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The End is Where We Begin

The Introduction

My breathing is swallow and labored as I’m running through the designated building the newest boss sent over to me. I managed to get pass security but later was caught by a few agents and they could sense something is up. One whiff of me, and we started this wild goose chase which sucks; I’m a hacker not an Olympic runner. I’m not built for this; I’m built for computers.

I duck into a dark room in order to escape the agents on my tail. Once I hear the run pass the room I was in, I turn the lights on. Luckily for me, it was the exact room I needed to be in; the computer room. This room housed the main frame computer; the same computer I had to hook up my goodies to in order to hack the system at a far away distance.

I quickly take out my tools and begin to work as I hear voices in the distance. I can honestly say I’ve never had to work this quickly before; this agency must be extremely important if they have security all over the place.

I can feel my heart racing as I race to finish; the voices come louder as they near the door. Just as I finish, I can hear the door knob wiggling. I rip the cords out of the computer before ducking under a computer desk; just as the door swings open revealing large men with large guns. My heart stops beating as they begin to search the room; getting closer and closer to me.

“Did you find her?” A man in Kevlar comes walking in; stopping the men from searching just as they get to the desk I’m hiding under.

“She’s not in here; she must have exited the building.” One of the men reply.

“We need to find her before she can do some major damage.” Kevlar man says before ordering the men with the guns to follow him to another part of the building. A breathe out in relief before reemerging from my hiding spot. I gather my things before sneaking out of the building; it’s time to see what these people are hiding…

I get into my beat up Brooklyn apartment and immediately open up my laptop; putting in my USB drive, the same drive I used to hack into the business’s main frame. As I let everything load, I take a long swig of whiskey straight out of the bottle; not making a face as the burning liquid flows down my throat. A smile appears on my lips once everything is load. “Time for action.” I say to myself as I begin typing away; getting past the firewalls in lightening speed. But when I get to the last and final firewall; my computer screen goes black and a computerized voice fills my room; “Welcome, you have activated all systems. Deactivation is not an option. You must find the truth. Remember, not everything is what it seems. If you don't stand for something, You might fall for anything.....The End Is Where We Begin.”

When the voice finished, my screen is being taken over by some unknown party; turning on my webcam. Appearing on the screen is a black man dressed in completely black and wore an eye patch over one of his eyes. “We were beginning to wonder if you’d ever make it here.” The man smirks at me. “We’ve been watching you Jessica Lauren.”

“W-who are you?” I stutter out; fearing prison time or worse; death.

“We’re Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.” The man on the screen informs me.

“Well that’s certainly a mouth full.” I mutter, causing the eye patch clad man to glare at me. “Why are you watching me; a lowly criminal?”

“A lot of agencies are watching you Lauren; you’d be surprised how many are waiting for you to mess up and get yourself caught.” I could feel my muscles tighten; this was the moment everyone was waiting for and the moment I’ve been dreading since I was 17.

“So where does this little adventure lead me?” I ask him. “Electric chair? Firing Squad?”

“How about employment?” He questions me, earning a questioning look from me. “You’ve got great skills now, but working for us; you’ll be the best of the best. You’ll be working for the good; not the evil. You certainly wouldn’t have to live your life in fear.”

“I don’t take orders well and I certainly don’t play well with others.” I inform him. “Why do you think I work alone?”

“Trust me, you’ll be in good company.” He assures me. “No one here works well with others; but we get the job done. So what will it be Lauren, death or a legit job?”

A smirk appears on my lips before I lick them, “What stupid ass question is that?”


computerized voice word credit: The Introduction by Thousand Foot Krutch

this fanfic is going to be based off of Thousand Foot Krutch's CD The End is Where We Begin. =]


JenoWatina JenoWatina
Nice Job! Keep it up :D
Black Orchid Black Orchid
I love kittens.
Nice start. I look forward to reading more.
Thoroughly enjoyed. "You like it on your back, don't you?" I would if it was him asking ;)
blasttyrant blasttyrant