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Loki Laufeyson and the Little Lost One


Loki glanced down the long halls of the palace, all the places he used to live, eat and play in. But that was long, long ago. Now, he was being marched to the throne room, to see Odin. The guards on either side of him remained passive and expressionless. When they got to the magnificent, golden, gleaming doors, they stood for a few minutes, then entered. As they walked down the long hall towards the throne, Loki smirked. He knew All-Father hated this, but since Loki was a universal criminal now, it had to be done. When he and his guards finally reached the throne, Loki slowly looked up, and smiled evilly at the three who were standing there. Freya, Odin and... Thor. The one he hated the most. The brother who took everything from him. "Loki Laufeyson," Odin's voice echoed in the large room. "You have finished the time allotted to you, by me. You must stay in Asgard, although not a prisoner in a cell, for one month. If you obey every command you are given, you will be free to wander the nine realms, but know this: if you are caught doing anything that resembles treason, causes pain or harm to any innocent people in the nine realms, you will be brought back and put back in jail. Forever." Loki nodded. "Whatever you say, my lord." He said sarcastically. Odin looked at him a little longer, then waved his hand dismissively. "Take him to his room." The guards turned, and marched Loki out the door.


Sorry it's so short. I shortened it because i forgot to look at this chapter when i started Meetings, so I had to change it. With all the stuff goin on I just had time to get it started but, hopefully, I'll get more up soon, if y'all like it. ^_^ Please, don't forget to REVIEW! I accept criticism and if you have suggestions, comments or questions, let me know! :) Thank you all!!!!!


Interesting... I know this comment is rather late, but I don't suppose you'd still be planning on posting more? I'm curious. :)

Cap's Shield Cap's Shield
So yeah. I might post another chapter later, while I'm babysitting, but I hope I did a good job.
Jai of Asgard Jai of Asgard
Interesting. More please:)
KillJoySynner KillJoySynner