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Shoot to Thrill

Have A Drink On Me

It all started with that damn Audi. God, I just know a good car when I see one, and yet I just couldn’t resist staring right at it. It was an Audi R8 in, of course, red. I jus t had never been that close to something so nice before.

That was me, about two hours ago, spending my time gawking at that car while I was in line to get into one of the newest clubs of the week in New York. That car just sat there, and sat unprotected on the city streets, and I went off on a little tangent, if you will. I dreamt of who would leap out of the driver’s seat for me and race to the passenger door to let me out at a red carpet event in a shimmering evening wear dress. Would it be Chris Pine? Tom Hardy? Maybe even that adorably taken Ryan Reynolds…. Ahh, how daydreams can take one away from the dullness of reality. Or so I thought.

“Ma’am, can I see some ID?” the bouncer called at me.
“Sure, it’s right… okay I swear it was just in my hands!” God damn it all! Where could that ID have gone? It’s not like Tinkerbell just flew into my purse and took it.
“Ma’am, if you don’t have your ID on you, then I can’t let you in.”
“Are you serious right now? You just called me “ma’am” for Christ’s sake!” I yelled back to the unrelenting and towering bald bouncer.
“Ma’am, please, you’re going to have to come with me.”

Then I felt a heat pressed into my side and around my lower back. Well this is something I could get used to, if need be. “She’s with me, if you’re okay with that.”
“Oh hey Tony! Nice to see you again! Yeah, sure, just come on in.”
“Thanks Paulo! Keep the change,” Tony smiled as he passed Paulo a hundred dollar bill and ushered us inside.

No freaking way. Is this THAT Tony? That one who was in the news all the freaking time for showing off to the world how cocky and smart he is for building that damn suit?

God damn you Tony Stark. You are the last person on Earth that I would ever want to be seen with. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.


“Well, well, well, Mr. Stark. Fancy meeting you here,” I snarled.
“Woah there. I am pretty sure that you know who you are talking to right now, but I don’t know why you would want to talk to someone in that way who just got you in here.” He trailed.
“Thank you ‘Tony’. Is that better?” I retorted.
“Yes it is, but not so much the snarkiness of it. Now come on, let me buy you a drink, loosen you up a bit.”
“No thanks, I better not.”
“Why, do you have somewhere better to be?” Tony just said so matter-of-factly that anything you could imagine saying would just sound idiotic.
“I think that I don't want to be associated with the likes of you."
"The likes of me?" He acted fake hurt. Aw. "Nonsense. Everyone loves me!" /he said with that mischievious and playful smile of his. "Besides, you owe me one."

Damn it all, I guess he's right. "Fine," I sighed. "But only one drink, and then I'm gone!"
He pulled me back to his side, and the heat factor had pleasantly returned. "One drink it is."


I love you for reading this! Please be honest and any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated! :)


JenoWatina JenoWatina
Ha! I like it. It's so cute when they play hard to get.
Keep this coming; I want more.
Iron Man Iron Man
Just keep writing :)
TeamThor TeamThor