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The Science of Monsters

I am a Little Crazier, Tonight.

Bruce sat in his favorite, worn, brown chair with his elbows propped on his knees while his hands supported his chin. The blue tarp finally stopped glowing around midnight, so he decided to unwrap it. The charred ash was an unmistakable shape, a human body. He suddenly thought of Akasha from the Queen of the Damned...he cringed when a draft blew a bit of ash toward him. The science of a creature like this intrigued him, but he couldn’t help wondering what kind of monster would make a creature that felt so much pain and suffering.

“Jarvis,” Bruce called, but he received no answer. His nose and forehead crinkled as his brow furrowed.

“Jarvis! Are you there,” he called again. The only sound in the room was Bruce’s echoing voice.

Bruce washed the beaker he used the day before, and filled the clean glass with water. He took a sip before grabbing a greasy rag off the counter. Another slight breeze blew another bit of ash away from the form lying on his mattress. He sat, crossed-legged, on the floor beside it. There was a small patch of clean skin in the place where an ankle is located. It looked almost like raw skin, except it was glowing.

He dipped the rag in the beaker and dabbed at the pink skin. Puffs of steam rose as he cleaned the ash from the bit of pink to about where a knee should be. Bruce touched the glowing spot, hissing as he jerked his hand back. “Why are you so hot?”

As he brushed the cloth against the rest of the leg he wondered what was happening. He wondered what could’ve caused a perfect straight scar all the way around the bottom of the left knee. There was a slight knot on the right calf, almost as if tissue and ligaments inside the leg reconnected and left a ball of dead tissue beneath the skin. His wondering led to more questions than solutions. Who did this, and when did they manage it? What were they thinking? Where did they perform the experiment? How and why was it done?

No one attempted super soldier experimentation after what happened in the Hulk Battle that General Ross covered up. Emil Blonsky stupidly took the Gamma Radiation serum and turned into something even more hellish than ‘the other guy’ that haunted Bruce. Something of this caliber would be very important to any military because whatever this was, it could survive under any circumstances.

He finally had both legs cleaned from toe to upper thigh when he started cleaning the pelvic area. The body was glowing bight, even the ash on the upper torso glowed. “What are you,” he asked again, for the umpteenth time.

He dabbed the damp cloth just below the navel. The preoccupation of his curious mind did not notice, at first, the flat surface that rounded between the legs. As he began dusting the ash from between the crooks of the legs, he realized his previous question had received an answer. He discovered the body’s genitalia.

“Who would do this to a woman?”

Bruce hurried to covered the bottom half of her glowing body with a white sheet before he continued to dab off the rest of the ash and dirt. When he finished he could tell she was of average height and a healthy weight. He covered her abdomen and chest with the sheet. She looked perfectly fine, except for her glowing, scaling hot skin. He knew he needed to cool her down, but he was afraid to surround her with ice. It could throw her homeostasis out of balance which could cause heart and blood pressure fluctuations which would ultimately kill her.

“Listen,” he spoke aloud to her. “If you’re still glowing tomorrow I’m going to find something that’ll hold water, and you’re going to soak until you cool down.”

He rolled his eyes, “I’m talking to a woman who just survived being burned to a crisp?” Holding the bridge of his nose he sighed, “I am a little crazier, tonight.”


I actually forgot about this story. I never actually finished it, but I have a lot of updates that aren't posted here.

Lulie Belle Lulie Belle

Please update

BlackIce_Queen BlackIce_Queen
I'm so glad you commented today! I nearly forgot to update this on this site :)
Lulie Belle Lulie Belle
Aw thank you so much for dedicating the chapter to me you make me blush and happy. I loved the chapter.
CupKTCakes CupKTCakes
Thank you for the three chapters and loved reading them!
CupKTCakes CupKTCakes