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Chasing Liberty

Welcome to the Team

Immediately after Fury spoke, Liberty could hear the faint sound of crunching leaves from behind her. She spun around and saw Black Widow already on the move, sprinting towards her with amazing agility. Natasha’s short, fiery hair swayed with each step she took, her pale green eyes stone hard and locked upon Liberty’s figure, her brows furrowed together along with her lips that formed a firm, thin line, giving her a very determined demeanor. It were almost as if Natasha’s feelings were being channeled and drilled into Liberty herself as she, too, became very austere almost instantaneously.

Liberty didn’t run away or try to evade the woman who came at her, instead she remained where she was, only bending her legs to make sure she could move if something happened. Natasha pulled back her arm when she was mere feet away and launched it directly at Liberty’s head, a stony fist hurtling towards her face with incredible speed.

She was barely able to dodge Natasha’s direct attack. It was too close a call and Liberty made a mental note not to underestimate Black Widow for the remainder of the fight. As Natasha went to retract her arm, Liberty reached for it and got hold of her forearm. As quickly as she grabbed it, Liberty used all her upper body strength to throw the redhead sideways towards a tree.

Natasha’s side collided with the tree’s trunk, though it didn’t appear to faze her in the slightest as she instantly recovered. It was almost as if she had merely been given a slap on the wrist. Natasha went for Liberty once more; however, Liberty went at her opponent as well.

Just like before, Black Widow threw the first punch. Liberty blocked it by hitting Natasha’s arm with her own, making it go awry and to the side instead of at her head. After having blocked the oncoming attack, Liberty sent the same fist upwards, aimed at her chin for an uppercut punch. Natasha used the momentum she had from the punch that went awry to block Liberty’s own assault. She brought the arm up and around so it was in front of her body, the elbow colliding with Liberty’s forearm and knocking it away before it could land.

Liberty then sent her other arm flying towards Natasha’s head, though she foiled that as well by grabbing it with her free hand in mid-air. Black Widow squeezed Liberty’s fist tightly, causing Liberty to flinch from her immense strength. Liberty moved her leg forward underneath Natasha and swung it back around her own leg with force strong enough to make Natasha unbalanced, allowing Liberty her hand back.

As Black Widow stumbled back, Liberty took advantage of the situation by spinning around and performing a side kick, aiming for her head. Finally, contact had been made. The back of Liberty’s heel connected with Natasha’s right cheek, the force of the kick sending her head to the side so she was staring at the ground. As she brought her head back up to look at Liberty, a small stream of burgundy liquid came from the corner of her mouth, dripping off her chin slowly.

It was silent, the two females staring at one another for what felt like an eternity due to the tension within the air. All eyes were on them, even Hawkeye’s and Chase’s. Fury was pleased, he had never witnessed someone land a kick upon one of his best field agents, let alone a punch.

“Nick kick,” Black Widow muttered sourly, though she herself was partly amazed by the attack.

Liberty couldn’t help the pride that began to swell within her. Her training had been paying off if one of the famed Avengers told her she had a nice kick. “Thanks,” she replied. “I try.”

They didn’t waste another second to resume the match.

She came at Liberty with greater speed than before and landed a punch immediately in the middle of her stomach, knocking the wind out of her. “Now I don’t have to hold back.”

Natasha removed her fist and Liberty gasped for air as she felt dizzy and slightly nauseous. “I guess… I won’t either.” She raggedly breathed out.

Black Widow looked rather amused by Liberty’s statement and Liberty knew what the assassin thought of her, her thoughts being confirmed as Natasha smirked. “Try not to get too cocky now, kid.”

“Don’t worry about me.”

Natasha didn’t want to waste any more time talking and went back into action. She fell to the ground and extended her leg out, swinging it around to knock Liberty off her feet. Luckily, Liberty jumped back and narrowly dodged the collision. Not wanting to waste any time either, Liberty placed her index and middle fingers onto her temple—a habit she had picked up from the Professor over the years, and began to focus and concentrate on her powers. The color of her irises flashed and went from their dark brown color to a vibrant, yellow chartreuse when she felt her powers strengthen.

Figuring Liberty would try to pull something with her mutant abilities, Natasha jumped back a few feet and got herself into a defensive position, preparing herself for anything.

Liberty made eye contact with the redhead and that was all that was needed for Liberty to gain the advantage in the match. Liberty had the ability to mold what people saw and it was just one of her psychic abilities.

In Natasha’s mind, Liberty now appeared to be out of sight though she remained in the same spot as before. Natasha looked stunned and immediately backed into a tree, looking around her surroundings for Liberty.

Liberty walked towards Black Widow silently, soon stopping right before her. Looking down her opponent, Liberty took notice of a knife holstered upon her thigh and she silently reached for it. It was simple in her mind. She would take it, force her to the ground and make her give.

“She’s right in front of you, Nat!” Hawkeye yelled from one of the trees, shooting off an arrow at Chase who narrowly dodged the attack.


Black Widow, trusting her longtime friend, then jabbed straight ahead. Liberty ducked and barely dodged the onslaught. As Natasha retracted her arm, Liberty shot upwards from her ducking position and performed a successful uppercut punch, causing her to stumble to the side from the impact. By now, Liberty had lost her concentration and was left visible once more.

Liberty didn’t waste time as she went for another punch while Natasha was still recovering. Her fist made contact right in the middle of her gut just as she had done to Liberty moments earlier. Black Widow gasped softly, but quickly regained composure. Shoving away her arm, she spun around and raised her leg in the air, trying to land a kick.

Liberty mentally prepared herself for the impact. As it hit, she felt no pain, instead Natasha was the one who grabbed her side in agony. This was yet another one of her abilities – the transference of pain from her to anyone she wished.

Liberty took hold of Natasha’s knee before she could take it back and held her in place. The brunette launched a fist at the redhead, using her weight to add force. As her fist collided with the middle of Black Widow’s face, she could hear a sickening crunch and winced at the chilling sound. It was apparent that Liberty had been a bit too excessive and had accidentally broken her nose.

Liberty grimaced at the fact she had hurt Natasha more than she had originally wanted to and she knew she would be excessively apologizing to her afterwards.

While Black Widow was still distracted by her newly earned ailment, Liberty grabbed her right arm and turned her back to the redhead, lifting her limb over her shoulder quickly before Natasha could register what was happening. Liberty pushed her hips back into Natasha’s and pulled her onto her back, immediately using her free arm to wrap around Nat’s neck and pull her up and over, flipping her onto the ground all in one swift movement.

Liberty fell onto Black Widow’s body, using her body weight to restrain her as best she could. She focused and made eye contact with Natasha again, molding what she saw in her mind. To Natasha, duplicates of Liberty began to form and surround her. The real Liberty grabbed the knife that still resided in the holster and held it to her throat.

“Do you give?”

Black Widow’s eyes flashed from Liberty, to the knife that was held against her throat, and lastly to the imaginary Liberty clones that surrounded her. She sighed and looked at Liberty directly in the eye. “Yes.” She muttered disdainfully, wincing as part of her nose moved when she spoke.

Liberty didn’t waste any time getting up and off Natasha, offering her hand to help her up from the dirt ground. Natasha took Liberty’s hand and then dusted herself off without a word.

“I’m really sorry about your nose. I got too into it and I’m just really sorry about it.” Liberty sincerely apologized.

Natasha looked at the girl before her with her stone cold eyes and unreadable, expressionless face. “It’s fine.” She finally replied, walking away towards Fury. “I’ll be waiting at the helicopter.” Everyone then watched as the redhead went off and disappeared into the trees back towards the mansion.

It was almost automatic as everyone switched their attention from the assassin to Liberty. Hawkeye and Chase now stood side by side and walked towards the brunette. The archer tried to hide his surprise and utter shock that someone like Liberty had beaten someone like Natasha. He didn’t necessarily believe that Liberty was a bad fighter, just not as skilled as his friend.

“It seems we have ourselves a winner.” Fury announced, walking towards the three of them that now stood together. His hands were behind his back and as he approached Liberty he casted her an unnerving look that gave her an uneasy feeling. “So what do you say, Liberty, are you willing to be a part of our team?”

“It would be an honor.”

“Good. We’ll give you some time to pack your things before you join us at the helicopter.” With that being said, Fury walked by the group and followed Natasha’s lead.

Chase then enveloped his friend in a bear hug. “Good luck, Lib. You’re going to need it.” He said with a chuckle, giving her a pat on the back and then heading off towards the school with his hands in his pockets.

“Thanks,” she smiled. “I think.”

“Hey,” Liberty turned to face Hawkeye who called her, becoming slightly intimidated for what felt like the umpteenth time that day. He firmly shook her hand and sent a smile her way, easing her nerves and allowing a smile of her own to come about. “Clint Barton. Welcome to the team. Don’t worry about Natasha, she’s just upset that she lost. She’ll come around.”

“Liberty,” she introduced. “And thank you, for welcoming me and for the reassurance. I was starting to worry that I had maybe started off our relationship on a bad note.”

“No, not at all. Well, I guess I’ll meet you back at the ‘copter.”

As Clint left, placing his bow on his back, Liberty went towards her mentors – Professor Xavier, Ororo, and Logan, with a sad smile on her lips. “I guess I’m leaving then, huh…?” She questioned.

Storm returned her saddened smile and pulled the girl into an affectionate hug. “We’re all going to miss you so much, Libby. You’re going to be an amazing part of their team.”

As Ororo let Liberty free, Logan lit up a cigar and stepped up. “Good luck, kid. Don’t make stupid mistakes.” He said, taking a long drag and releasing the smoke from his nostrils, Liberty scrunching up her nose in slight disgust from the smell. “And be careful.” He seemed to turn on a dime as he walked away from the group and back towards X-Mansion with everyone else.

Storm chuckled and shook her head in disapproval. “You know he means well. He’s got an incredibly odd way of showing he cares.” She said. “Keep in touch, Liberty.”

Professor X was now the last person there. Let’s head back as well, Liberty. He communed telepathically, and so they did.

As the two of them walked back towards X-Mansion, the Professor voiced a question. “You are sure that you wish to go with them? This choice is of your own accord?”

“Yes, Professor, I’m sure and it is.”

“I see,” he mused softly. “Then I wish you all the best. You’ve progressed much since coming here as a child. It’s really quite an impressive feat.”

“Thanks, but I owe it all to you.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that,” he replied. “You’ve put in much effort, without which my guidance would be all for naught.”

“Thank you, Professor.”

“Liberty, I must tell you that I don’t believe you’ve reached your full potential yet.”

“What do you mean?” Liberty’s head twisted to look at him with questioning eyes.

“You may not remember this, but as a small child, you and I sat down in my office. I looked through your mind and I knew immediately that you were a telepath. I could also feel a power that seemed to be… sleeping so to speak.” He explained, looking at his student to make sure she understood all that he said. “You’ve come a long way in your studies, though all your powers have yet to be uncovered. I would like for you to come back occasionally so we may sit down and I can attempt to awaken your powers.”

“I will. Thank you for offering, I really appreciate it.”

“It’s the least I can do for one of my pupils.” Charles smiled. “I will contact you later about when to come, but for now, go and pack. You’ve got a bit of a ride ahead of you. Good luck and be careful.”

Liberty smiled and leaned down to hug the Professor in his chair. “Thank you so much, Professor. I’ll miss you, this place and everyone in it so much.”

“And we you, Liberty.”


“Best of luck,”

Liberty then sprinted the rest of the way towards X-Mansion, her legs carrying her nimbly as she jumped small hedges and dodged her fellow mutants. It seemed as if her feet were barely touching the ground with the momentum she had.

After rushing into her bedroom, she found a duffle bag with a note atop her bed. She curiously picked up the piece of paper and read the few words that were scribbled upon it.
Don’t forget us little mutants when you’re a big bad superhero.

Liberty smiled at his little memento and placed it into her pant pocket, deciding to keep it with her as she left X-Mansion. Unzipping the bag, she went to her dressers and pulled out her clothes, stuffing them away into the bag and, surprisingly, fitting most of her clothes inside without having to use too much force. When finished, Liberty zipped it up and took a final glance at her room, taking it all in to remember it seeing as she didn’t know whether or not she would be coming back anytime soon, and left with a heavy sigh.

She headed through the corridors of the mansion and went towards the back of the house where she saw numerous students gathered upon the patio, watching the helicopter that was beginning to start up, wondering what was happening. Liberty made her way through the line of students and towards the craft, placing her bag inside and hopping in, closing the door afterwards. Natasha was sitting with Liberty in the back while Clint and Fury were up front.

As the helicopter lifted off the ground and began to ascend higher into the air, Liberty looked down at the place she knew as home, smiling sadly as she watched the people below grow smaller and giving a wave through the window. Soon they began to fly away, leaving behind her friends and home for a new one.

Liberty sighed and turned to face Natasha who was staring right back at her. Underneath her nose was a smear of blood that still was visible due to her bloody nose and Liberty looked down at her shoes.

“I really am sorry about your nose. I swear I didn’t mean it.”

Natasha smirked. “Don’t worry about it, I’ve already realigned it.” Liberty cringed at the simple thought of it and Natasha’s grin only grew. “I’ve had worse. You have a nice hook.”


It was silent for a few minutes as Liberty stared out the window, not quite knowing where to take the conversation next.

“You going to miss it?”

Liberty turned to face Natasha and nodded her head. “A lot,”

The redhead acknowledged her answer with a slight nod. “I’m sorry about earlier, myself.” She began. “I don’t normally lose, especially to someone who doesn’t seem like they’re… well-versed in hand-to-hand combat. Don’t get me wrong, you’re and adequate fighter, a little rough around the edges, but adequate. I’m sorry if you got the wrong idea as to why I was upset.”

Liberty smiled. “It means a lot to hear that coming from you.”

“Oh, and Liberty?”


“Welcome to the team.”


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