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Electric Lips

passing out again

Kat’s eyes snapped open as a bright white light blinked on inside a small and unnaturally clean white room. She propped herself up on a plain bed as the thin sheets fell off of her. Her heart hammered against her chest hard as she tried to remember what had caused her blackout but she had nothing. She fell back into the pillows, eyes clamped shut in both fear of where she was and confusion of the whole situation.

A door Kat had never noticed before swung open and a dark skinned man with an eye-patch over one eye marched in, his free eye narrowed while his fists were tense.

“Miss, my name is Nick Fury and i’m the head of-,”

“-S.H.I.E.L.D, I know.”

Nick Fury frowned but Kat mumbled how she had only heard of him from her parents but Fury interrupted her. His strong American accent was alight with order.

“You were brought here to stay safe from a hunted mass murderer who was sighted on your farm-,”

Kat gasped, bolting up from her bed as everything flooded back – of course! She smiled but this smile faltered when she remembered something else.

“My parents! Where are my parents?” She asked brows furrowed as the man in front of her shook his head with concern.

“You were the only person our team found at your farm. There were no traces of your family in the house or the barn.” Fury officially stated causing Kat’s frame of mind to jumble about into a mess of words she didn’t particularly understand herself.

“Wait, what? My parents were there! They were-,”

“-not found by my team Miss. Now, unless you have any objections-,”

“-I have plenty!” Kat argued jumping out of the bed as her hair flew down her back. She stumbled as small stars obscured her vision but for only a second.

“-objections to your health, will you please follow me.” Fury muttered dangerously as he beckoned Kat to follow him out of her temporary prison. They walked silently down a few long and winding corridors that seemed to go on forever until light flooded into a busy atrium. A wall of tall glass doors and many receptionists that were surrounded by security guards occasionally looked up to see what was happening.

“I’m so sorry for any inconvenience on your farm due to our team. Thank you Miss...?” Fury suddenly turned all sweet which made Kat stutter slightly.

“G-Greene.” She mumbled and Fury nodded, pointing towards the glass doors.

“We have a cab outside waiting to take you home Miss Greene.” His tone sharpened as if he wanted to get rid of her as quick as possible. She felt anger boil inside her veins as if her blood was electricity that ran through copper wires. Her eyes narrowed as her ears turned red, her hands balled up tightly. The lights above flickered.

“Thank you for nothing. I know something is up because I heard that man call my name ‘Kat Greene’. Good day Mr Fury.” She calmly spat annunciating each word properly before dashing out of the building.

Grey clouds rolled across the sky quickly as she ran through the doors and down the stone steps. Her eyes stared down at the floor as she watched her sneakers rush over the paved ground but clicks and blinding flashes brought her attention up to eye level.

Her eyes caught the yellow shell of the cab but before her fingers reached the plastic handle, something very hard and cold collided with her shoulder. Automatically, she jumped back while her skin received a very painful electric shock. Before the stranger reacted towards the hit they got, Kat jumped straight into the cab as she apologised for her lack of timing.

“S’fine,” The cabbie muttered as they were turning away from what seemed like the press on the street, “I’m sorry ‘bout the lightning though. It’s just started playing up.” Kat nodded, not really paying attention as the cab drove off through the towering skyscrapers and out to her family farm on the outskirts of New York.

The lights continued to flicker but they never bothered Kat. She sat there, mulling in her anger while she thought of every comeback she could have used at Fury but it was too late – she was too shy to say them anyway.

“Drop me off here.” She told the driver as they reached the road towards her farm. She bid goodbye to the patient driver as she walked off through light winds towards her farm, arms crossed as was her mind. She carefully thought of every reason that man could have wanted her.

Maybe he was from the University? She shook her head as a tractors rolled up the street from a nearby farm – she had never seen someone like him at Uni. The farmer waved at Kat as she walked on but she ignored it by chance.

Maybe he was looking for another Kat Greene? She turned onto her road, I mean, I just moved here and Kat Greene is such a common-

She froze at the sight of vicious, black smoke that flew out of her house and adjoining barn. Flames that could kill were seen from every naked window and door but Kat ran anyway. She ran towards her family house were maybe, just maybe, her parents were not.

“MUM! DAD!” Kat screamed as she got closer but something grabbed her arm. It was familiarly tight.

“Hello Kat.” The man from the cornfield grinned as Kat looked up once more into his blue eyes. Fear began to build in her throat as the man dragged her away from the house and the same cornfield. She fell to the ground as the man bent down to look her straight in the eye.

“I believe you have something of mine.” He asked quietly. Kat tried to crane her neck to gaze at her burning home when he grabbed her face delicately between his fore finger and thumb.

“Who are you?” She whispered and he looked to the sky before answering.

“My name is Loki and I am here to claim you.”

Kat stared at him, her facade of bravery picking up as she swore to herself not to cry. Her arms tensed as her heart thumped at a deathly speed.

“What do you want with me? Where’s my parents?”

“Your parents are, I’m afraid, inside the house. I had to kill them Kat you see?” He grinned slightly as he brought her face closer to his own, “those agents were trouble and at this moment so are you.” He stood up, letting go of her face to stroll around, still inspecting the sky as if waiting for something to happen. Kat propped herself up, bidding her time for her possible escape but all she could think about was her parents.

“My parents are farmers, not agents.”

Loki laughed, eyes drifting to Kat’s own pair for the moment but they then repositioned on the grey clouds. A slight rumble of thunder clashed and this seemed to make Loki satisfied.

“Why did you move to New York? Was it your decision?”

Kat sat there for a moment, drawing all this information in like a vacuum. It wasn’t her decision, no-

“It was my brother and parent’s decision. My brother decided to stay in Britain to-,”

“-fight with the army is what he told you. Oh I’ve met your brother and what a charmer he is indeed!” Loki smirked, leaning towards Kat just as an immense grey aircraft appeared from above the grey cover of swirls. Kat clamped her eyes and mouth shut, hoping this was help but Loki’s reply ruined the chance.

“Our transport has arrived it seems.”

Kat was dragged to her feet as the titanic craft opened a hatch as it landed quickly in the cornfield. The inhabitants inside were covered by shadows but as Loki shoved Kat forward – the thunder got louder.

Her green eyes were cast upwards when a lightning bolt struck the mud near the wooden fence. The force of the strike blew only Kat off her feet as she disappeared into the taller crops. She fell into the mud as her green jumper ripped in several places.

“Brother, where is the Tesseract?” Kat heard as she lay dazed in the crops while light rain began to fall on her face. A slight stinging sensation began on her forehead as she stared at the sky. She was in too much pain to move yet the voices were too quiet for her to make out.

More voices joined the argument that had sprung up. Kat wanted to make her position known but the chance of Loki knowing too was highly possible so she continued to lie immobilised in the dirt.

A blast was held and Loki’s face appeared from above. His blue eyes lit up as Kat’s own eyes went wide but it was too late. He grabbed her up from the dirt but her vision was still blurred from the fall. She gazed around and saw the blurred outline of many in colour.

“Who is that Loki?” Someone asked and she gasped as Loki gripped her tighter. Warm liquid dripped down from her head as she tried to scream help.

“It is time for us to go.” Loki exclaimed dragging Kat up to the aircraft when she saw someone in black dash past. A black stick shot past her as it hit Loki but once the death grip loosened, she flung herself out of his arms and down towards the ground once more – but someone was there to catch her.

“Are you ok?” A female, softer voice than expected asked and Kat tried to speak but nothing came out. A mop of fiery redness shook in front of her face but it distracted her from the ghastly pain she felt all through her veins.

“What is your name?” The woman asked and Kat spluttered something out at last.

“Kat Greene! Help me.” She whispered as her face screwed up. The woman gasped and lifted her off the ground but it was short-lived as Kat collapsed from the agony.

“Clint, help me!” She called and someone came running. The man named Clint helped Kat’s saviour but the misted face of Loki appeared once more as he pulled Clint away.

“I believe you will be of assistance to me.” Loki sighed as Kat was helped to her feet. She tried to blink fast but her body faced a deeper force what detested the idea. She fell forward as the sounds of fighting surrounded her. She crawled into an open space hoping this would help when someone else grabbed her. Thinking it was Loki; she took a swing and hit a large, colourful metal shield.

“Woah Miss?” The defender asked as she fell into him. Kat looked up to see bright blue eyes wrinkled in worry. She mumbled some even she didn’t understand before passing out once again.

I really need to stop doing that.


on hold for a bit! update asap though:)


Loki! Clint? AHHHH! This is really good! Hope you update soon!
Omg a fellow Tony/Iron Man obsesser! Thank you for the comment and I'll update ASAP!!! :DD
Wow very interesting story till now :)
I'm excited as what it'll turn out!
And something else caught my attention: Kat hasn't met Tony yet ;o So im even MORE excited :3
You must know Tony/Iron Man is my absolute favourite Avenger! ♥
Hope you'll update soon!
AnnDowney AnnDowney