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Kiss With a Fist

You Are a Fever, You Are a Fever,

Tony Stark

“Am I the only one worried about the girl Fury is setting us up with?” I ask Bruce as we fool around in the lab before the party tonight.

“I’m surprised you’re not digging up everything you can on her.” Bruce lets out a humorless laugh.

“Who said, I wasn’t?” I ask with a chuckle. “I’ve got to know who I’m dealing with.”

“Even if they’re on the same side as you are?” He questions me, looking up from whatever he’s working on.

“Exactly.” I mutter.

“Mister Stark; the file you requested on a Noel Trainer has been fully downloaded.” JARVIS informs.

“Thank you JARVIS pull it up onto the screens.” I demand before all the file is load onto the computer screens in front of me. “Let’s find out who this Agent Trainer really is…”


“So what did you find out about her?” Bruce asks me later on that night at my party.

“Nothing; she has no file.” I reply. “Something is obviously fishy about this. Every agent has a file; it’s like she’s trying to hide something.”

“Maybe she came to SHIELD looking for a clean slate.” Bruce suggests with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Naw, something is up here. Even if she came here for a clean slate, she’d have a file.” I counter. “She could be a potential threat for all we know.”

“Do you really think a girl like Noel could be a threat?” Barton asks as he strolls up to us, missing his partner in crime. “She’s thing tiny thing, no way she can hurt anything.”

“It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight but about the size of the fight in the dog, or something like that.” I explain. “Look at Natasha. If you didn’t know what she could do, you’d think she would be another harmless girl. But that girl can kill you with her bare thighs.”

“True.” Clint sighs. “But do you really think Noel could be a threat?”

“She did mention she was a highly trained agent in the meeting today.” Bruce points out. “She could be from another agency. She could be a covert operative.”

“Maybe, but even they would have some kind of file; even if it was a fake one.” I sigh. Clint’s about to open his mouth to say something but quickly closes as he gazes off into the crowd. I follow his gaze and my eyes land on Noel and Natasha walking into the room.

“Even if she’s a potential threat, she’s definitely nice to look at.” Clint mutters before fighting his way through the crowd to meet his partner and our new handler.

“He’s right, she is something nice to look at.” Bruce mutters. I look her over and must agree. Her dress is tight against her body, showing off her legs which seem to go on for days. She brown hair is messy looking but still looks put together. She’s hardly wearing any make-up and yet she looks like she spent all night getting ready. She was gorgeous in that old movie star way. “Still think she’s a threat?”

“Now more than ever…”


chapter title credit: U R Fever by The Kills

comment&subscribe? You'll learn more about Noel in the next chapter. I might start it out with a flashback of the old agency she worked at...


CONTINUE I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JenoWatina JenoWatina
I wonder what Tony will find on her. I hope that him sleuthing through her background doesnt cause a rift in the team.
neon.band.aids. neon.band.aids.
What did Tony find?! Or did he overhear? Gosh, I want to know!!
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy
I wonder what's up with him. Maybe he knows... Or maybe he found something in her room.... Only way for us to know is if you update!
neon.band.aids. neon.band.aids.
The story is intriguing! I'm excited for your updates!
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy