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The Temptress


The following day passes by ever so slowly for Loki. He spends it entirely in his chambers, opting to read in one of his oversized armchairs rather than under a tree at the edge of the training grounds, as is his usual fashion. He takes his meals in his room, and although such a thing is not unusual, he knows that his presence will be especially noted by one person. However, he does not want to see Thor until absolutely necessary.

Loki holds a book in his hands, but he finds that his mind wanders, always back to the impending encounter with his brother. He will admit to no one but himself that he's nervous. More nervous than he's ever been before, in fact. The outcome of this night will impact the rest of his - and Thor's - lives.

He has the option of not seeing Thor tonight. He can remain in his chamber, and both men will ignore the metaphorical elephant in the room whenever they're together in the future. They can grow apart, and both will suffer. Loki can see his love transform into bitter hatred until he cannot remain in a room with Thor without engaging in malicious trickery.

So, he supposes, he'll go to his brother's chambers. After all, this is a problem he has to face head-on. No deceptions will do this for him.

And this logic is what brings him to knock softly on Thor's chamber doors at precisely the same time he had done the night. He doesn't wait for a response and lets himself in.

Thor is in the middle of the room, and it's obvious that he's been pacing. When he sees Loki, his face calms, then creases with worry in a matter of seconds.

"Brother," he sighs. "You were scarce today. I was worried you'd not come."

"Your worrying is pointless. This is my problem as well as yours. I cannot simply leave it for you alone to deal with," Loki says. He walks past his brother and sits at the foot of Thor's bed, curling his legs beneath him. His heart thumps faster than usual, but he looks at the blonde man behind him with resolve. "You wish to speak to me. Come, sit, and let us put this matter behind us, yes?"

Thor hesitates momentarily, but he sits down on the opposite corner of the bed. He leans back against the headboard, then sits upright, looking uncomfortable in every position, despite the fact that the bed is so large that they could both comfortably sprawl out with several feet of space between them. It's ironic to think that, just the night before, they had shared this bed, and now they're acting as though they're two awkward teenagers.

Loki clears away all unnecessary thoughts and puts the relevant ones in order while Thor comes back down to earth. He asks, "Well, brother? What would you have us discuss?"

"I would... er... " Thor blinks and glances away, and it dawns on the trickster that, oh gods, he intends to discuss their [i]feelings[/i], and now all Loki wants to do is run for his chambers. Thor clears his throat. "Perhaps you would inform me of your motives for your... magic?"

"It was trickery, Thor. I was playing one of my infamous pranks." Loki is lying through his teeth, but he says the words with just enough sarcastic vindication that they both know it.

"A prank? You spent months drawing out visits for a prank? And that is why you stayed to finish me last night, why you chose to come here tonight?" Thor asks rhetorically, sounding very self-assured. "I may be a fool when compared to you, brother, I will not deny that. But I am not as dense as you would portray me! I know you well enough to realize that, had this been a prank, you would have changed back into your true form on the first night after making me look foolish. You would have arranged for an audience. So why then, Loki, do you insist on acting as though you meant nothing by this action, when you do nothing without prior meditation on the subject?"

By the time the Thunderer is finished with his rant, his chest is heaving as though he's just ended a sparring match. He stares at Loki with such intensity that, for once in his life, Loki is left speechless.

"Brother, I-" he begins with a dismissive laugh, but he is cut off immediately.

"Do not dare spin your lies to me! You have come here tonight - what outcome you seek, I know not - but I will not accept such fallacies, not now. I want the truth, not a contrived Silvertongue tale!"

Loki is taken aback. Thor is serious, and it is very obvious he's taken control of the situation. He allows his brother a chance to catch his breath before he begins (and with the truth, this time; it's obvious Thor will hold him captive until he is honest).

"It began as a prank - do not interrupt me, Odinson! Hear me to the end. It was a prank spawned of jealousy and confusion, and of my own selfish desires. I wanted to shame you, if not before all of Asgard, then I would do so in your chambers, with just you and I as witnesses. I decided on something that could incriminate both you and I, but I did not care. I was jealous of you, the golden child and perfect son. Anything to bring such glory to its knees before me."

Loki doesn't realize that Thor has moved until he places a tentative hand over one of the black haired man's. Thor looks somewhat dejected, like a kicked puppy, but prompts, "You also spoke of confusion," as if he does not want Loki to pain himself further with the bitter topic of jealousy.

"Yes, of course. The confusion, well... Thor, you [i]are[/i] the golden child, the one that all of Asgard cherishes and adores. And I want to hate you for it. I want to despise you, and I cannot." The black haired man pauses, glancing at a spot on the floor. He adds, quietly, almost to himself, "Quite the contrary, actually."

"And what of selfishness?" Thor asks. His voice has receded to a mere hoarse whisper. The information being given to him is a lot to soak up and interpret.

"Oh, you can put two and two together, Thor. I chose to go about my so-called revenge in a way that would indulge my sickest fantasies. You lived the rest of my story." Loki waves away the statement with a dismissive hand. He looks sullenly at the floor. "And here we have come."

Silence embraces them as they are each overcome by their own private thoughts. Loki cannot read into the thoughtful, pondering look on Thor's face and does not try to; he is consumed by his own wretched vulnerability. He has not spoken of all his mental anguishes, but he has bared enough of his belly to reveal things about himself he never wanted to. This prompts him to ask, "Well, Thor? Are you going to speak your piece, or was this confession naught but for amusement?"

"I am not that heartless, Loki," Thor murmurs, but he does not speak any further. He still looks as though he's lost in a world of thought. Loki thinks that this is perhaps the first time he's seen Thor struggle so heartily with a matter of the mind by his own free will. He places a tentative hand on his brother's cheek, but Thor brushes him away. "Allow me to collect my thoughts, brother. I mean to find the proper words."

A few moments pass, and then Thor turns to Loki. "I apologize for the jealousy you feel, brother; I did not know how you are affected by your treatment. But do not think for one moment that you are inadequate. You could challenge me - or anyone in all of Asgard, for that matter - to a battle of wits or magic or appearance, and you would come out as the victor. You are the one fit to be a kind, not I, and I will treat you as such, even if no one else will. I was not comfortable speaking these words before, but I am fully confident in them now, and I hope you realize my sincerity." He pauses, looking thoroughly self-assured at finally speaking the words that have floated around his mind in disjointed thoughts and feelings for so long. He places a hand on Loki's cheek. "I cannot wield words like you, brother. I do not know how to adequately tell you how I feel. I do not think there are enough words for such a thing." The words are spoken apologetically.

"Oh Thor, you fool," Loki sighs, smiling. "You need not speak when you can simply show me."

So there it is. The confession Thor so craves to hear and Loki so craves to announce, spoken in his familiar, roundabout way and enforced by the kiss Thor leans forward to press on the other mans mouth.

It escalates quickly. A simple, gentle touch of lips turns into a more passionate exchange of battling tongues. Loki pushes all thoughts from his mind, and Thor ignores his niggling instincts. They have accepted their fates as something more than brothers, something that steps into the world of the taboo from that of innocence and denial. There will be repercussions for this action that they'll have to deal with, but for now, they'll leave those issues to be dealt with by the wisdom of their future selves. For now, they will celebrate.

Thor wraps an arm around Loki's waist and pulls the smaller man to sit atop his lap. Loki presses their bodies close, massages the nape of his brother's neck, and relishes the beauty of the moment.

They kiss for a long time, merely exploring one another's mouths. It's both intimate and playful. Hips rut together and gaps are let out at the sensation. Their hands explore the previously forbidden territory that is the other man's body. Loki has never taken a lover like this. The kisses warm him inside in a way he has never felt before. His previous forays into Thor's chambers had been controlled, and he'd never been able to completely let go. Not like tonight. It seems like an eternity before they even break for air.

"This is forbidden." Thor's chest heaves for breath, but Loki never breaks eye contact.

"I know."

"We will have to hide. Asgard would not be tolerant."

"I know, and I do not care."

"That is easy to say now, but-"

"Thor, I am not as loved as you are here. I will not be bothered if they find out and shun me, but I will never tell them. It is different for you, Thor. Can you become indifferent to their opinions?"

"I am indifferent. Their opinions pale in comparison to you."

The answer is enough to satiate them. Thor brings their lips together once more, laying down and pulling Loki on top of him. They continue to kiss as though they've never done it before, and ever trailing finger and gentle caress is so [i]wrong[/i] but so, so [i]right[/i] that they feel liberated in their union.

Thor slips a hand up Loki's shirt and pulls the fabric off. They're both donning their comfortable nightclothes, making each article that much easier to remove. In the moments it takes to catch their breath, Thor strips off his own shirt and changes places with Loki.

Before anything else, they find each others mouths again. This time it's more intimate, as they nip at lips and tongues. When Thor rakes his teeth over his brother's bottom lip and pulls it into his mouth to suck on it gently, Loki gasps, and he's completely unable to control his unconscious thrusting of his hips and tightening of his fingers on the skin of Thor's back.

Thor chuckles as he buries his face in Loki's neck. "I've never seen you so excitable, brother. I'd think you've not been with another before me."

"Stop talking about such things; your mouth could be put to better uses," Loki commands breathlessly. He digs his fingers into Thor's hair. The Thunderer looks up at him, borrowing the man's mischievous grin. Then he bites down on the smaller man's neck and sucks. Loki cries out, "Only you! It's only ever been you!"

Thor grins to himself and trails his kisses down Loki's chest. The gentle touch of his lips makes the black haired man shiver with anticipation. When he reaches the top of his brother's pants, he stops.

"Are you sure you would like to continue?" he asks. He does not want to make Loki feel like he has to do anything to prove himself.

"Would I still remain here if I did not? Would I have come to you so many nights before?" Loki's voice is breathless but still commanding. He is not in the mood to be teased.

The pants are discarded quickly, and Thor grabs his brother to take him in his mouth. Loki's hand pulling on his hair stops him.

"Thor, no," he pleads. He looks completely given over to pleasure: messy hair, blown-out pupils, heaving chest. "I do not... I do not think I can last."

"Of course, brother," Thor chuckles. Loki looks about ready to lose himself completely. Thus, Thor pulls off his own pants and kisses his brother once more before warning, "Are you still sure you'd like to continue? It will be painful, but I will do my best not to hurt you. Do you trust me?"

"I trust you," Loki gasps, nodding as if to affirm it to himself. Thor dips his fingers into the oil he has sitting on his bedside table ('just in case'). "I do trust you, Thor, I-" Thor inserts one finger into Loki, who promptly chokes out a half-strangled, half-gasped "[i]Oh.[/i]"

He shifts against the finger as the awkward feeling begins to subside. It is only uncomfortable thus far, not painful.

After a few moments of fucking him with one finger, Thor presses in a second. This one is accompanied by a shock of stinging pain that shoots up his spine and dissipates quickly. Loki gasps out.

"Are you all right?" Thor asks. Loki nods in the affirmative, and the fingers begin a careful, scissoring motion. The black haired man grabs Thor's hand and guides it in deeper and closer to that one spot that makes him melt. "I thought you said you were inexperienced, brother."

"Personal practice. But your fingers are much larger than [i]mine[/i]." The last word is spat out in a moan, as he guided Thor's fingers to the proper spot. "Oh, right there, right there!"

Thor silently praises Loki's practice, as he knows he wouldn't have been able to find the smaller man's prostate without the help.

He pushes one more finger inside, careful to gauge Loki's reaction by the hiss he lets out. But within seconds, he's drumming at the man's prostate again, and Loki is murmuring things that neither man can decipher.

"Brother, please," Loki pants, and it's obvious to both men what he desires.

"Are you positive? I do not wish to hurt-"

"[i]Now[/i], Thor, or so help me..." He can't think of a proper threat, perplexed by Thor's grin as he reaches for more oil. The moment almost feels too surreal; this is something he's only ever dreamed of. Had he voiced his opinion, Thor would have heartily agreed.

After coating himself with a generous helping of oil, Thor presses himself into Loki. The black haired man lets out a breathy gasp at the feeling, ignoring the burn that settles at his tailbone.

"Am I paining you?" Thor asks, worry set deep in his face.

"No, just... please."

The blonde smiles as he slowly buries himself to the hilt and kisses Loki. Their foreheads press together, and Thor rests one hand on the small of his brother's back; gazing into each others eyes, they are captured by the intimacy of the moment.

Loki wraps his legs around Thor's waist and hooks them together at the ankles. They stay in this position for a while, merely breathing one another's used air and dedicating the moment to memory.

They make love with slow, purposeful thrusts. The kisses never stop and are only broken by their gasps and exclamations of pleasure. Hands roam over skin, memorizing the planes of one another's bodies. It is the most intimate thing they've ever experienced or witnessed.

Loki trails his fingers down the Thunderer's back, gasping curses and various unintelligible phrases. He is too consumed to craft his words with the usual precision, but his tongue is still hard at work. Thor merely grins and kisses him, swallowing his little declarations, as beautiful as they are.

The pace remains slow, but Loki is still shaking with every thrust against his prostate. Their bodies are pressed so tightly together that every action creates delicious friction against Loki's manhood

"Brother, I am..." The trickster's words are choked off in a moan as Thor sucks on the skin of his neck. Everyone will know Loki has been bedded. He shudders and cradles the back of Thor's head in his hands.

"Come for me, Loki." The blonde's voice is naught but a mere guttural growl rumbling from the depths of his chest. He reaches a hand between them and adds that extra bit of pressure that sends the man over the edge, crying out Thor's name for the world to hear.

Thor continues fucking into Loki, and his own orgasm grips him like none he has felt before. He bites down on his brother's neck to stifle his cries and rides out the feelings of bliss surging through him.

He drops to his forearms with his head still buried in Loki's neck, breathing in the smell of sex and sweat that permeates his skin. He remains there for a few long moments before Loki shoves him over, grunting, "Get off me, you sweaty oaf."

The Thunderer chuckles breathlessly as he rolls onto his back next to the younger man. He can't help but notice how beautiful Loki is when the man turns to face him. His cheeks are flushed, his pupils dilated and full of mischief, his hair messy and splayed out on the pillow below him. And he has claimed this glorious god.

"What now?" Thor asks, and although the question can be taken in many ways, it's obvious to both men what the implication of the question is.

"We must tell no one," Loki says seriously. "And you'd best not make such a spectacle of my neck next time, brother."

The blonde grins widely and asks, "So there will be a next time?"

Loki purses his lips when he realizes that he's allowed more of himself to escape with that simple sentence than he intended. So he counters with, "Well, you have been pining away for so long, I did not think you would allow me to escape your grasp so easily."

"You are correct," Thor grins. But the expression doesn't stay long, as Loki throws back the covers and begins to stand. He reaches out to grasp the black-haired man's wrist before he can go anywhere and asks, "What are you doing?"

"What? Would you have me spend the night?" Loki scoffs, as though the thought is completely unimaginable. In reality, he does not want to come off as too needy. He doesn't want to mar his own pride by making any other assumptions.

"Indeed. Would you?"

Loki looks down at Thor, at the pleading eyes, and he finds himself responding by crawling under the covers with his brother once more. He faces away from Thor, but the blonde throws his arm over Loki's hip and drags himself closer so that his chest rests against Loki's back.

"Thank you," he whispers happily into Loki's still sweat damp hair.

"Do not thank me," he responds, curling his fingers around Thor's larger ones. He can feel Thor smile against the top of his head. "But if you snore, I cannot guarantee you won't end up on the floor."

Thor has a hearty laugh at this. "I can make no promises."

They drift into a deep, exhausted sleep after their fretful rest and worries of the prior day.

There will be consequences for their actions, of course. But for now, this is more than either could ask for. And the smiles that do not fade, even in their slumber, are a testament to that.


Oh my gosh, I loved it. Please update soon, I rated and subscribed aswell.
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