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Me, Myself, and I

There are no goodbyes my love

Loki stared deeply into my eyes as he searched for the right words to say, but for some strange reason he kept coming up blank unable to speak. His brows furrowed as he thought about what to do next, exasperated with his lack of words he let out a small chortle as he waved his hand as though to wave away all of his problems only to reveal a small golden object in his hand. It was a gorgeous golden ring that twirled and twisted around itself. He placed it firmly in my palm “it was my mothers, she said it was good luck and should I ever find someone worth protecting I should bestow it to them and it shall keep them safe...its silly really, but I wish for you to wear it in battle.”

I stared at the golden snake in the palm of my hand as it dawned on me “did you just say what I think you did...you really want me on the battle field with you?” I pushed back the tears of joy that I felt as I said those words. Loki smiled down upon me “why of course my dear...who else would I trust to watch my back. Now I'll need you down in the streets when this all goes down, because knowing those annoying midgardians they will do anything in their power, however little power they might possess, to stop me from obtaining what is rightfully mine.”

Nodding, I slid the ring onto my finger. Loki excused himself from the room, but not before biding me farewell “now go and get dressed, there should be some clothing in your room and you'll need to change your appearance, we wouldn’t want anything to go wrong before our unveiling...” he smiled at me “see you on the battlefield” and just like that he was gone.

I quickly made my way towards my room at the end of the hall. What clothing could he possibly be going on about, last I checked the only clothes I had with me was the dress I had on. With the flip of a switch the lights flickered on filling the room with a florescent glow. I pulled open my closet to reveal a few choice outfits. It was as if Loki had read my mind and knew exactly what types of clothes I liked to wear, but hey I wasn’t complaining. I slid out of my old clothes and got dressed into my new outfit which fit like a glove. I took in a deep breath as I check myself over one last time in the mirror before changing my looks and slipping out of the base and making my way to the streets of New York City.

People passed me by, all to busy with their own problems to even comprehend what was about to come crashing down upon them. I almost felt sorry for them, well almost. My eyes drifted to the top of Stark tower where I knew what was really happening up there. Loki was working with Selvig to set up the power source for the portal. I was knocked back into reality when something flew overhead. It was iron man, which means they've figured out our little plan. I just hope Loki knows what he's doing.

A few minutes passed and everything seemed to be completely normal, at least until the glass shattered as something or someone was thrown threw it. A falling form plummeted closer and closer to the concrete below. It finally got close enough to realize that it was Tony in him iron man costume. I let out a small shriek of terror as he came close to hitting the ground, but at the last minute his stabilizers kicked in saving his life. I let out a sigh of relief as he flew off.

The portal was now opening and chitauri were pouring through reigning terror down upon the people of New York. People were panicking as they tried to flee from the impending doom. Cars crashed into each other and everything was getting blown away by the chitauri's guns. Buildings crumbled to the streets and black smoke filled the sky. In amongst the chaos Loki's voice popped into my head “Catarina, don't speak just listen to me, the rest of that poor excuse for a team should be arriving at any point now...if you see any of them do not hesitate to attack, keep them busy and if its necessary...kill them.” I knew he couldn’t see me, but I nodded my head anyways.

Loki was right, not even ten minutes later, here came the hero squad to save the day. They hovered in the air, sitting safely inside of their blackbird, at least they were until they got shot down. I watched on as they crawled out from the wreckage of the plane. It was Steve, Clint, and Natasha. Tony was most likely fighting already, as for Bruce, I have no clue where he was and for all I knew Thor was dead. A voice speaking to me drew me back to the current situation. It was Steve “Ma'am, you need to get somewhere safe and let us worry about that” he said motioning to the sky which was full of chitauri.

I gave him a false smile as I readied myself for battle, and without any warning my fist connected with Steve's face. He stumbled back in shock but quickly recovered as he shielded himself from each of my blows. With one last blow to his stomach he fell to the ground. I hovered mere inches from his face “oh poor naive Steve, you have no clue what you're getting yourself into, it will be a lot easier if you just give up now, this oncoming storm is not going to stop anytime soon and we will not loose” I smirked down at him but stumbled backwards when he punched me in the face with his shield.

I wiped the blood from my lip before lunging towards Steve. He back stepped out of my reach causing me to smack face first into his shield again. I took in a deep breath to calm my slowly rising anger. I could feel the blood trail down my face as I spit some blood on the ground, it was his turn to bleed now. The battle continued to rage on and I couldn’t tell if we were wining or loosing at this point, all I knew was that I had to find Loki and make sure he was okay, but first I need to ditch the star spangled man with a plan. Luckily for me a near by explosion along with the cries from pedestrians caught in the cross fire distracted him just long enough for me to make a mad dash towards the tower.

The portal was beginning to close, we had lost the battle, but I just had to know if he was alright. Adrenaline pumped throughout my entire body pushing me to go faster. The tower sat just on the horizon in front of me. It was so close I could almost touch it. I hurled myself over cars and dodged blasts from the chitauri's guns until I barged my way through the front doors of Stark tower. Glass covered the lobby floor. I started up the spiral staircase seeing as how the elevator was currently out of order. Negative thoughts kept invading my head no matter how many times I reassured myself that Loki was a god and could take care of himself against anything they threw at him.

My legs throbbed from how hard I had been pushing myself to carry on, but I decided to keep on going. I finally reached the top of the tower where Loki was supposed to be. The door hung loosely on its hinge as I pushed past it to enter the almost completely destroyed room. Shattered glass and drywall covered the floor. My eyes widened in terror as they stared at a motionless figure sprawled across the floor. I rushed to the lifeless Loki and rolled him gently onto his back. I placed my ear to his chest and sighed in relief as his chest rose and fell, his heart was still beating. Tears of joy filled my eyes and this time I couldn’t stop them from falling. My hand gently caressed his cheek and my voice coaxed him to wake “Loki, you must come back to me...I need you.” My lips softly brushed over his “come back to me my king...I love you, I’m not ready to loose you.”

His eyes fluttered open as he took in a deep breath of air and I couldn’t hide the smile on my face as he sat up. I flung my arms around him “thank god you're alright, I don't know what I would have done if I had lost you.” His lips held a small smile upon them as he stroked my hair “I’m not that easy to get rid of my dear” and with that I helped him up off of the floor.

Loki spoke softly as we sat on the stairs, awaiting to be taken into custody. “ Catarina, you must run...if they capture you...” he let out a shaky breath and stared into my eyes “I just don't know what I would do if something happened to you.” I shook my head no “I-I won't leave you Loki, not now, not ever.” Our faces inched closer and closer until our lips connected. The kiss was sweet and passionate, like nothing I had ever experienced.

A large shadow loomed over us and we both knew who it was. It was the Avengers, all six of them and we knew that it was over for now, they may have won the battle but the war would be won by us. We raised our hands in surrender and we were led out of the building and taken to the park where the damage was minimal. We stood in silence as we awaited to be told what would happen to us. Loki of course would be taken to his home and tried there, me on the other hand, I was to be locked up until they found out how to kill me. Loki's voice popped into my head “Catarina, I love you and I promise we will see each other again, just don't forget me” I smiled and nodded my head. Loki began speaking in a strange language and everyone stopped and stared at him. My body began to feel strange and the ring on my finger began to glow. The last thing I heard before I vanished was “I love you.”


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