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A New Beginning


It was finally morning, and I was just clocking into work nervously. Today was the day Captain Rogers was to be discharged, and I had finally admitted to myself that I had the tiniest crush on him, which added to my anxiety. I shouldn't feel any attraction to him, though, and if SHIELD found out, I'd be dead meat. So I held it inside as I stepped into Captain's room. I saw him sprawled along his bed with the remote in his hand as flicked through the channels in wonder.

"Hello Captain. I can see someone taught you how to use the remote. Quite a bit more channels than you're used to, eh?" I grinned.

"Oh, uh, yes ma'am." He stuttered. Clearly, I had caught him off guard.

"I apologize for startling you," He nodded so I continued. "Well I'm sure you're excited?"

He glanced at me somewhat puzzled.

"You're being released today." I explained.

His expression lit up the slightest, "Yes ma'am, but I don't think excited is the word I'd use to describe what I'm feeling." He grimaced.

"Don't worry about a thing. I'm not going to throw you out there without the slightest idea what you're doing. You're going to stay at my place for a while, so I can teach you the basics. Once I feel you're ready, we'll find you a place of your own."

"Are you sure? I don't want to be a burden."

"Oh sweetie, you wouldn't be a burden in the least!" He blushed at the term "sweetie" which caused me to blush a bit in return. I called all of my patients "sweetie", but it seemed different with him.

On that awkward note, I told him I would see him later and left the room. That's when I walked right into Agent Coulson.

I squealed, "Sorry, sir!" and backed up.

"Relax, I'm not going to kill you." He joked. "I was just looking for you."

"Is something wrong?" I asked as I composed myself.

"No, nothing's wrong. I just wanted to tell you something."


"Well, I was thinking, perhaps, if you do well on this mission, I may promote you to an actual SHIELD agent. Now, I know this would be a difficult task, but I think you would adjust quite well as a agent. That is, of course, if you're okay with giving up your job in nursing."

"Oh, wow. I don't really know what to say." I stammered.

Wow... This is awesome. I'm not sure if I could give up everything I've worked for just for the secret exciting life as an agent...

"Can I have a little time to think it over? I can come to a decision next Friday when I give my report, okay?"

"Absolutely. Enjoy your vacation, Miss Daniels." With a wink, he walked off.

At the end of the day, I stopped at Captain's door and took a moment to assess the situation.

What have I gotten myself into?

I pushed open the door and lightly stepped inside.
He was standing by the window, looking at the city below. He looked so peaceful, I almost refused to disturb him. All the stressful creases that I have grown accustomed to had seemed to vanish, while he day-dreamed, making his face that much more beautiful.

I sighed quietly, but not quietly enough, because Captain Rogers immediately turned around, the creases once again returned to his face.

I smiled at him timidly and said, "Are you ready to leave, Sir?"

He relaxed considerably and replied, "Yes, ma'am. I didn't exactly have anything to pack, though." He chuckled at that, but I could tell the idea wasn't as amusing as he'd made it out to be.

With a small frown, I gestured through the door and he strode through. I closed the door behind me and hurried to match his pace.

We reached the parking lot shortly, and I beamed at Captain when he opened the door of my car for me.

"So, do you like my car? It's a bit past your time but not by much." I smirked.

"I like it." He murmured.

We drove through the streets of Manhattan to a fairly large home in the upper east side.
Again, Rogers opened the door for me like a gentleman and we stepped inside my contemporary styled home. Mia greeted us instantly, and to my surprise, barreled right into Captain Rogers.

I couldn't hold it in; I busted out laughing. The sight of such a strong man pinned down pinned down by a harmless, smaller than average husky just cracked me up. He pushed her aside playfully and glared at me. He soon joined my hysterical fit of laughter, though, and we sat like that for what seemed like forever, trapped in a moment.

That is, until Mia displayed her complete annoyance by yapping her head off.
I helped him up and marched to fill the "starving" Mia's bowl.

When I was through, I peered up to see Captain eyeing my house in amazement.

"Well I suppose I should give you the grand tour?" I giggled.

"That would be great, ma'am."

"Okay, so first thing's first, this is obviously the kitchen, and right ahead is the living room. Down this hall, are two bedrooms with bathrooms attached. The bedroom down the hall is mine, and this one here is yours." I stated as we toured the house.

We stepped inside his bedroom. It was somewhat smaller than mine, but big enough to hold a T.V., Dresser, a Bed, the usual.

He nodded and said, “So, how long am I staying here?”

I was hurt by what he said, and it showed when I responded, “When I feel that you’re ready, I’ll find you a place to live. Until then, you are under orders to stay here where I can teach you.” I said in a crisp tone.

“No ma’am.” He grumbled.

“Oh, please stop with the “ma’am”. Just call me Alyssa, or if you want, Lyssa. That’s what Jenny -“ I could feel my face contorting into a look of pure shock when I said my best friend’s name. I HAD to hide Captain.

I managed to push him into his room, which was like pushing a brick wall, while he commanded answers.
“What’s wrong? Why do I have to go in here? What’s going on?” He demanded.

“No time to explain, she could be here any minute. Just get in your room and stay there!” I ordered.

I shut the door and sprinted towards the front door, but I was too late. Jenny was already at the door. I groaned and let her in.

“Lyssa! What’s wrong with your face? You look paler than usual!” She giggled.

“Thanks, Jen.” I replied sarcastically.

She began bouncing around. “Are you ready to go shopping!?”

“Yeah, uh, about tha-“ Just then I heard a small creak and turned around to see Captain Roger peeping his head through the door.

“GOD DANGIT!” I wailed. “Why couldn’t you do what I asked?”

His eyes widened and he closed the door back.

I looked back at Jenny to see her staring at the door. She had seen him.

“Oh, is that the Rogers guy? He’s even hotter than you described! What’s he doing in your house?”

“Oh, uh, he has to stay with me a while during his healing process. He has nowhere else to go.” I replied cautiously.

“Well then why doesn’t he stay with me instead?”

“I’m his nurse, that’s why.” I said, my words filled with a hint of venom.

She was oblivious to any venom. “Well, at least let me meet the guy! I need to charm him with my beauty!” She winked.

I tried to think of a reasonable excuse to deny her request, but I could think of nothing besides “NO.”

“Sure, I suppose.” I said, defeated. I walked into his room and shut the door behind me.


Here's Chapter 4! :D I'm trying to post chapters more frequently, but I hate typing. -.- So, I'll have chapter 5 and maybe 6 up today and tomorrow. Hope you guys enjoy, and thank you very much for the support! Love you guys, Anastasia! :D


Murdering me? I'm dead. Update soon? I love this!
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This is awesome! Keep writing, I love it! :D
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It's looking good. Please continue!
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