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Fire, Ice and Iron


The call came at about 2am when she was trying to get a little sleep, she got up quickly thinking it could be one of her friends who needed her but when she picked the phone up she knew immediately who it was.

“Open the door” he said

“I don’t think I should since you didn't say the magic word” she said smartly, she liked messing with him it was one of the things that made her smile.

“Open the door, please” he said, the please coming out forced but she was satisfied as she opened the door seeing him standing there, black eye patch over one eye, Nick Fury.

“That’s better now what do you want Nick?” she asked him turning her back and walking away from the door, he walked in closing the door behind him.

“S.H.E.I.L.D. needs your help” he stated simply

“Oh no sir I am not getting involved with anything with S.H.E.I.L.D. again, do you remember what happened last time?” she said touching her right side where there was a long scar.

“Why don’t you ask Johnny I’m sure he can help you” she continued referring to one of her closest friends and ex-boyfriend Johnny Blaze or as some know him as, the ghost rider.

“That won’t work very well we need you for this” he said and she crossed her arms

“Please” he said once again and she smiled

“Fine since you asked so nicely Nick I guess I could” she told him

“Just let me get some clothes on I’ll teleport us to headquarters, is that ok?” she asked not even staying to listen to his response.

Nick couldn't really say anything to her rudeness she had a hard life and was living with a demon inside of her, he knew that couldn't be easy and to be around for over a hundred years was probably weighing down on her, he knew she had a good heart in there somewhere even if she was sucking on the souls of people to live he knew that the real Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova was in there still.


Hi Everyone so I've recently jumped on the Loki bandwagon and this is my first story about him, i really hope you all enjoy this story because i'm enjoying writing it!

So yes i used the grand duchess Anastasia as my character because i absolutely love her lol and the demon we are talking about is a succubus, you'll find out more about what happened to her as the story goes on, i'm excited for this story are you?!


Tony would dance to Barbie Girl. :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Yeah, it was intresting.

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

I have a hard time beleiving that Natasha got flabbergasted.

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

My name is Anastasia.

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton
Haha !
Tony Stark is the shit!
Holy_Fuck! Holy_Fuck!