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The Science of Monsters

No Loose Cannons Running Around

Blood coursed through his veins like a rocket in hyper-drive. His heart pounded against his chest cavity hard enough to break free of its skin covered jail cell. Bruce Banner’s sweet, loyal, and mostly pure personality got shoved into the background as He took control. Bruce didn’t fight Him this time. He just smiled as the sour stench of fear corroded the room.

His knees buckled with the first bout of muscle mass. The next round caused a snarling scream to escape his lips. He glared at Coulson who nodded orders. The men in matching black suits scrambled as Bruce’s legs stretched. He stood to his full 10 feet height as they scattered.

The shiny black gun caused him to react before he registered the face of the agent holding. The puny man few through the air like a paper ball before he crashed into the cement wall on the other side of the room. There was an agent shaped imprint of the man about eight feet off the ground where he fell.

“Bruce,” Coulson shouted. Bruce growled and balled his fist swatting the first row of suits down like they were flies.

“So-” Scarlett started. She took several running steps backward with the group of suits she merged with after dressing.

“Just stay back. We can handle this!” Coulson glared at her before nodding toward Clint. Bruce took out the beams leading to the rafters closest to himself with one swipe.

“He’s seen my party trick too, Boss.” Clint drew back his arrow. Bruce growled and shook his head.

“We don’t have Romanov here to get that close to him!” Coulson warned. “The arrow will just bounce.”

Bruce swung again, knocking out another row of men. A chunk of the ceiling fell behind him as he stepped closer to Coulson and Clint. Scarlett stood behind them watching. From the information Clint and Coulson were stating, she knew Bruce couldn’t be killed—a major relief—and she figured out his green skin couldn’t be penetrated. A tranquilizer administered through the eye or mouth would put him to sleep for a while. She thought of one thing that might stun him long enough for the agents to get the tranq into Bruce.

“Hey,” Scarlett stated as she tapped Coulson on the shoulder.

“Not now!”

“Mister, you might want to-“ she started, but Clint interrupted.

“We are working! Do you mind?”

Scarlett glared as she grabbed his metal arrow. It melted into two pieces before Clint’s eyes. Coulson picked up the pointed half of the arrow by his foot. “I’m listening.”

“Bruce doesn’t understand that I am the bomb that caused the explosion when he saved me.” She touched Coulson’s hand before he had time to jerk away.

He cocked his head to one side as he examined her touch. “You’re…”

“Not burning you.” Scarlett smirked. “I can stun him enough for you to put him to sleep.”

“Okay, we have to take-“

“No, Coulson!” Scarlet heated his wrist. He squirmed as sweat beaded on his forehead. “You can’t take my only friend from me.”

“I can’t-“

“You will, or I can easily go…” she grinned as she silently said boom while motioning with her hands.

“I don’t like you,” Clint stated as he pulled a new arrow.

“The feeling is mutual.” She smiled as she pushed him aside.

“Clear a path,” Coulson ordered.

Scarlett stopped as four rows of men parted like the Red Sea. She looked into Bruce’s neon green eyes as he huffed. Nerves took control for a moment as she froze. It wasn’t long before her blood thawed; she stood in between the two men on the front lines.

“I saw you,” she stated, “on TV; you were in New York. When the alien guy, Loki, tried taking over the world.”

His fist balled. I shrugged. “You were scarier back then.”

He reached for Scarlett. Several gunmen tensed while the men next to her scurried away. She smiled. “He’s not a big-“ He lifted her off the ground before she got the chance to finish her sentence. Her blood froze for the second time as he held her up to his face. He squeezed her waist a bit too tight bringing her out of the shock.

“Fair warning, Big Guy.” Scarlett stared into those brilliant eyes. Curiosity coursed through her along with massive amounts of heat.

“Heat signatures rising to 500 Kelvin,” an agent yelled in the background. Bruce grit his teeth and squeezed harder.

“That’s not helping!”

“1500!” The agent screamed.

“You might want to take cover,” Scarlett shouted over her shoulder.

“I’m not leaving-“

“Coulson,” she hissed, “I’m not asking for a rescue.”

“She’s its 2300 Kevil on the radar, Sir.” The agent poked the tablet. “If she is telling us that she’s the heat signature, we have to evacuate NOW! She’s unstable!”

“Just…” Coulson trailed off while he thought of a plan. Bruce yelled as Scarlett radiated heat. The agents shoved open the doors and gasped at the sting of the freezing night air. “Shoot, Clint. Do it now!”

Clint took his arrow attached to an automated syringe and aimed. The arrow few past Scarlett’s left temple hitting Bruce’s tongue. He coughed the arrow out while swinging his arm. His grip loosened around her waist as he growled and hissed with pain. Clint landed another syringe arrow in the back of his throat. Bruce couldn’t cough it back.

“Reign it in,” Coulson yelled to his army as he stared at Scarlett. She knew he meant the order for her.

“Doesn’t work that way,” she yelled. Bruce hissed as he dropped her and rubbed his gigantic hand. Ashes fell around her like snow.

“Clint.” Coulson nodded. Scarlett jerked her shoulder away from a pinch she felt on the base of her neck.

The room spun as she tried to stand. Bruce shoved Clint to the side and covered Scarlett while the agents surrounded the weakened monsters they’d become. “I can’t have two loose cannons running around,” Coulson stated. She saw Bruce’s hand weaken; the tranquilizer seized the monster.

“What- Why- I-“ Scarlett tried to ask the millions of questions running through her brain. They wouldn’t leap off her tongue.

“Close your eyes,” Coulson whispered. “You both will be home soon.”


Here's another chapter just because you guys are good sports and great readers. I hope you guys like it. Leave me lots of comments and love, please?


I actually forgot about this story. I never actually finished it, but I have a lot of updates that aren't posted here.

Lulie Belle Lulie Belle

Please update

BlackIce_Queen BlackIce_Queen
I'm so glad you commented today! I nearly forgot to update this on this site :)
Lulie Belle Lulie Belle
Aw thank you so much for dedicating the chapter to me you make me blush and happy. I loved the chapter.
CupKTCakes CupKTCakes
Thank you for the three chapters and loved reading them!
CupKTCakes CupKTCakes