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The Avenger Initiative


Dr. Avalon Kissitch was a brilliant British scientist, who was conducting a study on a brain wave transmitter ray. Able to emit thoughts in full sound, but sadly something went wrong.

"Just make sure that's plugged in Geoffry, wouldn't want it to go amiss."
"Yes Dr. Kissitch." The cockney man replied double checking the plugs. The slim young scientist smiled at her masterpiece, the only thing that could go wrong was running down the power of London Inner-City. "Three years of hard work Geoffry, and now it's finally done." She said to her assistant, he smiled slightly at how proud she was of her work. It was insanely complex from the inside, but looked like a piece of artwork from the outside. "We're all set, your sure this is gonna work." She scowled at his pessimist and said "Yes, I'm almost certain."
"But who's gonna test it?" He asked in fear of her answer. "I am of course, I'm just as interested as anyone else." He sigh in relief with memories of her last experiment on him, an odd animalistic idea that she'd had. He was stuck licking himself for almost a month, and she found it funny. His boss looked at him with affection and said "I just wanted to say thank you for sticking with me, it really means a lot to me. I love you."
"O' course, I'll never leave you. You mean to much to me. I love you too." He smiled and watched the raven haired woman walk behind her lap top and calibrate the ray, it slowly turned to face her. "That's creepy." Geoffry said, a giggle left the young woman's lips. She smiled and typed the key phrases into the main frame. "Okay, ready?"
"As I'll ever be." The young man responded watching her hit the enter key.

'It's working!' He heard her voice yell excitedly. "Why are you yelling?" Silence and then he heard her voice over the loud humming of the ray. 'These are my thoughts!' He now heard the difference, these sounded echo-y and not there, in a way. "Amazing, Doctor!" Suddenly the purple light that streamed from the machine brightened five times brighter than before. A shrill scream filled the lab and then the light died and it went silent. "Doctor?!" Geoffry yelled running around the desk to see her slumped against the wall. "Doctor Kissitch? Avalon!?" He yelled her first name and her eyes fluttered open. "I have an ungodly headache." She groaned rubbing her forehead. 'She's got to 'ave brain damage.'
"I do not you dolt!"
"You don't what?" The sandy blond haired young man asked looking slightly confused. "Have brain damage!" She cried irritably. "I didn't say that." He said his eyebrows drawing together above his ocean blue eyes. "Yes you did, you said 'She's got to 'ave brain damage.'" She cried irately with her best cockney accent, she barely managed it with her posh accent leaking through.
'Oh Av, you've gone off the deep end.' His voice said again. She growled and stood up smacking him in the process.

Voices yelled in her ears, but there was no one else in the room. 'What are we going to eat for dinner?'
'I need to tell Joey to pick up the girls.'
'What was that noise?'
'Those two doing the dirty again.'
'Soooo goood.'
'I've had better.'
'I need a better paycheck.'
"Stop yelling!" She screamed above the voices. "Doctor?" Geoffry asked gently laying a hand on the small of her back slowly walking behind her reaching for his phone. "Don't you dare call the paramedics!" She whipped around and said "You shouldn't voice your plans."
"Something is wrong with you."
"Nothing is wrong!" She snapped. She held out her hand to take his phone and it slowly rose from his hand and landed in hers. Her hazel eyes widened and she whispered meekly "Maybe something is wrong."

"Freak!" He screamed and ran from the room. "You lied." She whispered with tears filling her eyes.



Please update this. It is so good and I wanna read more. :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton