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The Avenger Initiative

Metal Crumbles

"Doctor Kissitch, I'm Nick Furry director or S.H.E.I.L.D."
"That's nice, but I have a question."
"What my that be."
"What the fuck is S.H.E.I.L.D.?"
"Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorat."
"We protect the world. And you have the power and brains to help."
"I'm just a freak."
"A super freak." He clarified. "Thank you Furry!" She snapped. "Sorry, but we need you."
"I though I was off EuroM.I.N.D.'s list."
"You are, but your still on the S.H.E.I.L.D. list of super humans that could help us." The raven haired woman looked at him and said in a tone of irritation "I don't want a part of you super whatever. I just want my life to be normal again."
'That won't happen.'
"Quite thinking so pessimistically! - Damn it!" He smiled and said "You can do amazing things, you could be a big help." Looking though his good eye he smiled at the genius. "I-I don't know."
"I figured there would be some hesitating so here, this is who your working with." He handed her a Tablet and she looked at it. "Oh great, a bunch of nutters." She mumbled and looked at him. "Fine, I suppose."
"Just gather your things and we can leave."

Putting an old scrapbook into the luggage she finally decided she was packed, flicking her wrist the bag flew to the door, and sat on the wood floor of her studio apartment over looking the London Skyline. Furry smiled and opened the door saying "Right this way Doctor." He led her up to the roof and there was a helicopter. "Hope you don't get air sick ma'am." A new voice said. Looking into the aircraft she saw a blond young man "Thank god not." She chuckled. "You must me the highly esteemed Dr. Kissitch. I'm Steve Rodgers ma'am."
"Well aren't you the little gentlemen. Your Captain America, correct Mr. Rodgers?" He smiled and said "Yeah."
"The pleasure is all mine." She shook his hand, his past flashed through her mind and she pulled her hand away saying "You have a very interesting past hm?"
"Uhh?" He looked confused. "Would you please stay out of his head." Furry asked looking at her, her golden hazel eyes widened and she said "I was just shaking his hand, hands are very interesting, did you know that there are more nerve endings in your fingers than your toes? The scares on the palms conclude that he was in combat."
"You touched him, you got his memories." She grinned and said "Well then, are we the smart one?" He sigh as the woman looked at him with a smirk.

"Agent Romanoff will show you to your quarters." Nick Furry said as several people sat around a table, an extremely built blond guy, a slightly muscular brunette with a crew cut and blue eyes sat next to him, the famed Doctor Bruce Banner sat across from Captain America. "Where's Stark?"
"Stark who?" Avalon cut in. "Doctor Tony Stark."
"Shit! I changed my mind, take me back to my flat!" She yelled. "Why?"
"I don't like Stark."
"None of us do." Agent Romanoff commented. "Come on, I'll show you to your room."
"Don't touch her." Furry warned the Russian. "What?"
"I, read your past, fears, love, thoughts, darkest secrets, so on and so forth." Black Widow nodded and ushered the Brit down the halls. "A strange woman, that small one." Thor said looking at Furry. "Why is her assistance needed?"
"I just think we need her powers, her brains. She could do a lot for us."
"Yes, yes; but how will the Metal Man react."
"How will I react to what?" Stark asked being stripped of his armor. "A new woman."
"Oh is she sexy?"

"Come on, there's a meeting." Natasha said looking at Avalon. "Do I have to go?"
"Yes." She said flatly. "Oh. Coming." She smoothed out her skirt, and her blue, ruffled, Queen Anne collared blouse. The black pencil skirt came just before her knees, her hells clicking on the metal floors. They walked down the halls finally coming to the conference room, voices were already talking. Natasha opened the hatch; inside there was a steel table with chairs around it, the glass walls allowed them to see outside, five men sat around the table conversing about something. "No really, it's running perfectly fine!" A conceited voice said. That voice could only belong to the biggest egomaniac of them all. "Ah the women finally decide to join us." Thor said in a mighty voice. "Agent Romanoff, beautiful as always." Tony Stark said with a smirk. "Doctor Kissitch, are you coming?" Steve asked looking at the woman in the doorway. Her eyes narrowed at the sound of someone choking on his Bourbon. "Who?!"
"Me!" She snapped. 'Oh shit.'
"Quite cursing." She said in a motherly tone. "I wasn't cussing." Stark defended himself. "Okay; quite thinking it!"
"Stop reading my mind then!"
"Your thoughts are as loud and obnoxious as you are then!"
"I'm not loud and obnoxious!" The looks he received silenced him.

The meeting had taken backseat to the arguments that were in place between the two dark haired geniuses. "That's it, I've had enough!"
"What, can't handle the heat? I know I hot but damn!"
"You goddamned bastard!" She screamed slamming her hands onto the table, her nails dug in to the cold metal and is slowly crumbled under her palms. In a matter of seconds the table a pile of metal pebbles on the floor. "Dear god, I'm sorry." She said quickly loosing her angered expression when she saw what she had done. "Well, I think that puts an end to the meeting." Captain said picking up his papers off the floor. Banner looked at her in shock and then said "And I thought the other guy had anger issues."
"I-I'm so-"
"Wow, how your resolve has faded over the couple years."
"If you don't shut your goddamned mouth you'll be like this table!" She yelled at Iron Man. He chuckled and said "Sure I will."
"Stark!" Steve yelled. "What!?"
"Come on!" Tony nodded and walked away, thus ending the argument.

Sitting in her unit she looked at the dark skies around her, the four windows in the wall allowed her to see the moon like never before. She smiled though about it's beauty "I wonder if I could look around." She mumbled as she got off her bed walking to the hatch and opening it. She wandered aimlessly and heard voices that interested her. Every thing seemed to be glass in this heicarrier, she saw Bruce and Stark standing in front of screens. "So you don't get along?"
"No, not really." She opened the door and said "Doctor Banner?"
"Mm?" He asked without looking away. "May I be in here, ya know- play with the toys?"
"Sure. But uh, don't break anything." She laughed lightheartedly keeping her eyes trained on Stark, "Just make sure you don't zap yourself again." Tony said with a smirk. "Whatever you say Mr. Tin Can."
"Tin Can? Your calling Jarvis tin can?"
"Yes." She stated simply. "He's NOT a tin can, he's a highly intelligent super suite!"
"So that's were your brains come from?" She asked innocently. Tony's voice raised a bit more "Ahg, stop yelling." Bruce groaned with green flowing through his veins. "I went to MIT when I was 15!!" Tony gloated loudly. "Shut up." Avalon said "Doctor Banner." She hesitantly placing a hand on his exposed forearm. His body relaxed, looking at her he asked "How did you do that."
"The same way I learned every thing about Captain America, crumbled the table, made my bag float to the door, the same way I can hear Stark complaining without him speaking. Brain waves."
"You got hit with your own ray right?"
"Well, I know the feeling."


Please update this. It is so good and I wanna read more. :)

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