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Virtue and Vice

This is a Memory of Our Nightmare

“I didn’t know they were calling you in, Skirts?” Stark said as we all get onto the quinjet. “I thought you hated Barton.”

“Fury didn’t give me much of a choice on the matter.” I mutter as I strap myself into the co-pilots seat. “He didn’t mention he was calling you in either.”

“Fury doesn’t tell agents much does he?” He says as Captain and Natasha bring in Loki. I turn my head and see him glaring at me. I shrug it off and prepare for take-off.

As we’re flying back to the helicarrier, I block out Captain and Stark’s conversation. Trying to focus on helping Natasha get us back home safe and trying to figure out what Loki has up his sleeve or even Barton for the matter. Suddenly lightening flashes, lighting up the sky.

“What, you scared of a little lightening?” I hear Captain ask Loki.

“I’m not overly fond of what follows.” Natasha and I share a look. Just as I’m about to question him, lightening strikes and something shakes the quinjet. Before any of us could react; something pulls the door off the jet and someone storms onto the jet. He walks straight to Loki, not bothering to look at the other people on the jet, and snatches the God of Mischief and jumps off the jet.

Seconds later, Stark puts on his metal face mask and starts towards the opening. “Stark, we need a plan of attack.” Captain yells to the man in the metal suit.

“I do have a plan. Attack.” Stark simple replies before jumping off the jet; prompting Steve to put on a parachute.

“I’ll sit this one out if I were you Cap.” Natasha says to the Super Soldier.

“I don’t see how I can, Ma’me.” He says, strapping himself in.

“These guys are over legend; they’re practically Gods.” I add in, hoping he’ll sit this out.

“There’s only one God, ma’me and he doesn’t dress like that.” He says before jumping out. I let out a groan as we hover over; waiting for the guys and their egos to come back from fighting…


While everyone else is dealing with Loki, I head back to my room to take a quick shower and get out of this damned dress. Once I’m stripped of everything, I hope in the warm shower; letting my mind wander in hopes I can see what Loki and Barton’s next move is. The crappy thing about this gift is that sometimes I get the vision a little too late…


just a filler chapter

chapter title credit: Memory of a Nightmare by To Paint the Sky


Weeeee! Update again soon! I can't wait for her to find Barton.
blasttyrant blasttyrant
Happy to find a good Hawkeye fic. This gorgeous man doesn't get enough lovin!! ;D
blasttyrant blasttyrant
This is brilliant. I love her sass. I cannot wait for the new chapter.
Great beginning, I loved the part where she said "Someone in SHIELD is smoking something and isn't sharing."
I can't wait for you to update!!!
WroteTooSoon WroteTooSoon