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Loki Laufeyson and the Little Lost One


Loki paced the room like a caged tiger. He couldn't believe that after only 2 days of this, he was about to go insane. He sat on the bed in frustration, knowing full well that if he tried anything, it would cost him his chance at freedom. He was about to start throwing the lush pillows across the room when he heard a soft but brisk tap on his door. A girls head peeked around the door, and said, "Dinner, my lord." She disappeared for a moment, then came back bearing a large bronze platter, complete with bronze lid. The girl was quite young, 16 at most, but she was strong and he could tell that if she was told to do something, she would and could do it, straightaway, without hesitation. When she turned to look at him after setting the tray down, her eyes were a deep, warm forest green and she had a small sprinkling of freckles across her nose. She stepped away from the table, allowing Loki a better view of the platter, whose lid she had removed. It was piled high with all the Asguardian specials, but he wasn't hungry right now. Right now, he wanted someone to talk to. "What is your name, girl?" She looked a little confused as if she didn't expect him to speak to her. "My name is Jai, my lord. They recently started me working, but I like it." She looked quickly towards the door, then told him, "I... I must be going. I believe they'll be needing me in the kitchen." Loki watched her hurry out, and thought, 'Tomorrow, I'll try again.' He layed down, and soon afterwards, fell asleep. —————————————————————— The next morning, Loki eagerly awaited his morning meal. There was something familiar about this girl, and he was planning on finding out. His tray from last night had been cleared away, and the room looked fresh. Again came the soft rap at the door. "Come in." Loki called. Jai's head appeared for a moment, and she announced, "Breakfast, my lord." She brought in what looked like the same tray from the night before, and for a brief moment Loki wondered if they were giving him the same food from last night. But he was wrong. Little did he know, Jai found that she rather liked this man, despite all the horror stories she had heard from the kitchen staff. She thought, 'Well, there's no harm in at least getting to know him. He can't be that bad.' As she set the tray down, she could feel his eyes on her and she knew that he was bursting with questions. What she wanted to know, was what he had done to deserve his punishment. "Good morning." She turned around to see him smiling just a little. "Good morning, my lord." Loki chuckled. "You don't have to call me, 'my lord', you know." Jai shrugged. "You are the son of Odin, yes?" He nodded tightly. "So I am to call you, 'my lord.'" Loki decided that he really liked this girl. She put up a good argument, but she didn't yell or become wild about it. As for Jai, she decided she rather liked this man. He was good at listening, and easy to talk to. They both smiled at each other. "Where are you from?" Loki asked. Jai shrugged. "I don't know. I don't even know who my parents are. I've lived alone pretty much my whole life." Loki felt her sadness radiating off her, so powerful he teared up. This girl had felt a lot of pain, he could tell, but he also realized that she had won her share of battles too. She looked up and smiled sadly. She was about to say something whenthey heard a loud bell. Jai gasped. "Oh, no! I have to get back!" Loki saw the fear on her face. "Wait!" She turned to look at him, feeling rushed. "Come back later?" She smiled at him, then nodded eagerly before dashing out of the room. Loki leaned back in his chair. Little did he know, this was just the beginning of one of the best friendships he would ever have.


Hey, guys! Sorry for the really short chapter, but I have a lot on my plate, so I had to get it done. Thanks for making sure to review! I need reviews to know how to fix it. Do you guys like Jai? I do. :P Of course I do, she's me. Have an awesome day! Seriously, though. REVIEW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! ~Jai


Interesting... I know this comment is rather late, but I don't suppose you'd still be planning on posting more? I'm curious. :)

Cap's Shield Cap's Shield
So yeah. I might post another chapter later, while I'm babysitting, but I hope I did a good job.
Jai of Asgard Jai of Asgard
Interesting. More please:)
KillJoySynner KillJoySynner