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A Little Longer


"Barton's duty isn't one that he can just walk away from, Agent Moore. He's a vital part of S.H.I.E.L.D. and his position is one that only he can fill. He knows that, too." Fury's voice rung throughout her mind. "So I suggest you leave this facility and abandon all hope of Agent Barton leaving his post to play house with you."

Sydney shook her former boss's voice from her mind, though knew it was the truth. Clint wouldn't, or rather couldn't, leave his post to be with her. It was an idiotic fantasy to begin with.

"I'm sorry Clint, but. . . I'm done waiting."



@Emmelz Liebe
Oh anytime:) Im just telling you the truth girl:)

Thanks so much for the comment! I'm glad that you think so and it's an honor to hear it! :D
Aishiteruyo. Aishiteruyo.
This was amazing!
Too bad it was just a one shot, a really good one too :)
Because this would make a really good story:)
Thank you for the comment!
It's really appreciated! :)
And I plan on writing a Hawkeye story, though I'm not sure as to when that'll happen, but I definitely already have a story in my mind. Thanks again!! :D
Aishiteruyo. Aishiteruyo.
I love it! Wish it wasn't just a one-shot!