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The Temptress


Loki hesitates before the doors to his brother's chambers. He looks down at his female glamour once more, making sure that it is up to his standards and finds nothing wrong. Still, there is an unsettled feeling in his stomach as he enters the room quietly.

Thor is waiting for him, as is customary. Upon seeing his mistress of the night enter the room, he shoots up in his bed. Loki smirks to himself at the sight of his unknowing brother and saunters forward.

He says nothing, merely holds out his hand for his lady to take hold of. Pure, concentrated joy lights up his face, as it does every time he is greeted in the night.

His mistress saunters forward, nearly straddling his waist, before she props one foot up on the mattress of the bed. Thor is trapped between her legs, and he's eying her wantonly, looking like he was brought before a goddess.

Thor falls to his knees before her as if to perpetuate their role as deity and devoted disciple. He transfers her foot from the bed to his shoulder. She cocks her head to the side, as if questioning his motives.

"One day I wish to take you as my queen," he whispers. He never breaks their eye contact, even when he takes her hand in his. "Will you permit that?"

She laughs, and the sound is the most beautiful thing Thor thinks he has ever heard. He nearly melts beneath her touch when she runs a hand through his hair and leans before him to purr (which is a very risky thing for Loki to do, as voices - just like eyes - are nearly impossible to adopt fluently and with continuity), "Foolish boy," with the most heavenly of smiles upon her rouged lips.

Thor places a hand on her cheek and pulls her down for a delicate kiss. It deepens quickly, and the very anticipation has the man murmuring a steady mantra, "My lady, my queen, my mistress, my love."

His kisses move from her cheek to the hand he holds in his own. He treats her like a delicate flower or a rare treasure made of thin glass. But most of all, he acts as though she is a thousand leagues above him. He is naught but a peasant when she stands before him, and he is willing to act as such.

"Speak your commands of me, my temptress, and they shall be fulfilled," Thor whispers to her as he trails one calloused hand up her smooth calf. His eyes glimmer with a contentment that is never there unless his lady stands before him. "And if you will not speak, then by the gods, show me what you wish me to do and I shall do it."

He kneels before her and lowers his head as if he is unworthy of her company. But his beloved mistress of the night offers him nothing but the kindest of smiles as she pulls him to his feet. Thor wraps his arms around her, and she is small in comparison to the muscular planes of his body. Yet he treats her as if she's larger than life.

The two engage in a deep, passionate kiss. As their tongues battle, Loki's female form easily taking control, the god himself feels light-headed with joy. So many sensations are bombarding him. Never before has Thor taken his worship of his mistress so seriously, and it feeds Loki's sorely wounded ego. He wants to be his brother's equal, but he has no qualms about taking this as a substitute.

He relishes the feel of Thor's hair between his fingers, of the taste that will linger in Loki's mouth long after he switches from his female form to his male form when he departs.

It hits him then, and it hits him hard.

What he feels for Thor is more than just a contemptuous wish to get back at the man for the wrongs he's committed against his younger brother while gaining a bit of pleasure out of the deal himself. No, he desires Thor both physically and emotionally, just as the poor fool desires his darling Temptress.

Perhaps Loki has always know this. He is one for facts but will ignore the blatant truth when what he desires is unattainable. He will adamantly and unconsciously strive for his goal, however, in whatever way possible (such are the reasons he was bestowed the title of God of Mischief).

These things bombard him at once: the use of magic, the feelings for his brother, the feel of a pair of lips working against his own, the worship and praise he never receives in his male form... it would be an understatement to say he is overwhelmed. And when Thor places a hand at the small of his female form's back and grinds their bodies together, he squeezes his eyes shut, throws his head back, and doesn't even think to contain the guttural moan that escapes his lips.

And this is not the wanton cries of Thor's mistress. These are [i]his[/i] cries. [i]Loki's[/i] cries. And they are far too masculine to be from a woman.

Loki feels Thor go tense against his body and his eyes fly open. The man's jaw is gaping wide with shock written all over his face.

"Brother, I... what are you doing here?!" he demands as he separates himself from Loki. Thor nearly stumbles over the sheets that are still twisted around his legs and falls heavily onto his bed. "I do not understand, brother, what is the meaning of this? Where is-?"

"Do not play dumb, Thor! This is exactly what it appears to be, do not try to convince yourself otherwise!" Loki snaps. A hot flush is touching his cheekbones, and he covers himself with the cloak. Thor is doing much the same with his blankets. They both know the other is aroused, but they still feel it a necessity to act as though they aren't.

"I... I..." Thor struggles for words, and his face turns the shade of his cape. "Would you have me for a fool, brother?"

"I would, as that is what you [i]are[/i]!" The younger man spits the words like they're a poison he needs to get out of his system. Ignoring the crestfallen look on Thor's face, he turns his chin up and moves to leave.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"Back to my chambers. I do not wish to be here a moment longer. Run to father and speak of my crime. Denounce me before the whole of Asgard, lock me away, feed me to a vicious creature. I care not what you do, just allow me the pleasure of a final night to myself."

Before Loki can even take one step, Thor has an unbreakable grasp on his wrist. There's a mix of conviction and determination burning in his eyes. The gears in his head are turning so fast Loki things they might light aflame.

"You will be punished for what you have done, Loki. I will speak of this to no one and neither will you. But do not fool yourself into thinking this will be easier because I have taken the matter into my own hands. You are to stay here with me until I allow you to leave."

"Then what will you do to me, Thor? Bind me in chains at the foot of your bed? Have me as a slave?" Loki scoffs, as if the idea of Thor even considering doing something other than merely tattling is completely out of his grasp of comprehension. He yanks his wrist from the other man's grasp and starts for the door yet again.

"Loki, wait! Please!"

His hand rests on the door. Of course Thor would cut him off so close to leaving. Eyes closed and sighing, he asks, "What could you possibly want?"

"I've not come yet."

Those four words hit Loki like a wild horse. He whirls around, expecting to find the man still sitting on the bed, but Thor is gone. He reappears a moment later, this time pushing the younger man against the doors.

"Do not taunt me, Thor, I will have none of this," Loki spits. He attempts to shove his brother off of him, but his physical strength lacks considerably in comparison to Thor's. "I can understand if you despise me for this, but please, just allow me the final pleasure of leaving."

And much to his surprise, Thor laughs.

And as if it's his goal to surprise the younger man further, he presses his lips to Loki's.

Loki is too shocked to even consider returning the gesture. His eyes are wide with shock, and his body is tense. Thor is looking right at him, not asking if the whole ordeal is okay, but memorizing the look on his brother's face. It's not every day that Loki is caught so wholly off-guard, after all.

When the kiss is broken, Loki gasps for air and splutters, pushing Thor away from him. "Brother, what is the meaning of this? Do you think-"

"I think you need to cease acting as if you do not enjoy this." The voice is husky and dangerous, and Loki can only wonder if this is a dream. Everything is too unreal; he had steeled himself for the day he'd be found out when he first began to use his glamour, but of all the possibilities he had imagined - banishment, public humiliation, anything and everything unpleasant - this is the one thing he seems to have overlooked.

And this is how, moments later, Thor is pressed against the doors and Loki has discarded any items of clothing that may have lingered between them.

He works one hand between them with precision, and Loki is faintly aware of the thud and groan that signals Thor has dropped his head against the heavy doors.

That hand grasps Thor's cock and strokes it quickly. Loki bites down on the other man's neck as he works, more to mask the sound of his own gasps than anything else.

One of the older man's arms snakes around Loki's back and buries into his hair. They kiss once again, if one could really call it that; in reality, they merely bite at one another's lips and exchange their used air.

Loki is a bit hazy, his perception of time a bit off. It feels like it only takes a few minutes for Thor to come in between their stomachs, groaning something senseless, but it could have very well been longer than that.

He attempts to kiss Thor's neck as a gentle reminder that he, too, is more than aroused by their situation. But the older man frees himself from Loki's hold and pecks him on the forehead.

"Goodnight, brother."

Loki hardly contains his noise of discontent. "But Thor, I-"

"You were informed that you'd be punished, yes?" Thor asks rhetorically. He's turned to look at the normally composed man before him with amusement twinkling in his eyes. "This is your punishment, Loki. Return to your chambers. I'll not lay a hand on you tonight."

"If that is what you wish, so be it," Loki says quietly, but it's obvious by the way his body has tensed that he's furious inside. He turns to leave.

"Brother, wait."

Loki pauses with his hand on the door. He doesn't turn to look at Thor, but he knows that's the most he'll get; his brother is upset, and it's a miracle that he's even offering him a chance to speak.

"You'll return here tomorrow night, yes?" he asks.

"For what purpose? For this punishment - this... [i]humiliation[/i] to continue?"

"I merely ask to speak with you. What happens after that will be decided by you," the Thunderer promises. It is an offer that he hopes will spark Loki's curiosity just that final bit.

After a long pause devoted to careful deliberation, Loki responds, "Fine. I will be here tomorrow at this time."

"Thank you," Thor grins, unable to help himself.

"Goodnight, Thor."

And just like that, Loki is gone.


Oh my gosh, I loved it. Please update soon, I rated and subscribed aswell.
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