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Electric Lips

change of a boring lifestyle

Who am I?

Kat stared at the computer screen for a few minutes. Her fingers tapped impatiently on the keyboard as her jade eyes glazed over. She was supposed to be writing a finals paper but she had a writing block just looking at the essay question - Who was she?

In all honestly she didn’t know. She was a British college student living in New York who was still living at her parents’ farm at the age of 22. She had no friends in America yet never really socialised in Britain. Her life was boring – geeky all most – compared to the average 22 year old that lived in such a wild, carefree city but she couldn’t do anything about it since she would happily choose a hot cup of Earl Grey, a baggy jumper and the company of her laptop over some fruity cocktail, a skin tight dress and drunken bitches any day.

It wasn’t like she hadn’t tried the party lifestyle because she had – it just ended rather badly. Kat laughed at the fuzzy memory of her foolish night in Manhattan when she was sick of being stuck at home studying her socks off. She borrowed one of her Mum’s old club dresses, a pair of never-touched heels and went out. At this point Kat burst out in laughter remembering that she woke up in some stranger’s bed after a brainless one night stand. From then on Kat swore she would never get stupidly drunk ever again which ended her changed life.

Kat clicked her tongue at the thought of living life, changing her geeky ways for something less academic and more... normal. It would give her some sort of thrill to her boring life, like an excited needle in a completely dull haystack. It would give her something to write about for one advantage but how could she do this? She knew nothing that was remotely fun at all!

Pushing her glasses further up her nose, Kat stood up from her desk, stretching her cramping muscles as she gazed round her room, thinking of something interesting and different to do. A pair of old sneakers stuck out from under her bed which gave her the idea of running. She snorted at the thought of jogging in icy winds, getting muscle cramps and the stench of sweat but the horrible consequences ended with her kicking the sneakers further under the wooden frames before collapsing on the mattress.

Maybe I should ring Sam? Kat thought grabbing her mobile but as the shrill tone rang 10 times Kat ended the call, wishing her older brother wasn’t too busy to call her back.

Before any other ideas sprung to her, a deafening whirl of an engine from above soared past her window casting Kat’s attention to outside. She stood up and peaked through her curtains, eyes scanning the farm but it all her attention landed on one of the fields next to the old barn.

Around five army helicopters were hovering above the cornfield, ten powerful beams directed on a single figure whose hands were held up at the sight of many guns ready to shoot. Kat’s jaw dropped at the scene but before she even considered running downstairs to safety, a quiet voice in the back of her mind whispered something rather hysterical.

Going on Kat, it whispered, this is the needle in the haystack you need. Take this chances and go see what’s going on.

Kat huffed, frowning at her conscious but before she knew it, her hair was tied and the sneakers were on. Her soft hands fiddled with her window before it swung open easily. She jumped carefully onto the porch roof as her ears listened out for any sign of her parents. She knew this was wrong, totally wrong, but she was an adult so technically she could do whatever she wanted to.

The wind blew viciously as Kat landed on the wooden porch. Her green eyes were mesmerised by the scene yet no sense of danger flooded through her brain causing the girl to stop. She had heaps of common sense yet nothing kicked in as she edged towards the cornfield. A few spotlight danced around the unknown man but Kat avoided a particularly close one by jumping into the rose bushes next to the oak fence.

“I’ve come to see Kat Greene! I mean no harm!” A loud, masculine voice called and Kat froze. The brunette’s hair got caught on a few tricky thorns as she parted two branches to see the caught man bellow her name repeatedly.

Go! This is what you want, isn’t it? Her conscious taunted her desperately as she stared at the man who knew her name, go to him!

Her brain stopped working when her legs pushed her out of the bush and straight through to the field. Her ears filled with a loud buzz when she reached her feet and stared right into the piercingly blue eyes of her caller. His long, black hair blew in the wind but for some strange reason he looked alien in a checked shirt and jeans.

The spotlight beams stopped on Kat and her hands automatically shot up into the air. Her own green eyes stared straight at the guy with interest but finally a danger stimulus in her body screamed out a firm ‘NO’. Only now did he emit the word danger from every cell in his body but why did it take Kat till now to realise this?

“Kat?” The man asked with a rather handsome grin and she nodded which was a mistake. She should never trust a stranger who knew her name! Who was he?

The man stuck his hand out, gripping Kat’s bicep tightly. A spark of electricity shot straight into her skin, her blood boiling from shock. She turned ice cold in reaction, shaking head to toe. Her vision fuzzed instantly while the lights from the army copters flashed blinding anyone within light speed. Screams and gunshot filled the air but Kat heard nothing.

Her body dropped down into the corn as the world around her turned black, darker than the night around her.


latest obsession so love it like i do!!


Loki! Clint? AHHHH! This is really good! Hope you update soon!
Omg a fellow Tony/Iron Man obsesser! Thank you for the comment and I'll update ASAP!!! :DD
Wow very interesting story till now :)
I'm excited as what it'll turn out!
And something else caught my attention: Kat hasn't met Tony yet ;o So im even MORE excited :3
You must know Tony/Iron Man is my absolute favourite Avenger! ♥
Hope you'll update soon!
AnnDowney AnnDowney