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Iron Macy

Land of the Living

"Macy." Pepper knocked twice on the door of her room. Opening it slowly, Macy was perched at the cushioned window seat overlooking the ocean.

Macy glanced over from her absent gnawing on her fingers, leaning back more against the wall as she saw it was only Pepper. "Sorry about bailing on shopping." She said quietly, returning her gaze to the cloud covered ocean.

"Don't worry about it." Pepper told her, walking across the large space of room. "I know this is a lot to take in, but maybe a, distraction could help." Holding out a hand to Macy, she smiled kindly. "Tony had something specially put into the house for you. I want to show you it."

Macy hesitantly took Pepper's hand, standing up from the mint window bench. Without a word, she followed Pepper up to the top floor of the Stark mansion that was built in Huntington Beach after the Malibu one was lost.

"Tony has noticed all the things you've done, more or less greater than his own work. Personally, I think he's just jealous you've achieved more than he has and you're not even an adult yet." Pepper said, unlocking the glass room with a password. "You can change it so it's just for you."

As the doors opened, Macy's eyes were already wide set. "A laboratory?" She stepped into the room brought down to a chilled, stabilized temperature to keep the chemicals from acting up.

"It's all yours. Not to mention," Pepper waved a finger from across the room. "Your own J.A.R.V.I.S."

Macy narrowed her eyes at the robot, "How good are your holographic peripherals?" She walked closer, receiving a less than desirable answer. She waved a hand, "I can fix that. How many times have you been overridden?"

"Twice, Lady Moore." J.A.R.V.I.S. replied, the accent seeming to have a calming effect on Macy.

"I can stop that from happening." Finding J.A.R.V.I.S.'s control panel, she'd forgotten everything else.

"I'll leave you to it, then." Pepper said, smiling as she backed away and went into the elevator.

"How long has she been up there?" Tony looked at Pepper over his phone, reviewing blueprints.

Pepper checked her watch as she ran through Stark Industries paper work. "About four hours."

Tony set down his mobile, "Do you know what happens when you leave me in my lab for four hours?" He whistled for J.A.R.V.I.S. to come over and looked over to her again. "Do you have any idea what she could do?"

"What do you need, Sir?" J.A.R.V.I.S. asked.

"What is Macy up to?" Tony asked, waiting for the holographic view to appear. "Show me."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Stark, but Lady Moore has blocked you receptor. You can't see into her lab unless she allows it."

Pepper bit her bottom lip, stifling a laugh.

"Override it." Tony commanded, growing flustered.

"I can't." J.A.R.V.I.S. said in a near sarcastic drip. "She removed the chip you inserted for that specific purpose."

Tony groaned, "Damn it." Pulling himself up from the white 'L' shaped sofa, he walked across the room. Jogging up to the lift, he took it to Macy's lad. Poking in the original password, he was denied entrance. "Oh, come on." He muttered, rapping on the glass.

Using the thump of Teenagers by My Chemical Romance, Macy pretended not to know he was there. Placing her tea mug on a large black table in her lab, she hit her clenched fist in a series of places.

"You can let him in, Jar." Macy said, counting on her watch.

"Really? How did you find that chip? Messing with my things? That's rude of you." Tony spoke over the music. "I personally found you for a classical kind of person," He said, the song not stopping as he pressed the pad to turn it off.

Fingerprint rejected

Macy glanced over, "It's not calibrated to you." Walking over in her socks, she turned off the music. "And you shouldn't judge my music taste off of collared shirts and science awards."

Tony pointed behind her. "Why is that cup floating?"

Macy quickly moved back after hearing Tony, her eyes focused on the mug. "So elevation doesn't affect it." She spoke to herself, writing it down in the air with it appearing on the holotab next to Tony.

Outgunned by Macy in two seconds, he walked over and watched as the mug landed soft at a high frequency whistle from her.

Shaking his head, Tony stood on the other side of the lab table. Picking up the mug, he checked the bottom as if some hidden flight stabilizer was there. "Are you magic or something, Macy?" He asked, unsuccessful in his search. "Did you come from Hogwarts? Is that it?"

"No, it's completely scientific. Here." She set the cup in front of him, using an expo marker to make an arch of x's around it. "Put your hand in a fist," She exampled, "And go one left and one right until you meet in the middle."

Tony hesitantly took her directions, his hand hitting the marks. Standing back, he waited. "Nothing's happening." He observed.

Macy absently chewed on the inside of her cheek. "How many time did you hit the centre?"


"Hit it again." She ordered, crossing her arms as she watched the mug.

Tony rolled his eyes, hitting the table again. "Noth-"

Macy stopped him, "Five, four..." She counted down in a soft voice that was barely audible.

Almost instantly, the mug hovered off the table.

"How does that work?" Tony failed to grip the floatation mechanism of a normal ceramic mug. "How do I not know how this works?"

Macy whistled, the mug hitting the table easily. "With the table made of phenolic resin, the vibrations of the impact cause it to strike each area of the outside and meet in the middle. It takes a few seconds for it to get there, but the centre force gives it enough charge to defy the laws of gravity."

Tony blinked at the cup, feeling extremely stupid for not knowing yet accomplished because he understood what she had just told him.

"Interesting." He mumbled to himself, hunching over slightly. Shaking his head, he straightened out. "But about J.A.R.V.I.S., really? Don't tinker with my stuff."

"Ms. Potts insinuated that this J.A.R.V.I.S. was mine personally, and like you, I dabble in tinkering."

"And just about everything else in the universe." Tony remarked. "But, uh," He groaned, "Nevermind. Okay, I want you to be normal and go out with Pepper. A movie, dinner, shopping, anything." Clicking his fingers, he left Macy's lab.

Macy lent back, noticing something in Tony's exit path. Shedding a white lab coat, she walked over next to her holotab. Sighing, she searched a hand under the counter for less than three seconds. Detaching a small pod, Macy glanced over to J.A.R.V.I.S. "How many times do you expect he'll do that?" She asked, holding the chip in her fingertips.

"I'm going to say quite often." J.A.R.V.I.S. replied almost with a huff.

Macy snapped the override chip before putting her shoes back on. "I thought as much." Leaving the lab, she took the lift down to the bottom floor. "Mr. Stark." Walking out to Tony, she handed him the two piece of the bug.

Tony pursed his lips, "You know, it costed $4,000 to make this."

"And I broke it in two seconds." Macy looked over to Pepper. "Invasion of privacy, honestly."

Pepper laughed, picking up her handbag. "Tony, leave the girl's lab alone." She nodded to Macy. "Let's go."

"How did she even find that?" Tony muttered, watching the two leave before looking down at his broken chip.

"So, Tony said that you made a cup levitate." Pepper pulled up a conversation as she slid into the '66 red mustang parked outside.

Joining on the other side, Macy clipped down the seat strap. "So did he. It was really just an energy surge hitting the centre of the table, which projected the mug into the surrounding air."

Driving towards the Huntington Beach mall strip, Pepper glanced over to Macy. "Exactly how smart are you?"

"Erm," Macy scrunched her nose. "I'm not sure, They haven't tested me since I graduated."

"High school?"

"University." Macy replied, picking at her nail varnish as if the statement were nothing.

Pepper pulled the mustang into a parking space, "Oh." She shook it off, the pair heading towards the strip. "So, Tony says you need a new cell phone. How about we do that first?"

"What about my mobil-" Macy cut herself off, shrinking down in presence. "Nevermind." She ended quietly, joining Pepper in the Simply Mac store.

Macy felt it instantly. All the eyes in the store stuck her widely. It wasn't at her as a person, but all the gazes were set on the circle of blue glowing through her top. The room felt like it held no air, none that Macy could breathe, at least.

"Macy." Pepper said quietly, placing a soft hand onto her blazer shoulder.

Macy feebly looked up before walking with Pepper over to the strip of 5c Iphones.

"Tony said you could get which ever one you want, so-"

"Excuse me." An apple worker hesitantly interrupted Pepper. With blue eyes behind glasses and shaggy blond hair, his polo gave away that he was a part of the geek squad. "Is there something I can help you ladies with?" Even though he tried not to, his eyes kept falling to the arc reactor.

"We're looking to buy a new phone to add to a plan." Pepper replied, Macy looking at the array of colours thoughtfully.

Cory, as said by his nametag, nodded. "What's that plan under?" He asked, picking up a worker ipad.

"Stark." Pepper pretended not to notice Cory's eyes go wider and she looked to Macy. "decided yet?"

"I believe so," Macy looked to Cory, knowing her accent threw him off even more. "The green one, please."

Cory nodded silently, "I'll go grab one if you'll come up to the register." Leaving, he scampered back to the storage room where they kept all of phones. Spotting Jim, he ran over, "Uh, J." With wide eyes, he tried to explain. "There's a girl out in the store with, uh, with a thing." He drew a circle around his chest. "Blue glowy thingy like, like Iron Man." And with those words, Cory fell to the floor in unconsciousness.

"Heart of a lion." Jim, a white haired old man, furrowed his eyebrows at Cory before rolling his eyes and taking the ipad from him. Looking at the entry that Cory had started, he pulled a green iphone from stock. "Stark." He said quietly, coming out from the back room.

"Here." Pepper raised her hand, Jim walking over to her and Macy.

"By God, he wasn't kidding." Jim remarked as he went to open the iphone box and saw Macy more clearly.

Macy felt childish with everyone looking at her like she was an alien. She thought she was used to eyes on her all the time from being one of the genius kids but it was clear now that she only felt small instead of powerful.

Pepper ignored his comment, "Could we just get on with buying her phone, please?"

Jim adjusted his glasses, "Yes, yes. Sorry." He took out the phone, inspecting it. "Now, would you like the iOS 7.4 or the Moore option?"

Macy bit her lip, holding back a laugh. "The iOS would be lovely."

"Are you sure?" Jim looked across the counter at the girl, almost afraid of her. "The Moore option is genius."

"I'm sure. Thank you." Macy answered, smiling. As Jim went to himself and worked on checking out, Macy look to a curious Pepper. "I can just do it myself." She told her quietly, "My first one's crap anyways, i'm working on another."

Pepper smiled lightly, returning her attention to Jim to finish up buying Macy's phone. Eventually managing it, Pepper handed over the iphone box. "That update, the 'Moore' one, you made it?"

Macy held the box absently and nodded. "I got bored."

Pepper laughed, sliding the credit card into her wallet. "You got bored so you created an iphone update. Interesting."

Macy shrugged but had a soft grin as they left the apple store. "Seems so."

A figure stopped Pepper and Macy by getting right in their way. Grinning, he held a fancy Nikon. "Macy Moore." Slowly, he lifted his camera "Welcome back to the land of the living."

And with the flash, a rally seemed to be struck alive as a swarm of people started surrounding them.


Wow, it's been a little while! Sorry for such the long gap between chapters! Hopefully i'll be able to put more time into this story, but mostly I stick to Wattpad. Xx -Melissa


I hope you'll update soon ^.^

Please update this story is awesome!!!

Liberty49 Liberty49
ahhhhhhhh amazing. great update! i really like macy!!! cant wait to find out more about her. :-)
ShelbyLove11 ShelbyLove11
i hope you continue this. it looks like its gonna be good. :)
ShelbyLove11 ShelbyLove11