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Iron Will

Loose Screws

“Okay, do I have everything?” Peyton murmured to herself as she evaluated the two suitcases before her. They had been hell to zip up because of the amount of clothes she had packed away inside of them and now looked ready to burst as she pulled them from her room to the den of her apartment.

Peyton sighed tiredly and looked at the clock that read seven o’clock on the dot. She had woken up at around five-thirty that morning, taken a shower and had begun to pack away her belongings. She would have done it the night before, though after getting in late from her job as a waitress at a local diner, she felt she didn’t have the energy to lift another finger. Thus, she ended up knocking out on her bed still in her waitressing uniform.

Her feet carried her into the bathroom and she got to work on her appearance. She got hold of the hot iron that resided on the white counter top, making sure the temperature was perfect before placing it back down. Peyton grabbed hold of her brush next, combing it through her hair a few times to make sure there were no knots before she began to straighten it.

After taking care of her hair, she applied mascara to her thick, long lashes and a bit of lip gloss. She didn’t feel the need to go all out with her make-up. Sure, she was meeting Tony Stark today, but it wasn’t like she was planning on impressing him with looks. Peyton just wanted to ascertain that the presence she made today made her appear as a capable and astute college student.

Walking into her bedroom, she tossed off her sweats and loose top, trading them in for a belted lace dress, the bottom of which ended a little lower than her mid-thigh. Peyton had contemplated picking something a little more formal, like a pencil skirt and button up blouse, but then she believed they could mistake her for some uptight woman who always had her panties in a bunch. Besides, she was a college student, and she wanted to show that with her wardrobe.

Slipping on some heels and grabbing her purse, she walked out of the room and towards the den once more. Peyton mentally wished her apartment farewell and carried herself and her luggage down the stairs and out of the apartment complex, hailing a taxi to take her to Malibu.

After paying the driver his eighty dollars, and tipping him five, she was helped out of the car and her luggage was set down beside her.

“Have a good day, Miss.” The man said, getting back into his yellow cab.

“You, too,” she replied, taking her luggage and wheeling it to the gates that surrounded the home of Tony Stark. She noticed a call button on one of the stone pillars and pressed it, waiting for a reply.

“I’m sorry, Miss, but Mr. Stark isn’t taking interviews for any paper, magazine, or station of any kind.” A feminine voice flooded from the speakers, the tone of her voice was a bit irritated.

“Um, I’m sorry; I think you may have me confused with someone else. My name is Peyton Salvatorrelli, and—”

“Oh, you’re with The Times!” She exasperated. “I’m sorry; I’ll open the gates for you right away.”

“Thank you very much.”

Peyton stepped away from the call box and the black gates slid open with ease, allowing her entrance into the estate. She pulled her two suitcases behind her as she walked towards the large mansion’s front door. As she walked, she couldn’t help but wish that she was the one lucky enough to live there. With the smell of the Pacific Ocean and the waves crashing against the cliff in the background, it all just seemed too perfect for words.

As she reached the front door, she pushed the small door bell and, a few seconds later, a strawberry blonde opened the door, a small smile gracing her features as she stepped aside for Peyton to enter.

“Please come in, Peyton. We’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival.” She said. “Forgive me for not introducing myself, I’m Virginia Potts, but everyone knows me by Pepper.”

“Thank you for the hospitality, Pepper, as you already know, I’m Peyton Salvatorrelli.” Peyton replied with a light chuckle, shaking hands with the woman before her.

“I’m afraid that Mr. Stark is still sleeping, he can be a bit of a late riser most days, but in the meantime, let me give you a tour of the house.”

“Thanks,” Peyton smiled, becoming excited that she would get to tour the luxurious, modern home. “If you don’t mind, where can I put my things?”

“Oh, Happy will take them to your room,” she answered. “He’s Tony’s chauffeur.”

Nodding her head in understanding, she left her luggage behind and began to walk about the mansion in awe as Pepper explained everything about it to her. Pepper explained J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony’s A.I. system that was wired throughout the home, and what he was capable of doing, among other things, and after going throughout the entire home, with the exception of Tony’s room and basement, Peyton found herself being shown the room that would be her own for the two months.

It was spacious and sleek. Flawless white carpet was laid across the floor and sunlight poured into the room from one of the walls that was nothing but glass, giving a picture perfect, panoramic view of the glistening Pacific. There was a bookshelf against another wall that was filled with books on every subject and a few bestsellers, and there was a desk off to the side with a large vanity mirror attached to it. Her bed appeared to be king sized, making Peyton instantly know she’d get the best night’s sleep of her life when it was time to turn in, and her two suitcases resided at the foot of the mattress.

“Um, where are the dressers?”

Pepper smiled at Peyton and led her to a sliding door on one side of the room, opening it up and walking inside, flipping a switch and causing Peyton to gasp softly at the sight. It was a walk-in closet nearly half the size of the room. On both sides were numerous hangers for her to put her clothes upon and in the back was a tall dresser.

Peyton turned to Pepper with a smile. “Tony really has it all doesn’t he?”

She nodded her head. “Yes, he does.” Pepper exited the closet and Peyton followed her lead. “Oh is there anything you’d like to have for dinner? I’m not sure if Tony would like to dine or have take-out, but I can find something you’d like if you have any preferences.”

“Oh no, I’m fine. I can eat just about anything.” Peyton joked, the two women sharing a light laugh.

“Pepper!” A voice whined.

“Oh, there’s Tony, excuse me.”

As Pepper went to the door, Tony Stark entered and stared at his assistant with bloodshot eyes, wearing a pair of dark black pants, but nothing else. “I just woke up and J.A.R.V.I.S. tells me that we have company over?” He inquired groggily, wiping his eyes and looking about the room, noticing the unfamiliar brunette after a double take. “Who is she?” He looked at Virginia with a perplexed and somewhat accusing facial expression.

Clearing her throat, Pepper replied. “Tony, this is Peyton Salvatorrelli, she’s the college student that’s here to live with us for two months and she’ll also write an article about you for The Los Angeles Times after she leaves.” She explained.

“College student? I never signed off on housing a college student,” he mused.

Pepper let out a soft scoff of disbelief. “Tony, you agreed to this nearly a month ago!” She scolded. “You were probably drunk when you accepted.” She muttered, rolling her eyes at how much of a drinker Tony could be on occasion.

“Oh,” he sighed out. “Well, I never go back on my word, in a drunken stupor or otherwise.” He stated, almost as if he were trying to be a gentleman about it. “Hayden Salvatore was it?”

Peyton Salvatorrelli,” she corrected, extending her hand out for him to shake.

“Eh, it’s too early, too formal.” He said, disregarding her extended hand. “Well, uh, if you need anything let Pepper or Happy know and I’m sure they’ll be of help.” He mumbled, turning back towards Pepper. “What’s for breakfast?”

Sighing, she shook her head at his actions. “Happy went out and bought some. It’s in the kitchen.”

“Great,” he said, leaving the room without another word and heading downstairs.

“I’m sorry about him, Peyton.” Pepper apologized.

“No, it’s fine.” Peyton objected, though she knew she was annoyed by his lack of manners. “Thank you for the tour of the house, Pepper.”

The strawberry blonde smiled. “You’re welcome. I’ll be in the kitchen with Tony. I’ll leave you so you can get settled.”


As soon as the door was closed, she ran and flopped onto the large mattress, residing there for a few minutes before pushing off and putting her clothes away in the closet. After settling in, Peyton walked down the hall and down the stairs to find Pepper and Tony watching the news in the kitchen with a mug of coffee in their hands.

“Mr. Stark,” Peyton called.

The billionaire turned around, still not used to having her around his home. “Yeah, Hayden?”

“It’s Peyton,” she corrected again. Something just told her that she’d be correcting him a lot during her stay there. “And I was wondering if you and I could—”

“Sorry Peyton, you’re way too young for me. What are you?—Twenty, twenty-one?”

“Twenty-six, and that is not what I was about to say.” Peyton remarked, slightly unsettled by his perverted thoughts. “I was going to ask if you and I could sit down sometime and I could maybe interview you for the article I’ll write later.”

As she gave him her real age he looked stunned. “Twenty-six?” He mouthed silently, becoming more dumbfounded by the second. Age had certainly treated her kindly. “And sure… I guess.” He muttered. “Am I doing anything, Pep?”

“Nothing’s been scheduled.”

“Okay, fit her in somewhere and let me know.”

“Tony, she’s living with you, whenever you’re not doing anything just talk with her.”

“Oh, right,”

Peyton stared at the shirtless man before her. He was like some type of foreign specimen to her. Honestly, Peyton thought that she was in over her head. Tony seemed like a person with a few loose screws, even if this was just based off of her first impression of him. Though, with a debut like that, it was a little hard not to judge. She silently excused herself from the two of them and made her way back to her new room.

Peyton looked through her phone’s contacts and found the number she wanted, soon sending off a text to Professor Edwin.

Writing an article about this guy may be harder than I thought.


Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the story and I'm going to be publishing the next chapter soon. :)

Aishiteruyo. Aishiteruyo.
You should definitely continue this story. It's great.
Allyers Allyers
Thanks so much, and I'm very honored that you decided to comment upon my story! :)
I'm about halfway through typing chapter six, so hopefully it won't be much longer before the next chapter's out!
Aishiteruyo. Aishiteruyo.
This is good! I barely ever leave comments but I really liked this and I hope you update soon :)
Mibbacat333 Mibbacat333
I'm loving this! :D
Keep it up!
Lachen Immer Lachen Immer