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Chasing Liberty


Liberty’s brown eyes fluttered open as the incessant buzzing of her alarm clock awoke her. After settling into her new living space, she had decided to take a nap after feeling slightly drained. Those few hours she had received were like a gift from God, and she felt completely rejuvenated. Liberty was feeling untouchable, though she had no real idea as to why.

Shutting off the alarm, she sighed and sat upright in bed, moving a few strands of her dark brunette hair from her eyesight and giving a soft yawn. After collecting her thoughts, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and pushed off the mattress, sauntering over towards the connected bathroom. As she took in her appearance, she fixed her hair that had become askew while she slept and splashed a bit of water on her face to really wake up.

Liberty patted her face dry with a wash cloth and soon left her room, heading towards the elevator to take to the living room. As the doors dinged and slid open with ease, she walked inside and was hit with the aroma of Chinese food. The men, Tony, Steve, and Bruce, were already sitting down upon the couch with a serving, gazing at the large screen television with interest, and Pepper stood at the bar, serving herself her own plate of take-out.

Liberty’s feet took her towards the bar and she greeted the strawberry blonde cheerily, “Hello, Pepper,”

Hearing her voice, Pepper turned her head to look at the newest addition to the Tower and she smiled at the brunette’s enthusiasm. “Oh, hello Liberty,” she replied with a lighthearted chuckle. “You sound more energetic than before.”

Liberty smiled and nodded her head. “I took a nap to pass the time,”

“Oh, was your bed alright for you?”

She nodded her head. “It was like sleeping on a cloud.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear it.” Pepper said sincerely, picking up her plate of food. “If you’ll excuse me, I have to go and write up some documents for work. The plates are at the end of the bar and just serve yourself whatever you’d like. I’ll join you and the guys in a bit.”

“Thanks, Pepper,”

The strawberry blonde flashed Liberty a small smile before taking her plate towards her work space , leaving Liberty to serve herself a helping of the delicious looking take-out. She served herself moderate helpings of a few items as she hadn’t ate since breakfast at X-Mansion, and so she had built up a bit of an appetite. After putting her food onto her plate, she grabbed some chopsticks, something to drink and a napkin before leaving the bar and sitting down on a recliner by the guys on the couch, joining them to watch the football game.

The three males were fixated on the screen, watching the sport be played diligently. A small smile graced Liberty’s features as she saw how focused they were on the game, though she couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the same time. It just seemed a bit typical of guys to become so engrossed in the sport…

As she split her chopsticks and got ready to eat, Tony turned to Liberty. “So who are you rooting for?” Tony inquired, finally coming back to reality and taking a long slurp of his chow mein. “The Patriots or Cowboys?—I mean, by your name, just like Cap here,”—the billionaire gave a quick glance to Steve who was sipping his soda—“I’d assume New England, but—”

“I’ve never really watched football before,” she interrupted.

Tony blinked his eyes a few times, wondering to himself if he had heard her correctly. Liberty couldn’t help but feel that she was being looked at as if she had a second head. “Like Never?”


“Well, that’s weird. What planet are you from?”

“Surprisingly, the same one as you,” she retorted.

“We should have a game,” Tony suggested. “Let’s all go to the park and throw around the old pigskin.”

“Right now?” Liberty gazed at Tony in confusion.

“No, are you crazy? We’re watching the game,” Liberty gave an annoyed stare and shook her head at him before gathering a few strings of the chow mein around her sticks. “Are you reading my mind right now?”

Liberty groaned aloud as she turned back to face Tony. “What are you talking about?”

“Are you reading my mind?—You gave me that stare and I just felt weird.”

“No, I’m not reading your mind, Tony. I don’t read a person’s mind unless they ask me to or if I’m required to do so.” Liberty explained. “I have morals. Besides, you probably felt weird since you drink too much. The liquor’s just getting to you.”

The billionaire’s eyebrows furrowed together at her statement. “I don’t drink a lot,” he retorted, turning to Steve who was still very much engrossed in the football game like Banner. “I don’t drink a lot, do I, Steve?”

“Yeah, you do,” he replied, giving the two of them a quick glance before returning his line of sight towards the television.

Tony turned back to face Liberty and shook his head. “I don’t drink a lot,” he reiterated, taking a swig of his Scotch. Liberty couldn’t help but wonder if he had gone through a bottle of the whiskey since her arrival.

Sighing, Liberty shrugged her shoulders. “Whatever you say,” she said, placing a few noodles into her mouth.

“TOUCHDOWN!” Tony shouted, standing up and raising his arms enthusiastically as the Cowboys scored.

The sudden yell caused Liberty to choke slightly on her chow mein as it had startled her, her face turning a tint of red as she coughed violently. After the coughing fit had passed, she took grasp of her drink and began to chug away, helping clear the blockage in her throat.

“You should really chew your food better, Liberty,” Tony said in an obvious manner, taking a few bites of his own chow mein.

And you should really learn to control your outbursts, She mentally communed, glaring cruelly at the billionaire as he, himself, began to choke just as she had done seconds earlier.

“I thought you had morals?” He accused.

“I do,” she retorted. “I wasn’t reading your mind, I was communicating with it.”

“Practically one in the same,”

“No, not really,”

“Guys,” Bruce cleared his throat in a hesitant manner. “Are you still planning on watching the game?”

“Tony, settle down,” Steve sighed.

“Why are you siding with her, Gramps?”

“I’m not siding with anyone,” he stated.

“Then why not tell her something, too?”

“Because you’re the one that keeps talking,”

“Well, it’s not like she has to answer,”

Liberty, Bruce and Steve gave Tony a stare, hoping that he would get the idea to just remain quiet. It became clear that he did when he held up his hands in surrender.

“What’s going on over here?” Pepper inquired, coming over with her plate and sitting down next to Tony. “Are you being youagain?”

“Possibly,” Tony grumbled.

“Tony, just stop,” Pepper sighed out with a soft chuckle.

“…Or what?” He questioned. Rolling her eyes, Pepper leaned over and whispered into his ears, his eyebrows going up and a smirk rising upon his face. “Okay, I’ll stop.”

“Thank you,” And with a kiss upon his cheek, the discussion seemed to be put to rest.

The group was finally able to watch the game without major interruptions. Tony would still yell whenever the Cowboys made a touchdown, though since Liberty was now more accustomed to his energetic outbursts, she no longer found herself choking upon the take-out. She took notice that Banner was a bit reserved as he was quiet throughout most of the game as he observed it and ate his Chinese, but she was glad that he would voice his opinion on a game play every once in a while. Steve wasn’t as silent as Banner, but he didn’t talk freely throughout the game either. Instead, like Bruce, he would voice his opinion or rebuff the referee’s call. As the game progressed and started to near the end, Tony, who was becoming tipsy from the amount of liquor in his system, started to make cracks about Steve and how he should go to a Patriot’s game to beat up their mascot, Pat Patriot, seeing as he was much more patriotic than him.

“Seriously, Rogers, show your balls!” Tony suggested through a slur. “I’m sure that serum enhanced more than what they said it would.”

Steve shifted uncomfortably in his chair, rolling his eyes at Tony’s immaturity. However, seeing as he knew that the alcohol was starting to get to his head, Steve chose to ignore his comments. Liberty couldn’t help but giggle softly at Tony’s drunken suggestion, and hearing this, Steve could feel a light blush come across his cheeks, trying to keep focused on the game.

As the finals plays were being done, Liberty rose and walked towards the bar, throwing away her things. Pepper looked over her shoulder to watch the brunette curiously. “Are you heading to your room now, Liberty?” She asked.

“Yeah, it’s been a long day for me,” Liberty replied, walking towards the elevator and pushing the call button.

Pepper nodded her head in understanding. “Well, goodnight. Sleep tight, Liberty.”

“Thanks,” Liberty smiled and stepped inside the lift. “Goodnight, guys.”

There was a soft chorus of "goodnight"s as the doors slid closed, the compartment soon heading up the shaft and stopping at her level. As soon as she got into her room, she changed into some night clothes as she tiredly got ready for bed. The effects of her earlier nap seemed to have vanished as she felt drained once more, though she was sure that after having that hearty meal and a longer resting period she’d be as good as new in the morning.


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