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Chasing Liberty

Day of Activity

It seemed that since Liberty’s arrival at Stark Tower, time had been whizzing by faster than ever. The days seemed to blur and blend together, and before she or anyone else knew it, an entire month had come and gone. Things at the tower were fine, and life moved along smoothly for the most part for the young mutant. She had adjusted to her new home and everyone in it, and it was starting to grow on her and feel like a home to her.

Bruce, who was also staying with Tony, kept to himself, though on occasion Liberty would bring him lunch whenever she wanted to kill time or just keep him company. He was thankful for the companionship and her appetizing lunches, too, however, it was clear just by the way he held himself that he was uncomfortable around her. Part of him still didn’t believe that he was ready for such friendship with her. He didn’t want to lose control and end up hurting her on accident.

Steve, who was also staying with Tony until S.H.I.E.L.D. could procure an apartment for him to reside in permanently, would pop in and out on his own, and so Liberty had no real clue as to where he was most of the time. After finding out from Banner that he owned a motorcycle, she concluded that he was usually out and about in the city. Whenever the two were in a room together, they’d make friendly chit chat. Steve was an incredibly easy guy to get along with, and as cliché as it may sound, Liberty was always at ease with the Captain. His presence was soothing, calming even, and she always felt like she was in good company with him.

She also found out about his relationship with Tony, and how they could be civil towards one another at one point in time and at each other’s throats the next.

Liberty had also gotten to find out more about Tony as well, though she wasn’t quite sure if that was a good or a bad thing yet. As much as she tried to convince herself that Tony wasn’t all that bad, he made her doubt herself time and time again. It wasn’t to say she didn’t like him — he was a decent guy part of the time and she’d had her fair share of laughs with him, but his smart attitude towards her and everyone else simply put her off. She kept reminding herself that one day she’d get used to it and that for now she’d just have to tough it out.

Then there was Pepper. Her and Pepper had really hit it off. Being the only two females in the tower, they shared a bond that only they could have. Liberty didn’t consider herself very close to Pepper, or “gal pals” or “girlfriends” as Tony had said, but she knew that what they had was special enough. And really, that was all that Liberty could ask for.

Liberty examined herself in the full body mirror before her. She had just put her long, dark brown tresses into a high pony tail and was wearing Lycra spandex shorts that ended above her knee, and a regular tank top. The outfit had been given as a gift from Professor Xavier, along with a heartfelt message signed by Ororo, Chase, and a few other classmates that were sending well wishes her way. The message alone was enough to make her day and miss X-Mansion and everyone in it. When she got back, Liberty would send them a reply thanking them for it.

Soon she was walking out of her room and taking the elevator down towards the lobby. Tony had given her a badge to show security if they ever asked her for identification and as she sauntered through the bustling ground level, she earned a few curious glances due to her attire. Liberty paid them no mind; she knew she’d stare at someone who was so casually dressed at a business building like Stark’s. It was only natural to be curious about it, she supposed.

After a long walk towards Central Park, Liberty stretched for her jog. When she was sure she was ready, she rolled around her neck and nodded to herself, starting her jog around the enormous park. I may hate myself after this, she told herself.

Liberty ran Park Drive, the longest trail in the park which was a little more than six miles. As she came to where she had started, she came to a walk and panted her way over to an empty bench, plopping down upon the wooden seating.

Sitting down had never felt so good as her legs screamed in relief at her. If only she had brought a water bottle, but she could wait until she walked back towards home. Although she felt great about running a little over six miles, she knew she would want to try attempting it again for a while.

I’m definitely taking a shorter path next time,

As she relaxed, she could feel her heartbeat begin to return to its normal rate, and breathing become steady. The sunlight that hit her tanned skin felt wonderful as it warmed her body, a nice breeze blowing in from the side. She almost had the urge to grin and thank Ororo, but she quickly remembered that she was no longer in Westchester County, nowhere near Storm.


Hearing her name, she opened her eyes and looked to where she heard the voice. None other than Steve stood standing at the end of the bench, hands in his pockets and his eyes containing a glint of curiosity. “Steve?” Immediately she could feel blood rush into her cheeks—she must have looked awful covered in nothing but sweat.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, sitting down next to her upon the bench.

“I came to jog,” she explained. “I just finished right now and was just relaxing. What’s your excuse?”

“I was out on my bike and thought the park looked nice so I wandered around for a bit. I thought I saw you jogging, but I wasn’t sure if it was you or not. I guess I was right.”

“Guess so,” Liberty shrugged her shoulders and offered a small smile. “How long have you been here?”

“About ten minutes, give or take,” he answered. “What about you?”

“A little over an hour,” she smiled sheepishly. “I’m really not all that great at running.”

Steve chuckled. “Would you like a lift back to Stark’s?”

“That would be amazing, Steve, thank you,” Liberty smiled gratefully.

“No problem,” he acknowledged, standing up and waiting for her to do the same. She lifted herself up from the bench with a bit of difficulty, her knees slightly wobbling for a second. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, my legs just feel a bit like jello,” she chuckled. “I haven’t run that much before.”

“You’ll be alright walking to the car, though, right?”

“Oh yeah,” she nodded her head. “Don’t worry.”

He smiled at her answer. “Just wanted to make sure,”

The two of them walked towards where Steve had parked his bike, and as they came upon it, Liberty was amazed by it. It was a sleek, black Harley-Davidson and looked brand new, as if it had never before been ridden.

Steve mounted the bike with ease, swinging his leg over it and starting the engine, the bike roaring to life instantly. He looked over and Liberty and smiled. “You don’t mind riding without a helmet, do you?”

“No, I’m fine without one,” she reassured, getting on the bike herself.

“Good, hang on tight,”

Liberty wrapped her arms around his waist, scooting a tad bit closer to him. Her heart was racing within her chest from excitement. She had never been on a motorcycle before, but she was sure that she would enjoy it.

Steve slowly let go of the brakes and the bike began to propel itself forward. As they merged onto the streets of New York, Steve let her stretch her legs, their speed seeming to increase as she sped down the black asphalt. Liberty couldn’t help but tighten her grip and pull herself closer to Steve. She was sure that they were going the speed limit of only forty-five, but the way other cars, buildings and pedestrians whizzed by made it appear that they were traveling at a much faster rate.

However, Liberty was still enjoying the ride. It was exhilarating and smooth. The wind that caressed her skin and flowed through her hair was invigorating and reckless, yet as she sat behind Steve, there was a sense of calm that washed over her comfortably.

Soon they could see Stark Tower off in the distance; it’s large, sleek build looking much more pleasing to the eye than the other skyscrapers that surrounded it. They entered the parking garage with ease and Steve killed the engine as he parked.

“Wow, that was amazing,” Liberty sighed out, her heart beginning to beat normal once more.

“Have you ever ridden on one before?”

“No, never,”

Steve looked somewhat astonished, though grinned soon enough. “Did you like it?”

“It was incredible. There’s just something about riding on a bike that gets your blood pumping, I guess.” She chuckled. “Though, it was a little scary, too. It was like I was hanging onto you for dear life!” Liberty laughed, a light tint of blush covering her cheeks as she thought she might have sounded idiotic to Steve.

Steve chuckled lightly, “My sentiments exactly,” he said. “I’m honored to have been your first.”

“Steve was your first, Liberty?” The two of them looked over to find Tony and Pepper making their way over to them, Tony being the one who had spoken. “Well, I can’t say that I think he has much to offer, but at least you enjoyed the ride.”

More blood rushed to her cheeks as her blush became more vibrant. It was quite obvious to see what he was trying to suggest. Pepper rolled her eyes at Tony and he simply strolled along towards one of his Lamborghinis, twirling the car keys around his index finger.

“Give it a rest, Tony,” Steve ordered, his lips forming a firm line.

“Hell, can’t anyone take a joke nowadays?”

“You take your jokes too far sometimes, Tony.” He retorted.

“Cap, I know you’re still rather new here, but the times have changed. You need to realize that not all of us have that 1940’s mentality.”

Steve remained quiet, glaring at Tony intensely. Liberty had to look away; his stare was just too cold for her to see. She didn’t want to imagine what he was thinking about the billionaire at the moment.

Immediately she thought it wise to change the subject. “Where are you and Pepper going?”

Steve didn’t stay to find out, instead stalking over towards the elevators and leaving the parking garage. “Ooh, someone’s got a bit of a temper,” Tony commented. “And Pepper’s got a meeting in D.C. so I’m taking her to the airport. You should go and talk to him, calm him down.”

Liberty scoffed aloud, not believing what she heard. “Tony, you’re the one who riled him up to begin with.”

“Yeah, Tony, you’ve really got to stop.” Pepper agreed.

“Let’s go, Pepper, the Lambo’s waiting,” Tony spun the keys around on his finger a few times and unlocked the car, the headlights flashing briefly.

Tony,” Pepper gave him a stern look and he childishly rolled his eyes.

Tony gave a loud sigh and rolled his head about. “Fine, I’ll tone it down, lighten up, whatever you want,” he said. “Now, let’s go Pep,”

“Thank you, Tony,” Pepper gave a small smile and kissed his cheek lightly to show her thanks.

The three of them said their goodbyes, Liberty going towards the elevator and Tony and Pepper towards the Lamborghini. As she entered the lift, she waved once more to the billionaire and strawberry blonde as they pulled out of the parking garage before pressing her floor button and riding it up the tower. As she reached her level and the doors slid open, she saw Steve coming out of his room. His eyes were glued to the floor and his facial expression unreadable, making Liberty a bit concerned.

“Steve,” she called out, meeting him halfway down the hall with a smile.

“Hi,” he replied, giving her a slight nod of the head.

“Don’t let what Tony said get you. He’s probably just upset that Pepper’s leaving for Washington and is taking it out on everyone. You know how he is.” She reassured in an effort to lift his spirits.

Steve chuckled halfheartedly, shrugging his shoulders. “Yeah, I guess so, but as much as I’d like to think otherwise, he is right about something.”

“Which is?”

“The time has changed,” he sighed out, walking towards the elevator and stepping inside. “If you need me, I’ll be in the gym.”

“We have a gym?” This was Liberty’s first time hearing about a gym in the tower, though she could believe that there was one.

He nodded his head as the doors started to slide together, “Two floors up,” he said before they closed.

Liberty stared at the elevator for a few seconds, only becoming more concerned for Steve’s well-being, though she shook her head and walked into her room with a sigh nevertheless. Liberty didn’t waste any time as she gathered fresh new clothes to change into, and went into the connected bathroom quickly, stripping down and making herself a relaxing bubble bath.

I’ll give Steve some time to cool off on his own. She concluded. Maybe I’ll see about going to the gym later, but for now, it’s bath time. Liberty then eased herself down into the lukewarm, giving a vocal sigh of relief as her tightened muscles lost all their tension and loosened up.

After a little under an hour of losing herself in the tub and cleansing herself of sweat and grime, she was out and slipping on her new clothes. She tied her wet, stringy hair back with a rubber band, deciding she’d let it air dry, and was soon making her way down the hall and towards the elevator. Taking it up two floors, she exited and saw the gym for the first time.

It was vast and professional with varying equipment, ranging from mere weight benches to expensive elliptical machines. It was near the gigantic wrestling ring that was stationed dead center of the gym did Liberty see Steve punching away gruesomely at a leather punching bag with concentrated, stony eyes and a firm line for lips. He grunted loudly, gathering all the strength he could muster and sent his fist hurtling towards the object. The punching bag took the hit and was sent flying across the room, a rip being created in the middle as its contents came spilling out onto the glossy hardwood floors.

“Tony hasn’t seen you have a go at the punching bag before, has he?” Liberty spoke up, slowly making her way towards Steve with a light chuckle. “Is it safe to assume that this is where you usually are when you’re not off on your bike?”

“Uh…” He panted out slightly, lifting a brand new bag from a line up he had and hanging it upon the hook. “Yeah,”

As she grew nearer, she realized what a mess the bag that had flown off onto the floor had made. Looking around, she noticed a broom and dustpan lying next to the wrestling ring. She picked them up and went to the mess, beginning to clean it up in silence.

“I’ll clean it up, don’t worry,” Steve insisted. “I’m the one who made the mess.”

Liberty chuckled. “It’s fine, I’ve got it,” she reassured, emptying the dustpan’s contents into a trash can. “But you are going to have to be the one who picks up the bag. I’m pretty sure that I can’t lift that thing for the life of me.”

Steve smiled and gave a slight nod. “Fair enough,”

“Seems like a pretty intense workout,” she commented, leaning against the ring and letting her arms rap themselves around the ropes.

“I just have a few things on my mind,”

“I hope it doesn’t concern what Tony said earlier,”

Steve began to unwrap the bandages around his hands, not bothering to reply for a few seconds, instead deciding to change the subject. “Have you ever done this before?”

Noticing the change, she decided to go along with it. She didn’t want to pry if he didn’t want her to. “You mean Boxed?” Steve nodded his head as he continued to free his hands from the wraps. “No,” Liberty shook her head.

“Would you like to learn?”

Liberty watched Steve as he finished with the wraps, his blue eyes meeting her brown before smile smiled. “I don’t see the harm,” she shrugged.

Steve was somewhat pleased to hear that she was interested in trying and motioned for her to come over from the ring. She pushed off with her foot and headed over to him, and when she reached him, he grabbed some new hand wraps and gently held out his hand. She placed one in his hand and began to enclose it within the cloth, going between her fingers and over her knuckles. When he finished wrapping both of them, he looked towards the punching bag.

“Are you left or right handed?”


“Okay, then put your left foot forward and make sure your heel’s in line with your toes on your right food like this.” He bent over and gently took hold of Liberty’s ankle, turning it so her foot was in the proper place. “You’re going to be pushing off from your right foot and that’s what will give you that power from your upper body as you punch. Keep your front shoulder forward with your body angled and keep your hands up in the guard position.” Steve demonstrated the stance and Liberty corrected herself as she saw his example.

“Like this?”

“Perfect,” he nodded. “Now when you go to punch, make sure that your arm, elbow, and shoulder are in straight alignment so you won’t hurt yourself. Go ahead, try it.”

Liberty looked back to the bag from Steve and sent a jab forward, the bag swinging back slight from the exerted force. It slowly swayed back into place and Liberty looked to Steve for an assessment.

“Not too bad,” he began. “Though next time, try to hit the bag with the flat part of your fingers, not your knuckles. Try it some more.” She turned back towards the heavy bag and sent more blows it’s way, making sure to apply Steve’s suggestion to her technique. “Hit the bag when it’s swinging away, not when it’s coming towards you.” She did as he said and from the corner of her eye she saw him nod in approval. “Try using both hands now. Use you’re your left hand first and finish with your right.”

Liberty once again followed his instruction, striking the bag with precision. Steve’s eyes never left her figure as she continued to bump it with her wrapped fists.

“Good, good,” he nodded. “Try moving around it now.”

Liberty stopped her punching and looked at him. “What?”

“Try moving around him,” he repeated. “Start by moving to the left. When you go to punch, push off with your right foot, and with your left, take a slight step to the side.”

Liberty nodded and got back into position. “Got it,” she said, beginning to resume. Once she got the handle of it, she went to the right and began to switch back and forth every so often.

“Looks like you’ve got the basics down,” Steve beamed.

Liberty sent one final punch and left her stance, standing normally. “Am I any good?”

“Yeah, definitely,” he chuckled, beginning to unbind her hands. “I mean, you’re a beginner, but you do have potential.”

“Do you think you could teach me some more whenever you’re free?”

“Sure if you’d like,” he nodded, another smile gracing his features. “I’ll be more than happy to.”

“Thanks,” Liberty grinned. “I can’t wait for the day when the student will beat the master. It’ll be a one hit K.O.”

“I would never hit a woman, Liberty,” he began, though a smirk crept upon his face. “Besides, you’d never be able to beat me.”

“The student always beats the master one day, Steve.”

He chuckled. “That’ll be the day,”

“Yes, it will be,” she nodded. “Thank you for teaching me, by the way.”

“Of course,” he nodded. “Do you know what’s for dinner by any chance?”

“Afraid not, Tony might buy some take-out on his way back from the airport, but I highly doubt it. Besides, I have a feeling Tony might have just decided to go with her. You know how spontaneous he can be.”

“I wouldn’t put it past him,” Steve nodded. “Maybe we can just order some delivery pizza.”

“Sounds fine to me, and I’m sure Bruce won’t mind much.”She replied. “I’ll make the order in a bit since it’s still early.”

“Thanks for doing that. I’ll stay up here for a bit more to clean up the bag.”

Liberty nodded and left Steve to himself, heading down to the living room and flopping upon the couch. She grabbed the television remote and began to channel surf. After a day of activity, she felt like taking it easy. Time to be a couch potato,


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