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Hardest of Hearts


No one ever said that life was easy, or fair.

I say that life is going to suck, but there's still reasons to smile.

No one ever said that there was a happily ever after.

I say that there might not be a happily ever after, but there's still someone to say goodnight to.

No one ever said that a hero would come along and save the day.

I say that there are heroes, but there's still plenty of mistakes along the way and, at the end of the day, our heroes are only human.

Disclaimer: The majority of these characters do not belong to me. The superheroes belong to Marvel, and the likenesses of those portraying them belong to the wonderful actors (and actresses) who so wonderfully brought them to life. I do, however, own the original characters. I also own the plot. I'm not sure how original it is, but I like to believe that I think outside the box. So, some characters and the basic plot belong to me.


December Nite Kinston

December Nite Kinston

Best friend of Kit and absolutely hates her first name. Call her Ember, or she just might hurt you. She's very artsy and has a bit of a temper.Hair is straight, elbow length, and a blue-black. Eyes are green, usually bright and dark in anger. Height is medium, standing at five-five. Body is thin, toned from excessive movement and bouts of energy.

Heath Penn

Heath Penn

The gentle pediatrician and gorgeous boyfriend of Pepper Potts. He has yet to meet anyone involved in Pepper's life, but he can only be hidden away for so long...

Kit Lee Torlin

Kit Lee Torlin

The leading lady of this story! She's quite calm and laidback, and she prefers cuddling trees to lavish parties. Has a bit of a southern accent (a huge southern accent) and writes for fun. Hair is wavy, chin-length, and a light brown. Eyes are hazel, with a tendency to turn green or brown. Height is short, only five feet tall. Body is fluffy, plenty of curves. Has two tattoos-one on her inner right thigh that says "ingredi" and a feather pen on her left hip with the words "totidem verbis."

Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts

The ever-efficient CEO of Stark Industries. She's Tony Stark's ex-girlfriend, yet still his boss (somewhat) and babysitter (usually). She's also the new best friend of Kit Torlin and Ember Kinston

Tony Stark

Tony Stark

Is a description even necessary for Tony Stark? He's a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Oh, and Iron Man


  1. Do You Want To Live?

    Leading lady, Kit Torlin, is introduced. Already, she’s in a world of trouble and being thrust into the world of damsels. Can she be saved? Of course! You can’t kill the leading lady in the first chapter. The question is, how will she be saved?

  2. Bloodshot Brown and Drugged Hazel

    Leading savior, Tony Stark, is in a world of hurt. There’s emotional trauma, a robot hellbent on destruction, and some half-naked stranger in his house. Well, at least that last one is the norm for him.

  3. Ember, Darlin', I Can Explain

    Kit is awake and alive! Now it’s time for Tony to ‘fess up. How will Kit handle the news of her changed body? And what’s this? An angry best friend and a very unusual request! It’s time for a few (metaphorical) shocks!

  4. Just A Touch Of Insanity In The Moment

    Preparing for the big move and meeting new people, always such fun. Pepper meets the half-naked girl, thankfully dressed this time, and someone else gets to walk around in the buff. But who?


I'd like to read more. :)
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Please update!!!!
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I enjoyed your non filler chapter update! Please do so more frequently!! :)
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I love this. I need more! :D
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Oh this is really cool :)