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Me, Myself, and I

Loki Laufeyson

(http://www.polyvore.com/catarina_loki/set?id=62204604#stream_box) <<
We boarded the plane and waited for the pilot to get ready. I took my seat across from Steve Rogers and did my seatbelt up. An awkward silence hung in the air until finally the doors on the plane closed and the engine started up. Looks like it was going to be just the captain and myself on this mission and of course Natasha was coming along as the pilot. The plane lifted into the air and we were off to Stuttgart, Germany. Natasha came over the speaker system “ok guys you might want to get comfortable it is going to be at least an hour before we land in Germany” I let out a sigh and slid back into my chair crossing my leg over the other. I must have nodded off to sleep because the next thing I knew I was being gently shaken awake “Catarina we are here” it was the captain who was trying to wake me up. I let out an irritated groan and sat up straight almost crashing into Steve. Blinking away the sleep from my eyes I stretched and stood up to prepare myself to step off of the plane.

Natasha opened the back of the plane and I smirked to myself as I prepped myself mentally “guess this is my stop” I let out a small chuckle as I took a running jump out of the plane. Just after I jumped out of the door I could hear Steve yelling my name, guess he doesn’t know my powers. About ten minutes of falling later I made myself sprout angle wings and I landed gently on the ground. Once I was safely on the ground I made my wings vanish and I checked to make sure my dress wasn’t messed up. As soon as I was fully ready I made my way towards the building where Loki was supposed to be this evening. The crowd increased in size the closer I got to the building. When I finally entered my eyes began scanning every face that I could see in hopes of spotting Loki. I grew more irritated by the minute when I couldn’t locate him, so I made my way towards the punch bowl. Grabbing a cup I filled it with the red liquid and gingerly sipped on it as I did a double take over the room.

After a total of fifteen minutes of standing around a man who was coming down the stair well caught my eye. He was tall, slim, with slicked back jet black hair. He wore a nice designer suit with a green and tan scarf, and he also seemed to be carrying some kind of staff or walking stick that glowed, a strangely alluring blue light that seemed to captivate and call out to me. This was the man I had been sent here to look for and I finally found him. He strutted down the stairs like he owned the place and he did it all with a smug smirk placed firmly on his perfect lips. I felt the heat rise to my face as I made my way through the crowd so I could get closer to Loki. His icy blue gaze locked with mine and it sent a shiver down my spine while at the same time sending a warm tingle throughout my body.

I was getting closer and closer to the front of the crowd and my eyes never left Loki. When all of a sudden, everyone that surrounded me began freaking out as Loki flipped some guy onto the giant stone slab that lay in the middle of the room. Panic and chaos soon filled the room as all the screaming people filed out of the room and into the bustling streets of Stuttgart. When everyone was gone it was just Loki and I who were left and I just stood there as he looked at me bewildered at the fact that I wasn’t fleeing from his presence like all the other pathetic mortals. He gave me a charming smile as he strolled closer to me and spoke “why are you not fleeing like all the others.” I smiled back at him and replied “what have I to fear.” His brow furrowed in confusion “did you not see what I just did to that man…I could easily do the same thing to you.” I let out a slight chuckle as I stepped even closer to him “well you could try to hurt me, but I don’t see that working to well for you. You see many have tried at this task and failed as well.” He let out a small chuckle as he went to move around me “well I should be off…my peasants need their ruler.”
I felt a strange connection between Loki and I and I knew what would happen if he left out those doors and I knew I had to stop him. I grabbed his arm and he turned around and yanked his arm from my grasp “how dare you touch me…I am a god and…” I cut him off “I am sorry but you can’t go out there. The people I work for are waiting in the wings to arrest you.” He once again looked at me with confusion written all over his features “why would you care I am after all here to take over your planet” I shrugged “I don’t know why, all I know is that my feelings are strong and tend to usually be right so I follow them and right now they say to help you.” He scoffed at me “well maybe once this world is mine I shall make you my queen” and with that he turned and headed for the doors once more. I let out an exasperated sigh as I made my way out the front doors to see all the people kneeling in front of Loki who was now in his full Asgardian wear, which I hate to admit looked very sexy on him. I could tell just by watching his body language that someone was standing up or at least trying to stand up to him as he raised his scepter and shot a blue light at the older man.

My hands shot up over my eyes and when I looked back up I saw Captain America standing with his shield in hand walking towards Loki. A pang of sorrow flooded through my body as I watched their battle rage on and that is when ACDC could be heard blasting through the PA system of the plane and right then I knew that Ironman was making his appearance. A flash of red and gold flew through the air and knocked Loki off of his feet with an energy blast. A groan could be heard coming from Loki as he tried to get up but was stopped by ironman pointing every weapon possible that he had on the suit directly at him. “Make your move reindeer games” could be heard coming from the ironman suit as Loki slowly raised his hands above his head signaling defeat “good move.” I slowly approached the men who were now handcuffing Loki as they waited for the plane to land.

We all boarded the plane and they buckled Loki into his seat and then we were lifted into the air as the plane took off back to base. My eyes locked with Loki’s as I gave him a sympathetic look and then all of this was brought to a complete halt as the sky crackled with thunder. Loki flinched as he heard the sound and this caused Steve to chuckle “what’s the matter, afraid of a little thunder” Loki shook his head in annoyance and replied “I’m not overly fond of what follows.” Just then the plane was jolted from its course as something heavy landed on the plane denting the roof inward at the same time. Natasha opened the back door and someone landed inside of the plane throwing Tony into Steve at the same time grabbing Loki and jumping out of the plane.

My eyes widened and my mouth dropped open slightly as I tried to stand and go after them but I was pushed back down into the chair by Tony and told to stay here. I huffed as I sat back down in my seat and did as I was told. After all I didn’t want to look to suspicious or else they might tell Fury and get me locked up and that’s the last thing that I want to happen to me. After Tony jumped out of the plane Steve followed shortly after causing me to grumble under my breath until they all finally came back about twenty minutes later. I was still sulking when they arrived back on board and Tony sat down next to me “why so blue babe?” I glared at him and hissed under my breath “don’t EVER call me babe” he raised his hands in mock surrender and the rest of the plane ride was taken in silence with me sneaking quick glances at Loki every so often.


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