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A Shot in the Dark


“You did well,” Loki says in his cool and slimy voice as he takes the iridium from Hawkeye. He eyes the rogue SHIELD agent carefully, admiring his facial structure.

“Thank you, sir,” Agent Clint Barton says quietly. Ever since Clint had been put under Loki’s spell, he could not help by find the Norse god breathtakingly handsome. He had never had homosexual thoughts before; only a few dreams here and there. Clint had feelings for his partner, Agent Natasha Romanoff but it was like as if something was blocking that part of his brain and another one had been opened.

Loki hands the substance to another minion and looks back at Clint, who is standing there awkwardly due to the sudden rise of an erection. “Why don’t you come with me?” Loki smiles and takes Clint’s hand, leading him to his room. Loki can hear whispers from behind him. All the minions know what is going to happen, for they experienced it as well.

Loki opens the door to his bedroom. “Welcome,” he says kindly. “Take a seat, why don’t you?” He gestures to the California king-sized bed over the far right-hand corner of the space.

Hawkeye sits, still fighting the predicament between his legs. He finally works up the courage to say something. He looks up at Loki and tilts his head with a questioning expression on his face. “What am I doing here?”

Loki takes a seat next to the attractive man. He places his hand on top of Barton’s. “Well, my dear, Clint. You are here for your initiation.” Loki stares down and then shoots his gaze up to meet Clint’s.

“Initiation? What kind of initiation?” Clint narrows his eyes, skeptical. What was this? A college fraternity? Was he going to have to streak through the corridors? Or spray mustard on slices of bologna and throw them up on the ceiling?

“Well, Clint, I can’t help but notice the way you stare at me.” Clint freezes, cheeks glowing red with embarrassment. Loki notices this and his eyes widen. “Don’t be ashamed, my dear boy. It’s fine. Everyone feels this way around me. There’s nothing wrong with it. I just don’t think you should fight your feelings.” He grins.

The SHIELD agent slowly turns his head, not wanting to make eye contact with those emerald green eyes any longer. ‘Don’t fight your feelings’? Maybe he should listen to Loki. He is the boss after all. He then stares at the god out of the corner of his eye.

“Come here, Clint,” Loki whispers, twisting Agent Barton’s head to face him. Loki then leans forward, pressing his pale, soft lips against Clint’s.

Clint struggles the littlest bit but then feels a warm sensation through his body. He melts against Loki. The two men twist their tongues around each other’s. Clint puts his hand on Loki’s neck and grips his jet black fringe. The two rock and forth, fighting for power in the situation. Finally, Clint wins. He throws Loki back and straddles the demigod.

“Clint, I’m surprised in you,” Loki states, out of breath.

“One thing you should know about me: I’m full of surprises.” He winks and continues smooching his superior. Clint then pulls off his shirt, revealing his beautifully toned torso. Loki’s eyes widen and his hands slither up Clint’s abs. Agent Barton then unbinds Loki from his complicated garments.

Once the two are completely nude, Clint tries to flip Loki over but the Norse god stops him. “I don’t think so,” Loki says, wagging a finger. “This is your initiation, not mine.”

Clint glares at Loki but them complies. He gets up and bends over the bed. He looks at Loki willingly. “Do me then,” Clint hisses.

Loki gets up and opens the drawer of the dresser next to the bed. He pulls out lubricant and rubs it along his shaft. He then pads over to Clint. He grabs his hips and then thrusts himself into the SHIELD agent. Clint lets out an exaggerated gasp and grabs fistfuls of the blanket he lays upon for support.

“What’s wrong, Clint? Never been done in the arse before?” Loki guffaws.

Clint begins to relax and enjoy the situation more and more as Loki continues to pump into his minion, just like he did with all the others. “Go faster, Loki,” Clint finally complains.

Loki almost completely stops from the shock. No one has ever complained about his performance before. It actually turned him on ever more. “Very well, Clinton,” Loki grunts. He speeds up his tempo and Clint moans and coughs in satisfaction.

When Loki finishes, letting out his load, Clint flips over on the bed. Loki immediately drops to his knees and begins suckling on Clint’s member. Hawkeye throws his head back as a sensual sensation rumbles through his body.

Loki has never pleasured one of his many minions before but there was something special about Clint. The way he wanted to take control made him so hot. He wanted to give something back to him. He wanted the gratitude of doing something so nice for someone else.

“Yes, Loki,” Clint moans, almost losing his balance against the bed. His eyes roll back into his head and he bites his bottom lip. He begins petting Loki’s head, running his fingers through his long locks.

After Clint climaxes, he lets out one last and final boisterous grunt and falls back on the bed. Loki stands up and climbs in next to Hawkeye, spooning against him. Loki props his head up on his hand and stares at Clint as Clint’s gaze his fixed on the ceiling above him.

They stay there for what seems like ages. But Loki finally says it: “Welcome to the team.”


Talk about sleeping with the enemy! Hahaha! I had to! I really want to know what you guys think about this. Do you think it was just Loki's spell or do you think that Clint really had some homosexual tendencies? Make sure you comment and rate!

And check out my other fan fiction, Fixed in the Shadows! The sequel will be posted in a few days!: http://www.avengersfanfiction.com/Story/2259/Fixed-in-the-Shadows/


SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!! DEAN!!!!!!!!!! SAM!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CLINTASHA!!!!!!!!!!!! MY OTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Hey, you may do a Steve/OC? c: I really loved this :'D

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Make a chapter stark/romanoff

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Sorry it's been so long. :/ I've just been focusing on my Supernatural fic. I do have a few storylines started. I'll try working on them. :) (STEVE AND BUCKY, ANYONE?)
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