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Kiss With a Fist

Covered In Black We Lack The Social Graces,


After overhearing the end of Natasha and Noel's conversation, I head into the lab, "JARVIS, look up The Dollhouse."

"Sir, it's rather early to be looking for a strip club, isn't it?" The AI questions, earning an eye roll from me.

"No it's the agency Noel worked for. I want to know every little detail about that agency." I order him, "I want to know what makes Noel tick."

"You could just ask her out on a date sir." The AI sasses me.

"Just get the information." I order him before exiting the lab to get ready for a meeting with the rest of the Avengers.


"You find anything yet?" Clint asks while we are waiting for Noel and Natasha to enter the room.

"Actually yea." I chuckle, "Ever heard of the agency, The Dollhouse?"

"Are you sure it's just not another strip club?" Clint asks.

"Why would Noel work in a strip club? Steve questions.

"Desperate enough for money." Clint says in a duh tone; causing the super soldier to blush.

"We'll see if it's a strip club or not; I'm having JARVIS look up the agency and everything on our little handler." I smirk and the smirk only widens when I see Noel and Natasha walks into the room. She catches the smirk and causes her to shoot me a questioning look.

"Everyone, we've got a potential threat on our hands." Fury announces as he walks into the room; Hill by his side.

"Don't we always, we're The Avengers." Noel smirks at the Director; earning an eye roll. "Anyway, what's the threat?"

"This is actually right up your alley, Agent Trainer." Fury says, giving all of his attention to the tiny brunette. "He's a friend of yours from the old days." Noel's muscles tighten as she sits up straight; trying to not show the fear that was turning her blood cold, "His name is David Nethers, you remember him?"

"Yea I remember." She coughs. "What about him?"

"He's threatened to attack New York City and says he has the funds and weapons to level the city." He replies, "We dug into his file and he definitely has the ability to do that. This job is a job for the Avengers and their handler."

"I talk to him and if anything goes wrong I have an army behind me," She muses, "Talking to him isn't going to work. There is no talking to any of us; especially after our breakdowns."

"You turned out fine after your breakdown," He counters.

"I wasn't as broken has he is." She inform us, "He was the most broken after the agency collapsed. He was there is the longest. Longer the stay, the harder they break."

"You've got a meeting with him tomorrow at the coffee place a block from here. Stark is your back up." Fury informs us, "We're counting on you Agent Trainer."

"That's what scares me." She mutters.


chapter title credit: Freak Like Me by Halestorm



CONTINUE I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JenoWatina JenoWatina
I wonder what Tony will find on her. I hope that him sleuthing through her background doesnt cause a rift in the team.
neon.band.aids. neon.band.aids.
What did Tony find?! Or did he overhear? Gosh, I want to know!!
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy
I wonder what's up with him. Maybe he knows... Or maybe he found something in her room.... Only way for us to know is if you update!
neon.band.aids. neon.band.aids.
The story is intriguing! I'm excited for your updates!
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy