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Iron Macy


"Be safe." Pepper Pott's voice said sweetly through Tony's mobile that resided pressed to his ear since he got out of the taxi.

"I will." Tony's sunglasses shielded out the dawn of fall in London. "I'll call you after the meeting. Love you." After getting a response from Pepper, he tucked his phone into a suit pocket and entered the towering glass hospital.

"Mr. Stark!" A stout man with red hair quickly greeting Tony, walking over from the front desk of the Baylor Memorial hospital. "We're so glad you could come today. Was your flight over desirable?"

"It was very nice, yes." Tony replied, shaking the man's hand, his briefcase in the other.

"Do come with me." The ginger, Mr. Audit, waved him towards the gold plated elevators. "Our meeting is on the twelfth floor. I assume you've brought the arc reactor with you."

Tony lifted the briefcase slightly, "My last one."

Audit led out down the corridor of patients. "It's very kind of you that you've brought it along. It may help us save a lot of lives in the future."

Tony glanced around the sickly white corridor, names on plates outside of the rooms.

"Mr. Stark?" Mr. Audit noticed that Tony had stopped completely, "Mr. Stark, are you all right?"

Tony shook himself from his stare on the wall. He pointed to it, "Macy Moore?"

Mr. Audit put an arm around Tony, walking him away and towards the meeting room down the hall. "Yes, she's recently become a patient of ours."

"That's the kid genius right?" Tony asked, knowing that name quite well. "What happened?"

"Mishap in her laboratory." Audit replied before pushing open the meeting room door. "Gentlemen! Our guest has arrived."

As a round of claps greeted Tony, Genvo Baylor motioned him up to the front of the room.

"Please, Mr. Stark, come up to the front, Sir." Mr. Baylor enveloped Tony in a hug. "Everyone, Mr. Stark here has brought us a great opportunity. " Sitting down, Baylor gave Tony the floor.

"Hi, everyone." Tony set his briefcase on to a table at the head of the room. Rubbing a finger above his eyebrow, he went on. "So, as most people know, after a time in Afghanistan I left with an arc reactor in my chest. A year or so ago I had it finally taken out and the shrapnel that it was preventing from entering my heart was also removed. If anything, having the arc reactor saved my life as well as helped Iron Man be shaped." Tony clasped his hands together thoughtfully. "I-"

A rumble shook the hospital, screams from below emitted.

Baylor's blue eyes shot open, "What the hell was that?"

"Sir," Audit pressed a finger to his ear, "The hospital has been compromised. There are intruders and they're armed."

Baylor sucked in a breath, "Pull the code nine." He stood up quickly, another round of gunfire causing screeches. "Mr. Stark, I say we hide, right now." Taking a gun from a vault, he loaded it.

Tony knew he didn't have the suits, and for the first time in a while, he missed them. His heroicness kicked in just as everyone in the room hit the floor from the close proximity of an explosion.

"Mr. Stark!" Baylor called after Tony as he ripped the gun from him.

Running out the door, Tony dashed towards the shouting. On impulse, he shot down two men in ski masks that were coming down on the other end of the corridor.

Grinning, the only man left walked closer, running a hand along name plates. "Moore, no?"

Tony's eyes widened, the bomber three rooms away from Macy's. "Wait!" He shouted, aiming the gun at the man.

A heavy feeling struck the air, Tony flying backwards. a thick ringing buzzed out Tony's senses, the bomber now painting the mainly non-existing white walls.

Tony stumbled upwards, blinking furiously. He tumbled towards Macy's room, still unable to hear. Moving into the mostly blown up hospital room, it would've listed Macy as it's occupant if the plate was still there. Tony winced, an older female figure charred and a man crushed by bits of ceiling and the medical system that was hooked up to Macy at one point. His eyes fell to the hospital bed flipped over, a blue nailed hand twitching from underneath.

"Macy." Tony shot over to it, finding a teenage girl struggling and bleeding from underneath. "I've got you." Tony pulled Macy from the wreckage, blood seeping from her chest in a haunting way that was much too familiar to him. Quickly and carefully, he picked her up and jogged into the corridor.

"Mr. Stark!" Audit ran out from another room as a patient was rolled out, sweat brimming on his forehead.

"Get my briefcase."


I hope you'll update soon ^.^

Please update this story is awesome!!!

Liberty49 Liberty49
ahhhhhhhh amazing. great update! i really like macy!!! cant wait to find out more about her. :-)
ShelbyLove11 ShelbyLove11
i hope you continue this. it looks like its gonna be good. :)
ShelbyLove11 ShelbyLove11