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Me, Myself, and I

Not again...

The pitter patter of feet echoed off of the cobblestone that lined the street of the alley I was hiding in. It was S.H.I.E.L.D and they were after me again. I managed to ditch them for about a week but now somehow they managed to find me again. “Catarina, we need you to place any and all weapons on the ground and place your hands on your head” the voice commanded. A smirk played across my features as I turned to face him again “nice to see you too Agent Coulson what’s it been five days since our last encounter” he raised his gun up higher trying to intimidate me. A chuckle escaped my lips “come now Coulson you know that won’t do anything but royally piss me off” I growled. A sigh escaped his lips as he lowered the weapon “now that’s much better, isn’t it nicer when we all get along hmm” I questioned him as I moved closer with my fingers still laced together on top of my head. My eyes scanned over his every feature looking for anything that might help me “what do you need this time or did you just come to harass me.” I couldn’t see his eyes due to the sunglasses but I could tell that he was studying me as well “Director Fury wanted us to bring you in because something big is going down and we need all the help we can get.” I feigned laughter “yeah thanks but no thanks” I turned on my heel to bolt and ran into something or someone causing me to fall to the ground. They picked me up off the ground and slapped a pair of handcuffs on my wrists. I turned and faced my very first and last captor. My mouth hung open in shock as I looked upon a female. She was gorgeous standing at about five foot six inches in her heels and skin tight black cat suit with the S.H.I.E.L.D logo on it. She had short wavy red hair and piercing green eyes. My eyes widened as she smirked at me and handed me over to Coulson… Oh this was so not going to fly with me.

We quickly made our way onto the helicopter that was sitting on a nearby roof and I was buckled in so I couldn’t jump. Due to my skin being impenetrable I can withstand A LOT of damage well that and nobody can find out any information on me. I snickered to myself as the thought crossed my mind. Soon we were in the air and on the way back to the helicarrier which I would soon be escaping. After about thirty minutes of hellish silence we finally landed back at base and I was dragged off the helicopter and in to helicarrier to go meet Nick Fury. He stood in the center of the room with his back towards the door as we entered. Coulson cleared his throat and he turned to face us a smirk placed firmly on his lips. He stood at six foot two inches and was dressed in all black with an eye patch that covered his left eye. “Ah Miss Catarina it was so nice of you to finally join us here in person” I glared at him as he spoke “now I need you to join my team.” He took out a manila folder that contained a bunch of documents most of them were about this thing called the tesseract. He opened the file and pulled out a picture of the cube “now this is called the tesseract and it was taken by a guy named Loki” my eyes widened when he said that name. He went to continue speaking but I cut him off “Loki as in the Norse god of mischief?” he slowly nodded his head and I went into full on fan girl mode “oh my god I cannot believe I will get to meet Loki” I couldn’t help it Norse mythology was always a favorite subject of mine. Nick glared at me “Miss Catarina this is highly unethical he is the bad guy that we are trying to stop, if you are going to be helping us you can’t get all buddy buddy with him” I huffed and sunk down into the chair that I was now sitting in “I never said I was helping you” I mumbled under my breath. Nick’s eyes widened as he slammed his hands down on the desk “well if you’re not with us then you’re against us and if you’re against us we can’t let you go. Coulson take her to the cage” he turned his back towards us and Coulson yanked me up out of my seat “FINE” I yelled getting Fury’s attention. He turned back around with a smug smirk on his face “good I am glad that you have come to your senses…show her to her room.”

I was pulled out into the hallway where the cuffs were removed from my wrists. I was then taken through a labyrinth of halls until we reached my room. Pushing the door open I stepped inside where my mouth gaped open at all the things in there. A queen sized bed was pushed snugly against the far wall and across from that were a flat screen TV and a vanity mirror with tons of make-up. Next to my bed were two doors one was a walk in closet with a lot of clothes most were kind of skimpy but hey I could pull it off I guess. I finally came to the bathroom that had a huge shower and a Jacuzzi tub a huge grin found its way on my face “I could get used to this” I turned around to find Coulson holding out a dry cleaners bag that held what I assumed to be my S.H.I.E.L.D’S uniform. I took the bag from him and he told me to get dressed and then meet in the room we were in before. Quickly I slipped out of my old clothing and took a quick shower. Once I was clean and dry I slid into the skin tight cat suit that looked like what the chick that had captured me was wearing “how the hell do they move around in these” I said as I zipped up the back zipper. I put on a pair of black boots and made my way back towards the meeting room. Upon entering my eyes landed on two men who were talking with Fury. I cleared my throat and all eyes turned to me the man with the short blond hair that looked to be a little out dated walked up to me “ma’am” he held out his hand for me to shake it. I shook his hand firmly “don’t call me ma’am…the names Catarina” he nodded his head and spoke again “sorry old habits my names Steve Rodgers or Captain America” I nodded and then moved my eyes to the other guy in the room. He had short curly black hair that was slightly greying on the sides and he wore glasses. My first thought was a science geek like myself. He walked up to me and this time I held out my hand and he shook it. He smiled at me “my names Bruce Banner” my eyes widened as he spoke his name “oh my god no way THE Bruce banner your work is amazing” my smile grew even wider as he gave a small chuckle “thanks.” Nick turned to the redhead who was in the room with us the one who captured me “Natasha show Doctor Banner and Catarina to the lab” she smiled and started out of the room “you guys are gonna love it we got all the toys.”

About four hours later I was called back to the meeting room where Nick was still standing and apparently they had found Loki. He was in Stuttgart, Germany. I walked up to Nick “what do you need me to do” I gave him a questioning look. He smiled at me which nerved me out because he never smiles “you are going out with Captain Rodgers to bring in Loki” I couldn’t help but smile but the smile was gone once he handed me another dry cleaners bag. I unzipped it and frowned at the thing inside of it “do I really have to wear this” Nick nodded his head and I sighed in defeat. About twenty minutes later I walked out of my room in (http://www.polyvore.com/catarina_loki/set?id=62204604#stream_box)
I grimaced at myself as I stepped back into the meeting room. Again all eyes were on me and this time I hated it “how the hell am I supposed to fight in this” I stated raising my voice. Fury sighed “you’re not…you will be busy trying to seduce Loki and get him outside” I gasped but then realized I get to meet Loki tonight should be a blast.


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