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Fire, Ice and Iron


“Ok let me just tell you before you meet the others, they are all complete idiots well except Dr. Banner he’s the one with the most sense out of all of them and beware of Tony Stark, he may be a genius but he’s a stuck up bastard and a flirt” Natasha told Anastasia and she nodded

They went into a different room, computers everywhere and a big table in the middle.

“Guys this is Anastasia she’s here to help us” Natasha said and everyone looked at her.

“Hi” Anastasia said simply and the first person to greet her was a guy with blonde hair and baby blue eyes.

“Hello ma’am a pleasure to meet you, I am Steve Rogers” he introduced himself but before I could say anything to him he was pushed out of the way by a bigger guy, very built and tall, long blonde hair and blue eyes as well just a little darker and vibrant.

“Hello I am Thor it’s very nice to meet you” he said in a booming voice that just screamed I am a very powerful person.

“Hello there sir, you wouldn't happen to be the god of thunder would you?” Anastasia asked

“Yes ma’am I am” he responded

“Ah yes my…creator talks of you sometimes, he’s not very fond of demi-gods any god actually” Anastasia responded

“Who is your creator?” Steve jumped in but before Anastasia could answer she was interrupted by fury who answered for her.

“Lucifer is what they call him or does he go by another name these days?” he said

“Well I just call him a worthless piece of shit but yeah I guess that’s what they call him” Anastasia said

“Wait what do you mean your creator? I thought you were a super human or mutant of some kind” Natasha said confused

“Oh no dear see before my family was assassinated in 1918 there were some others who threatened us earlier in that year and I was so desperate for all of us to be safe that I made a deal with the devil, and let me tell you now that that was a very bad idea, he tricked me and made me into his own little demon, a succubus.” Anastasia ended and looked at everyone

“So you are a creation of one of the greats, you are a being of evil” Thor said

“Well I don’t enjoy being a demon, I try to do good things but sometimes the demon takes over and there’s nothing I can do” She answered

“I told you there was only one God, Natasha” Steve said and she made a face mouthing a shut up.

“So-” Thor was about to say something else but was interrupted by fury

“Natasha do you mind taking her to meet the other two and then she’ll meet our prisoner” Fury said and Natasha led her out and away from Thor and Steve and down some halls until they got to a lab.

“Guys this is Anastasia she’s here to help us” Natasha said to the two men who were in the room, it was then that Anastasia realized who one of them were.

“Wow you’re Bruce Banner, I’m a fan of your work especially when you get angry and turn into a huge green monster” She said

“Thanks” Bruce said that was the second time he had heard that today and the other guy in the room laughed.

“I think me and you will get along fine, Tony Stark or Iron Man either way it’s me” he said introducing himself

“Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova of Russia” she said giving her full title

“Anastasia as in THE Anastasia, the one who supposedly died over 100 years ago” Tony said

“Well yeah as you can see I’m not dead just a demon” she said smiling

“I knew it, I've been part of the search team trying to find your body, I knew the one we found wasn't you” Bruce said in awe

“Yeah that body was planted there to make it seem like I was dead, actually I wish I was I think I would be a hell of a lot happier” Anastasia said sadly

“What happened to you?” Bruce asked

“Well let me just tell you now that making a deal with the devil is not a good idea, don’t ever do it cause he’s a sneaky worthless piece of shit” Anastasia said angrily her emotions all over the place

“I take it you we’re tricked by Lucifer himself” Tony said

“Right you are” she responded

“Anastasia, Fury wants you to meet Loki now” Natasha said

“Ok, it was nice meeting you guys do you mind if I come back to help?” She asked and the both shook their heads

“Good luck with the half god” Tony said

“You’ll need more than luck with him” Anastasia heard Bruce say before she walked out.


Oh yeah she's about to meet Loki!:)


Tony would dance to Barbie Girl. :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Yeah, it was intresting.

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

I have a hard time beleiving that Natasha got flabbergasted.

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

My name is Anastasia.

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton
Haha !
Tony Stark is the shit!
Holy_Fuck! Holy_Fuck!