about to lunge at Tony, but Clint pulls him back down into his seat and Bruce and Loki finally pull Thor back into the limo. Natasha jumps for the stereo and turns it off.*
*Everyone sits in silence. Thor’s caffeine rush startsto wear off.*
Thor: “Ughh guys I’m really tired,”
Tony: “It’s called a crash tourist.”
Thor: “We are crashing?!?!”
Steve: “No, no, just sit back and relax. We are almost to the movies.”
*Steve glares at Tony. Tony smirks at him.*
Ten minutes later the Avengers are in line getting snacks after buying tickets for “Mama.” They are all starving because they didn’t have a chance to eat at the restaurant.
*Thor is next in line for concessions.*
Worker: “Hi, what will you have?”
Thor: “Umm two boxes of strawberry poptarts.”
Worker: “I’m sorry sir, we don't have strawberry poptarts.”
Thor: “Ohh well ok how about blueberry poptarts?”
Worker: “...Um no.”
Thor: “Ughh fine cinnamon poptarts!”
Worker: “I’m sorry but we don’t serve any kind of poptart here.”
*Tony pushes past Thor.*
Tony: “I’m sorry let me order for the moron. I’ll have two large popcorns and two large drinks.”
*The waitress types it in. She gets the popcorn then the drink cups.*
Waitress: “What do you want to drink?”
Tony: “Umm I'll have a diet Coke and a fruit punch for this one.”
Thor: “WHY are you going to punch me with fruit!?! What did I do?!? I’m just a god!”
Tony: “Thor relax it’s a drink.”
Thor: “So the drink is going to punch me with fruit?”
Tony: “Oh my god...well actually yes. You will get a punch of tasty fruity taste in your mouth. Ok?”
Thor: “Ok mortal, I hope your right.”
*Soon after everyone gets their snacks they all file into the movie theater. They all sit right in the middle of the theater.*
Tony: “So Thor how is your drink?”
Thor: “Amazing! I love getting punched in the mouth by fruit!”
Natasha: “Did he just say...”
Tony: “Just let it go...”
Steve: “Shh the movie is starting!”
10 minutes later.....
Clint: “Who the hell picked this movie!?!?!”
Steve: “SO life-like....AHHHH!!!!”
Tony: “You babies! This movie is terrible!”
Loki: “Yesss mortal...go in the closet...yes..you shall meet your death....YES!”
Thor: “Guys this movie is super scary! AHHH!!! CREEPY SHADOW!!”
Tony: “Thor you moron that’s her shadow!!”
Thor: “Ohhh....”
20 minutes later....
Tony: “Ok that part was kinda scary....Ah!!”
Thor: “HOLD ME!!!”
*The whole theater is dead quiet as the movie character walks slowly to the closet. Suddenly Thor’s phone goes off. All the Avengers jump in their seats and Thor sends his popcorn flying into the people behind him.*
Bruce: “Thor! Put your stupid phone on silent!”
Thor: “I don’t know how!”
*Suddenly Tony smirks and pulls out his phone he immediately begins to bomb text Thor.*
-Are you scared yet?
-Stop texting me!!! You're making my phone go off!!! Stop texting me until I figure out how to put it on silent!!!
-Am I annoying you yet!?
Random people in the crowd: “Hey turn your phone off!”
“Shut up down there!”
“Be quiet!”
Thor: *Yells* “Quiet petty mortals! I’m trying to silence my cellular device!”
*Tony giggles and sends more messages.*
*Steve grabs Tony’s phone.*
Steve: “Knock it off! Stop acting like you're ten!”
*Bruce grabs Thor’s phone and shuts it off.*
*Steve turns to face Tony.*
Steve: “Are we done acting like a child?”
*Tony grabs his phone back.*
Tony: “Yes...Old man.”
Steve: “TONY!!!!!”
*Suddenly theater security comes in and ushers the Avengers out of the theater. The whole theater claps.*
Bruce: “Nice guys now we got kicked out of the theater....now what are we gonna do?”
Clint: “Yeah! We didn’t get to eat or see the end of the movie!”
Tony: “How about we all go to my place and rent some movies and order a pizza?”
Everyone: “YES!!”
So the Avengers all head back to Tony’s. They stay up really late and watch movies and eat pizza. They decide that maybe staying in is better than going out in their case....
THE END!!!! By: C.C. White


By: Avengers4life


NO! thank you! Both the hubby and I love it!! Can't wait to read the next part!!

awww thank you! Lol I will try and continue it! I'm not really sure where to take it from here but I will try! I have off from school in a week so hopefully I will have time to come up with something! Thanks for commenting! :)

Avengers4life Avengers4life
Please continue :D This is really good!!!!!!! I laughed so hard when I read this!!!

awww thank you! That means so much! I'm glad someone is enjoying it. I didn't really plan on keeping it going, but if ya want I can try! :)
Avengers4life Avengers4life
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONTINUE!
JenoWatina JenoWatina