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Through the Looking Glass


Loki soon learned that he only had to speak to the mirror, and it would show him what he wanted. A name, a place, if he truly wanted he could watch fish swimming around mindlessly. He watched his brother; he watched Thor sit on the throne of Asgard and the contempt within him left a bitter taste. Thor sat with his chin resting upon his fist, and his mouth was set in a thin line. Loki didn’t care what he was thinking about, he didn’t want to think but he, of course, was curious as to whether Thor was thinking of him. Perhaps he was thinking of his little human friend, Jane. A sudden thought of ripping the girl in half in front of Thor flashed before his eyes and he smiled, pleased. He waved away the image and pondered for a moment that which he should look upon. But the answer was very simple, he nearly laughed out loud at how easy that answer would be. Who else would he want to watch; after all he had all this time to plot his revenge.

He snarled and sat on the stone slab, folding his fingers in his lap. “Show me theAvengers.”

The room was completely black when Tony opened his eyes. He glanced around the darkness, sighing and sitting up, the glowing chest plate keeping him alive lighting his way. “Jarvis, open the shutters. Just…be gentle.”

“Of course, sir.” Tony sat facing the shutters, waiting and bracing himself for the sun to blind him. He was, however, shocked to find that the sun hadn’t even risen yet. “An early start to the day is always a good thing, sir.”

“Not when tequila is your only company.” Tony glanced at the empty side of his bed and sighed loudly. Pepper was in D.C. again for some important thing or another. He didn’t really care, it was just the fact that she was gone that was bothering him. “Alright, let’s get to work.”

Tony headed to his workshop after pulling on a pair of black track pants and a grey t-shirt. He pulled up the hologram of the new Stark Industries landscape and toyed around with a few ideas before quickly becoming bored. The sound of hammering above notified him to the construction workers, a momentary surge of anger shook his bones. It had taken so damn long to get Stark Industries to what it had been and while the destruction of it gave him the chance to make it even better…he still wanted to punch the horned god who had caused its destruction in the face.

“Sir, Mr. Banner is in the lobby. Shall I let him up?” Although, the rage monster had done enough for all of their little team.

“Sure,” Tony shrugged while heading to the elevator. It opened just as he reached it and Bruce Banner stepped out with a paper bag and a portfolio tucked under his arm. “What did you bring me this time? It better not be Shwarma’s. I couldn’t get off the toilet for a week after that.”

Bruce merely raised his eyebrows before shoving the bag at him. “It’s donuts. You know, normal breakfast food.”

“Is that what that is?” Tony plunged his hand into the bag and pulled out a glazed donut. “What brings you to my little abode, Bruce-y?” Tony spoke with the donut between his teeth, and somehow managed to be heard.

“Pepper called me last week and told me to come, remember? You made a comment about leaving the green giant behind.” Bruce paused for a moment before speaking again, “Clint and Natasha are out on assignment, or so Fury told me.”

“And Captain Crunch?”

“Who knows?”

Tony chuckled at his own joke before nodding in agreement. “Right, right. I wanted to show you, and the rest of our power rangers the new outlay for Stark Industries.” Tony then proceeded to pull up a hologram of the building once more to show to Bruce when Loki flipped the channel.

There was a man in a white t-shirt beating a punching bag into a bloody pulp. Behind him stood a woman with hair the color of dark chocolate and eyes almost a frightening emerald green. The space between her eyebrows was creased with worry as she watched the man—she had seen him upset before but watching him show that anger, so mercilessly was frightening.

She hesitated before walking over to the man. She timidly reached out a hand to touch him but just as her fingers grazed his back the punching bag flew off its hinges and smashed against the wall. She yelped, and jumped back. The man turned around just as quickly his eyes wide and his mouth popped open.

“Hayley, I’m so sorry, I had no idea-“

Hayley smiled, closing her eyes and laughing at herself. “It’s fine, Steve! I shouldn’t have snuck up on you.” She paused for a moment, admiring his sweat-drenched body. She let out a low sigh before speaking again. “Are you ready to go home?”

She closed the distance between the two and stood on her toes to wrap her arms around his neck. Steve smiled at her before pressing his lips to her nose and nodding. “Yeah, let’s go home.”

Loki waved away the image on the mirror and leaned back on his stone slab utterly bored.


This is real nice, I do hope you'll continue (if you're still here ^^)

PtitTriangle PtitTriangle
This seems very intresting. I really like this, and can't wait for more.
thor; thor;