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Virtue and Vice


”Fury are you fucking crazy!?” Barton yells at the director. “What two assassins aren’t enough for you so you have to employ the likes of her!?” With that he points out me. I simply smile and kindly wave at him; pissing him off even more. “She’s a mutant and is very volatile.”

“She’ll make a better alliance then an enemy, Barton!” The director yells; explaining his decision to the master assassin. “She’s gifted and will be an amazing addition to the team.”

“Woah, you mean I’ll be working with a team?” I ask, interrupting the argument. “Look, I don’t play well with others.”

“Another reason why she shouldn’t be allowed here.” Barton exclaims.

“Stark is also volatile and doesn’t play well with others but this is beyond personality profiles, Barton. She’s going to be one of your fellow agents whether you like it or not.” He explains to Barton before turning to me. “And you’ll be responsible to help your fellow agents whether you like it or not. I understand your gift and I can make sure you won’t be a lab rat for the rest of your life, Clark. Now what’s it going to be; on the run for the rest of your life or join SHIELD.”

“Do I have much of a choice?” I mutter looking at the black trench coat and eye patch clad man in front of me. “I’m in.”

“Four years since I joined and I can honestly say, Barton has treated me like shit and nearly left me for dead a few times. He makes it clear as day that he doesn’t want me around.” I tell Phil over the phone. “Now you want me to end my two week vacation so I can save his ass? Someone in SHIELD is smoking something and isn’t sharing.”

“Nikki, we need you.” Phil sighs into the phone.

“No, you need my gift; there is a difference.” I correct him. “Why can’t you track him like you would any other agent?”

“Time.” He replies. “We’re running out of it. The sooner we find Barton, the sooner we find Loki and get the Tesseract back.”

I’m about to open my mouth to say something but I hear a helicopter outside my hotel room. I go to the window and see a SHIELD issued helicopter inside it is Phil; waving at me with a smile on his face. “I don’t have a choice in this huh, Philly Boy?”

“None what-so-ever Miss Clark.” He chuckles. “Gather your things and meet us on the roof.” With that he hangs up the call and closes the helicopter door before it ascends to the roof. I groan as I slip my cell phone into my pocket. This is going to be a long mission.


Weeeee! Update again soon! I can't wait for her to find Barton.
blasttyrant blasttyrant
Happy to find a good Hawkeye fic. This gorgeous man doesn't get enough lovin!! ;D
blasttyrant blasttyrant
This is brilliant. I love her sass. I cannot wait for the new chapter.
Great beginning, I loved the part where she said "Someone in SHIELD is smoking something and isn't sharing."
I can't wait for you to update!!!
WroteTooSoon WroteTooSoon