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Virtue and Vice

We are the Ones Who Rise,

I arrive at the helicarrier a few hours later. I walk into the controls room where I see Natasha kneeling back a worker looking at Barton’s picture and rap sheet. “Agent Clark, good to see you.” Fury says, causing everyone to look up at me. “Dr. Banner, Steve Rogers; this is Agent Clark. She’ll be assisting us in the look for Loki and Barton.”

“If you can track them, why can’t you track the Tesseract?” Dr. Banner asks me.

“You’d be out of a job wouldn’t you?” I smirk. “I can only locate people. My gift is very limited.”

“What’s your gift exactly?” He asks, naturally curious.

“One of my gifts is being a seer.” I begin to tell him. “I can see every single possible outcome of any given situation. Basically with the touch of the person, I can lodge myself in their brains.”

“How are you going to be able to track Barton if you haven’t recently touched him?” Steve asks. Just as he does, Natasha throws me something of Barton’s; his back up bow and arrows.

“I don’t exactly have to touch them per say.” I smile. “Just something that belongs to them.”

“And what’s your other gift?” Dr. Banner asks. “You said being a seer is only one of them.”

“With a touch I can control your emotions and manipulate them into whatever emotion I want.” I tell him. “Let’s just say if you ever turn into the other guy, I’m the person to call to calm you down.”

“Like that’ll do any good.” He mutters, causing me to frown.

“You’re a brilliant doctor,” I tell him, “don’t let the other guy get in the way of your work.” I say before walking out of the control room and into a quiet room. It’s time to get tracking on my least favorite person in the world.


“How’s the search going?” I hear a female voice ask. I look up from my book and see Natasha standing in the door way.

“Nothing yet. It may take awhile, especially if he’s under Loki’s influence.” I explain to her.

“Why are you doing this?” She asks me. “Clint is far from being your favorite person so why be apart of his search.”

“He’s a fellow agent.” I shrug. “No amount of hate can erase the fact I’m stuck with him. Plus Fury didn’t give me much of a choice.” I say as I set my book down and lean up against the wall; closing my eyes. Just as I close my eyes, I see a scene on the back of my eye lids. It looks as if Barton is breaking into the warehouse somewhere. As the scene continues and I see the buildings around them I know exactly where they are. I quickly open my eyes and see Natasha staring at me. “They’re in Germany…”


chapter tilte credit: Thick as Thieves by Cavo



Weeeee! Update again soon! I can't wait for her to find Barton.
blasttyrant blasttyrant
Happy to find a good Hawkeye fic. This gorgeous man doesn't get enough lovin!! ;D
blasttyrant blasttyrant
This is brilliant. I love her sass. I cannot wait for the new chapter.
Great beginning, I loved the part where she said "Someone in SHIELD is smoking something and isn't sharing."
I can't wait for you to update!!!
WroteTooSoon WroteTooSoon