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Without You I'm Nothing

Alternate Ending

I stare at his place in the bed for far too long. Just hours ago, he had slept there by my side.

I can't bring myself to think about that any longer. It will be the death of me. Instead, I wander around my apartment, looking for things to distract me. But all I can find are reminders of his presence. Even our coffee cups, still dirty in the sink from breakfast two days prior, hurt my heart.

I'm standing in the doorway to the living room when I hear it. A gentle knock at the door. I wipe my face; it's probably the kind, elderly woman who lives next door, bringing me treats after hearing our argument, as she always does.

The knock sounds again, and I hurry to answer it.

It's not the face of my neighbor I see. In fact, I don't see anything, because as soon as the door opens, the person behind it flings themselves into my arms without giving me a second to comprehend.

And it's him. [i]Him[/i].

He's sobbing into my chest so fiercely I think he might break. But it's him. Him, him, [i]him[/i]. Clutching the front of my t-shirt like I'm an apparition about to disappear. Sobbing.

I hold him close to me, stroking his hair, trying to whisper words of consolation in his ear. He sounds so broken that it's hard to be strong for him.

"I'm sorry," he sobs. It's almost hard to hear him through his breathless gasping.

"It's okay," I tell him. I'm so close to laughing with relief. He shakes his head, but I know he's just happy that I've welcomed him back with such open arms. He's still waiting for the day when I slam the door in his face.

After long minutes, he pulls away and looks at me. His eyes are shining with tears that are still running down his face, tears I do my best to wipe away.

His lips curl in a faint smile, and I can even see it in his eyes. "I think I'll stay that extra night," he mumbles. His mouth isn't accustomed to gentle words after all his raucous crying.

"I'd like that."

"Maybe... maybe I'll stay longer."

"As long as you want," I smiled. A gentle kiss is pressed to his forehead, as if sealing the deal. All is forgiven. I can never hold this against him. Not when his very presence gives me purpose. My world revolves around him. He might only stay for two more days before he up and leaves once again, but those are two days more with him. It's all I can ask for.

"I love you." He deserves to know it. Deserves to have it proved to him.

He doesn't echo my words, but he rests his head on my chest. I know he feels guilty, which is why he can't say anything.

But he's still holding on to me. He's still here. And that's more than I could ever ask for.


It picks up where the other leaves off. I couldn't decide which ending I liked better.


I think it's really cool how you didn't specify who was who, leaving it to the reader's imagination. The story is so bittersweet. I love both endings, but being the reader who is drawn to angsty and sorrowful one shots, the first was my favorite!
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