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Chapter 10

Clint looked into the direction of which his name was called. He was clearly confused as you could see it plastered all over his face. He continued to look until he found the source. He almost fell to his knees as he was hit with a wall of emotion. There she was. Just a mere 50 feet away and getting closer with every step.
"Lexi?" Steve and Natasha turned to face Clint. As they did Lex came barreling into Clint, nearly knocking him clear off his feet. The siblings both clung to each other like their lives were depended on it.
"Nat told me you were dead!" Clint choked as he buried his face in her shoulder. He couldn't believe she was here. He thought she was gone forever. He thought he would never see her again…
"I know. I'm so sorry," She didn't know what else to say. She couldn't imagine the pain he'd been in.
"How are you even here?" He pulled away and took her face in his hands, resting his forehead against her's. "I don't know what I would have done…" His eyes started to water. She gripped his wrists.
"Hey, I'm alive. No need to think about that," His eyes were closed now. She could see tears slowly making their way down his face. Clint rarely ever cried, but when he did it broke her heart. "You know you can't get rid of me that easily, right?" Lex gave a small smile. It disappeared as quick as it had appeared as a wave of pain coursed through her body. The longer she stood still the more it hurt.
He smirked and opened his eyes. His smirk faded as he saw her face. "She said you had been shot too…" Clint released her face and looked down at her midsection. There were 3 holes in her skintight shirt.
He went to lift her shirt slightly to see the damage, but Lex shrugged away. "Clint…don't," She knew if he saw the bullet wounds he would worried about her and they didn't need that right now.
"Alexis Barton," He said sternly. She sighed and let him lift her shirt. He lifted it just past the highest bullet hole. The one that had popped the stitches was bleeding slightly. "Lexi, you shouldn't even be out here right now. You need to get checked out. I know you did that stitch job yourself," And that's what she was afraid of.
"Not gonna happen, bro," She pulled her shirt down. "We have bigger fish to fry." Her blue eyes connected with his and they just stared straight through each other, having a whole conversation with one look.
"We don't have a choice, Agent Barton. We need her out there," Steve took a few steps forward, but still kept his distance from the two.
"I thought I lost her once and I'm not going through that again! It's not going to happen," Clint growled at the super solider.
"What makes this different from any other mission we've ever been on, huh? Remember when you were stabbed in Spain, but you forced me to let you keep going? This is no different," Lex continued to keep eye contact with her sibling.
Clint looked over at Natasha who gave him a small nod. "Fine. Lets go," He wasn't happy with the decision, but there was nothing he could do. She was just as stubborn as him. "Be careful."
"Always am," She smiled at him as he walked by. Natasha smiled at Lex as she followed Clint. Lex's attention shifted from her fellow assassins to the super solider in front of her. "Thanks for backing me up."
Steve slowly nodded. Something was off with him. "Back during the war, me and my best friend, Bucky, were raiding a train. We were trying to get our hands on this scientist. We were being shot at with HYDRA weapons and a hole was blown in the side of the train. Bucky picked up my shield and was blasted with one of the guns. He was sucked out to the outside of the train. We were over a drop and he was just barley hanging on. I reached out to grab him, but… the bar that he was hanging onto broke and I watched as he fell to his death," Steve was looking at the down at the cement. "You were the first person that I felt comfortable with in this time. My first legitimate friend and I watched you fall just as he did. There being nothing I could to save you…" He looked up at her with hurt filled eyes. No one realized how effected he was by her supposed death.
"Steve…" Lex gave him a sad smile. She wrapped her arms around his neck, embracing the solider. He hugged her back whole heartedly. After a few moments, he stepped back from her and smiled.
"We better get going," With that they trotted off after their other team members.
Once they caught up to Clint and Natasha, their eyes wandered to the hole in the sky. Another wave of Chitauri were filtering through, along with this… enormous creature. Clint saw it was a weird whale like Chitauri. It certainly looked like it swam through the sky as a whale would the ocean. As it 'swam' past them, another rank of Chitauri dismounted from the creature. They latched themselves to the building and broke through the glass, starting their rein of terror on the people inside.
"Stark, you seeing this?" Steve asked.
"Seeing, still working on believing," Tony flew a good distance away from the creature as it flew through New York. "Where's Banner? Has he shown up yet?"
"Just keep me posted."
The new wave of Chitauri open fired on the streets forcing Steve, Clint, Natasha and Lex to take cover up against an abandoned taxi.
"We've got civilians trapped up here," Clint said. As Clint spoke, a Chitauri cruiser rushed past by them, catching their attention.
"Loki," Steve huffed. "They're fish in a barrel down there."
He was right. Those who still remained on street level with no where to go ran in panic. They needed to do something. But what? Before they could hatch up a plan Natasha shot up and fired several rounds into the Chitauri that now lined themselves up in front them. Clint moved to take cover up against a different taxi. Natasha stayed put and so did Lex.
"We got this. Go," Lex encouraged Steve. She'd never known a situation where she, her brother and Natasha couldn't hold their own.
"Do you think you can hold them off?" He questioned. It wasn't because he didn't have faith in the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. He trusted them with his life up to this point. He had too. He just didn't trust the situation and the fact that they were out numbered.
"Captain," Clint shifted his arrow tips in his quiver. "It would be my genuine pleasure."
Steve looked back at Lex one last time. She gave him a confident nod and he was off, leaping over the side of the bridge they were currently on. The three assassins jumped into action wasting no time. Natasha open fired on the aliens as did the Barton siblings with there arrows.
"Clint, the bus. There's people in there," Lex pointed out. "I'll cover you. Get them out."
Clint nodded and jogged over to the bus. Clint noticed a father trying to get his son out of one of the broke windows. "Hand him to me."
The man clearly looked hesitant. Anyone would if a man in a sleeveless blank and purple uniform with a bow and quiver full of arrows strapped to his back asked you to hand them your child. Realizing he had no choice, he ushered his son out of the window and into Clint's arms.
Lex sent an arrow through a Chitauri forehead as it tried to make its way over to the bus. Once it dropped, she took a glade over at Clint who was helping a young boy out of the window. The sight cause her to smile. She didn't know why exactly, but it did. Maybe it was the fact that she was just glad that she had her brother back. Glad that he wasn't trying to kill her on the top of a German research building.
Clint moved from the window to a jammed door. He opened it with no problem. He watched as the people rushed out, trying to find cover. He then took a quick look over at Lex who was holding her own against two Chitauri. She moved with such accuracy and grace that it just amazed him. He missed watching her kick ass. He missed having her around in general. They needed to speed some quality time together that didn't involve killing or severely injuring someone.
Clint readied his bow and took out a Chitauri that was getting a little to close to Lex. He made his way quickly to her side behind a taxi as he continued shooting. "I'm sorry by the way," he raised his voice slightly so she could hear him over all the chaos. He continued to take aim a the foreign creatures as did Lex.
"For what?"
"Almost killing you."
"Nah, it wasn't you're fault. You didn't know what you were doing," Lex ducked as a Chitauri sent a blast from its staff towards her.
"You're definitely get slow though. If Stark hadn't shown up-" Clint took another shot at an approaching Chitauri.
"I am not getting slow! I just didn't want to hurt you…"
"Are you two serious?" Natasha interrupted. "You're really having this conversation right now?" This was really nothing new to her because she was around the sibling for so long.
Lex smirked and leaped over the taxi, taking on the Chitauri at close quarter combat. She didn't want to waste all of her arrows just shooting behind a flipped taxi. Clint and Natasha joined her right away. They were all charged at, each of them taking down the aliens in different ways. Clint ducked down and took out its legs, then stabbing it in the face with and arrow. Lex slid under the one coming at her and waited for it to turn. Once it did she dropped kicked it and did the same as Clint, put an arrow in its forehead. Natasha other hand, leaped up onto a Chitauri's shoulders, pulling wiry veins out of its neck.
Clint was tackled by another charging Chitauri. Lex went to take a shot at it, but her focus was forced to shift to the Chitauri that was currently challenging her. Clint soon got the better of the forgien creature and turned to take out the one that was on top of Lex
The three continued to fight, but the numbers of their opposing force continued to go. Soon they would be overwhelmed and would have to withdraw from the battle ground. Just as they began to be crowded by a deadly alien wall, Steve jumped in, literally, and knocked them all aside with a powerful swing from his patriotic shield. Now that they had room to breath, the two archers resorted back to their arrows and Natasha her bullets. The crowd around them began to grow as more Chitauri swarmed them, but they soon all dropped dead as Thor swept down and sent a wave of lightning through their bodies.
Thor stumbled slightly when he landed due to his previous battle with is brother. "What's the story upstairs?" Steve asked him as he and the three assassins approached the god. Clint continued to look around, checking for Chitauri, but for now they seemed in the clear.
"The power surrounding the cube is impenetrable," Thor huffed in reply.
"Thor's right. We got to deal with these guys," Lex commented as she remembered Tony's attempt to destroy the cube.
"How do we do this?" Natasha questioned.
"As a team."



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this is awesome, please continue!

hi i just discovered this site and your story. I really love what you have going here and i hope that you will be planning on updating this story soon. you are doing a awesome job.
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