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Breath Of Life


The clouds darkened the strikingly clear blue skies in the land claimed by the Egyptians. Women ushered their children inside as the scent of rain filtered through their nostrils. Mystic looked up from palm reading—the woman in front of her following her gaze. The witch examined the sudden change in weather. The black attire she had on waved in the gust of wind blown in her direction. The feathers in her amber hair fluttered over her right shoulder and a crooked smile replaced her worried expression, "I sense a new world ahead of us." She spoke softly. As her voice lifted into the wind, the people around her followed her gaze. Murmurs flooded through the crowd that stopped and watched the sight of fearful patches of black cascaded through the blue skies, "There will always be darkness before light." The witch spoke, trailing a thin finger down the lines on the woman's palm, dragging the attention of the citizens back towards her.

The rumbling of thunder fluttered through the air. A council meeting was taking place. The creator himself—Ra—was taking his place in a world that mortals below him could not see. Gods surrounded the cloudy mist, chattering and muttering their worries away.

"What is this darkness that Geb speaks of, Ra?" Bes wondered. The smaller of the God's looked up into the golden light that shimmered with a bright aurora around the Creator.

Geb shuddered as he looked around the council circle, "Apep is rising. I can feel it."

Mutters arose and voices shattered the silence. Growls were thrown at one another while others silenced themselves, for they were in the presence of Ra, "That must be a lie." Sekhmet raged, throwing her fists in fury, "I had sent his darkness back into the depths of the Underworld!" Her vicious fangs protruded from her gaping jaws. Her eyes burned amber in the misty clouds.

Bastet let a stray glance fall upon the mighty Goddess across from her, "And I had helped Ra in defeating the opponent of order and truth. How must he be rising once more?"

"Do not think of turning your eye upon Egypt. Not all of the citizens before us are becoming a follower in his demonic footsteps." Nun, one of the elders, spoke. He had warned Ra not to destroy all of Egypt once before Sekhmet was born. He wanted to remind the all-seeing God that not every mortal was captured by the dark presence within them.

Ra turned to the elder, "I was not planning to do so."

"You must do something, Creator." Anuket said with worry flashing over her beautiful eyes, "Blood will turn the water of the Nile crimson. The darkness is out of our reach."

Dipping his head, Ra spoke, "Do not worry, Anuket. Baset, Sekhemet." The mighty ruler turned to the opposing Goddess's. They perked up as silent glances from the many God's were exchanged, "I ask you to send the prophecy to the world below us. Sekhmet, you have once rid the darkness in Upper Egypt, therefore you shall place your daughter there in which she may roam to have evil tremble before her. Bastet, you have aided me in ridding Apep and sending him into the Underworld, therefore, your child will reside in the home of Lower Egypt."

Taking a slight bow in unison, the two Goddess's agreed silently. Sekhmet, bubbling over with pride, cherished the moment and whispered, "Kiami," into the cloudy mist. Instantly, wicked flames gathered around the God's. Many stepped back, unable to form words at the beautiful, creamy cat that lay astray in the middle. It's beautiful blue eyes searched the face of Ra. It's tail flicked from side to side before it stopped altogether. It's fore and hind legs held it's weight and broad shoulders and muscles rippled through her pelt. A serious tone found a way to her eyes, making her almost identical in her shape as her mother's, "Go my daughter. The world will need you soon." And in that instant, the white cat parted it's jaws, letting out a yowl. It's fluffy coat shivered from left to right and that innocent form exploded into a mighty lioness. Her yowl soon turned into a precious roar that rolled through the clouds as thunder in the mortal world. Turning tail, she crouched, springing through the cloudy mist and vanishing into the land that belonged to Upper Egypt

Watching in pure awe, many God's turned back towards Bastet, awaiting for her daughter to make it's first appearance. Standing straight in a sophisticated posture, her eyes scanned the blank space in the center of the council. She parted her lips, "Nova,"

Sekmet scoffed, "[i]She who chases butterflies[/i]—"

"Silence!" Hathor snapped at the Goddess, "This is not your time to speak." With rage flowing through her veins, Sekmet closed her lips, but her eyes burned in fury. Turning her eyes upon the dark spot in the center of the meeting, she watched. A wisp of gentle air fluttered around the black cat. It was curled into a ball, it's tail dancing over it's own body and eyes closed. Yet it was awake. Her ears twitched at the sound of all the voices adoring the beloved and soon her left eye opened and green sparkled through the white clouds.

Bastet smiled, pride that jolted her heart nearly made her lunge forward to embrace her new daughter, her first daughter. The one who would change the world. She held her spot and injected love and affection in her words, "My daughter shall be the creation of joy and health. She will be one of the many reasons the citizens in my land will not suffer."

Murmurs of agreement from Hathor, Isis, Bes, Geb, and Ptah were the loudest among the others to be heard.

"You must at least make her a Warrior, Bastet." Sekhmet said, not caring for the fuball swiping at the mist around her playfully, "The world is a cruel place and mortals are disgusting creatures. We must keep our children safe from evil."

"Are you saying that Mystic is a disgusting creature?" Isis snapped with rage flickering through her face. Isis was the mother of Mystic, the witch who was a Demi-God. Her power was that of her mother's, the power of interpreting signs from the stars, magic, and healing.

Ra raised his hand to silence the enraged mother, "I am sure Sekhmet did not intend it to be that way, but she is right." He turned to Bastet, "You were not the fighting type, but when needed, you defended well. I am sure Nova will tread your footsteps as well as Kiami." He turned to look at Sekhmet.

Nova arose carefully, a soft mew parting through her jaws as she purred, bounding towards her mother's feet, "Now now, you mustn't do any of that," Bastet said with a soft tone, "off you go, dear child. You have a world to look after."

Nova flicked her tail, a gentle breeze washed over her and she turned tail as Kiami had done. She padded forward a few steps, her tail becoming long and soft, but firm as she flicked it over the feet of the God's beside Bastet, greeting them with a dip of her head as she went.

She turned her head, green eyes plastered on Sekhmet's form. Her form grew until it was that of a beautiful cheetah. Long, sleek, and slender. The opposing mother starred at the cat with pure hate, enraged that Bastet did not heed her words and enraged that her daughter would have to protect a world that they knew with nothing but a Seeker rather a Warrior. Flicking her ears, as if she had read her mind, Nova dipped her head gratefully, accepting hate that was given off by the Goddess and she too dispersed into the mist.

"This is outrageous!" Apophis growled, breaking the beautiful silence, "You have let only one [i]true[/i] Warrior leave this circle and go to fend the world below us! Letting Nova into that world—she'll tend to the darkness as well!"

Bastet glowered at him with rage, but knew better than to snap. Geb took over the Goddess's job and growled, "And you know more than that now do you! We must keep the balance. A Warrior like Kiami—fierce and ready to fight—will keep the darkness at bay for the time being. A Seeker like Nova—caring and spiritual—will keep the peace."

"Kiami shall be amazing like her mother," Horus said glancing at Sekhmet, "but granting another Warrior will help her against the new threats that Egypt shall face, will it not?"

God's clashed with one another. Whispers turned to shouts and shouts turned to shrieks. Growls were exchanged and side's formed quickly. The only ones that kept quiet were those who knew that only the Creator could make the choice. Isis, who now stood beside Bastet, whispered, "Absurd. I do not doubt Nova one bit, but it seems as if this whole council will tear apart if Ra does not choose for himself."

"Let it be, my dear. No matter what, Nova and Mystic will find and aid each other. If Ra decides to grant another Warrior into the mortal world, so be it."

Picking up the whispers between the two Goddess's, Ra held his right hand and all the fighting ceased to exist, "Many of you have shamed me today. Apophis, you dare doubt my word on who to grant access to the mortal world?"

"No." Apophis snarled, "I just think that this council was made for all of us to gather and share opinions."

"Opinions can be shared, but you have done nothing but create mayhem. Yet you speak the truth and the truth only." Ra's hand slowly greeted the God to the center of the council, indicating that he should grant the name of the new Warrior that many were waiting for.

Apophis stepped forward, pride overwhelming his form. Sekmet stood, holding her own head with dignity while Bastet watched with a grim feeling in the pit of her stomach, though, she was not the only one, "Blade." He said with clarity for all to hear. Nun let out an exasperated sigh, dropping his head. Ra watched as shadows crept through the clouds and found a way into the center. There, as the shadows dispersed, stood the beautiful form of a crimson wolf. His eyes were light gray, as light as they could ever be. Suddenly, the hostility that all the God's were awaiting vanished. The wolf seemed as soft and gentle as Nova, but it tilted it's head to one side and stayed where it stood, staring at his father, Apophis.

"My son," The God said with emotions that not a soul could read, "you will reside on the in between. You are sent to look after Upper and Lower Egypt. Nova and Kiami alike. Find a place suited for you on your own. The Nile is a good place to start," The wolf dipped his head, stepping forward to greet his father when Apophis put his hand up to stop him, "leave this instant, and do not fail me."

Blade stopped, one paw raised as if he were to take another step towards the God of War and Chaos. His ears drooped as did his tail but he took a look at Ra and dipped his head with as much pride as he had left. Turning tail, he rushed to leave the cloudy mist, dispersing where Nova had. His long red tail shifting quickly into a dusty black, far from silky and beautiful like Nova's. His legs extended and his snout shot back with brown and flecks of white and black. A hyena.

Soon the meeting was beginning to fade and all the God's surrounding the circle began to tread back to Paradise that was hidden in the stars. Nun was the last standing, his eyes finding a way onto Ra's, "What is it, Nun? Is there something you have to say?" Ra asked, his voice beautiful and innocent almost.

"You have made a mistake, my Creator. A grave mistake indeed."





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