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A Shot in the Dark


Agent Maria Hill was exhausted. After dealing with the helicarrier almost dropping out of the sky and the nerve-tearing tension of waiting with for the battle between the Loki and the Chitauri and the Avengers, she just wanted to relax and take a break. But SHIELD never takes breaks. They never stop. It's always work, work, work.

Maria walked into the lady's lockeroom on the SHIELD helicarrier to find it was empty. Well, almost empty. She could hear the soft humming of another woman as she took a shower. Maria knew who it was. It was Agent Natasha Romanoff, A.K.A. the Black Widow.

Agent Hill undressed as to not seem like she was spying. She chose the shower farthest away from the fellow agent. Maria started the water and let it warm up before she let it pour over her naked body. Her eyes wandered over to the Black Widow. She had always had her eyes on her. Agent Hill did not see herself as a lesbian but there was something about Natasha that caused butterflies in her stomach.

Maria watched the water and suds flow over Natasha's breasts, to her vaginal plain and finally down her legs. It turned her on so. The Black Widow then turned and her perfect, round bottom was being flashed in front of Maria. More suds dripped from Agent Romanoff's hair, down her back and to her bum.

When Natasha turned off her water, Maria was snapped out of her trance. She quickly looked away and tried to continue with her shower.

"Hello, Maria. I didn't see you there," Natasha greets happily, wrapping a towel around her perfect body.

"Hello, Natasha," Maria says weakly.

The Black Widow then exits the lockeroom, leaving Maria's thoughts racing back to what she just saw. She wishes she could have been right next to her. She wishes she could have been right there, nuzzling her neck and feeling her body. But that will never happen. There's no way it could...

Maria was just about to fall asleep in her small bed in her tiny room on the SHIELD helicarrier when there is a knock on the door. She clambers out of bed to answer it. She is shocked to find Natasha standing at the door.

"Hello, Maria," she says softly. "Can we talk?"

"Uh, sure, come in." Agent Hill moves so she can enter the room. She then shuts the door.

"Listen," Natasha begins. "I saw you staring at me in the showers today."

Maria turns crimson. She can feel the heat rushing to her face. "What? What are you--"

"--Don't try to deny it." Natasha puts her hand up. "It's okay. I've known you've had your eye on me for awhile. And to be honest, I was watching you too... out of the corner of my eye..."

Maria is in shock. She can't believe it. All she is able to say is, "Really?" She then does something so stupid and out-of-the-blue, but it's something she will never regret. Agent Hill moves swiftly toward Natasha and plants a kiss on her lips.

Natasha's eyes widen and she just stares at Maria, frozen. She's surprised that she felt something, and it wasn't disgust. She felt pleasure. She wanted more. She leaned her head forward, kissing the SHIELD agent again, but this time it was more intense. Natasha slid her tongue along Maria's lips, wanting access. Maria opens her mouth, granting it. Their tongues wrestle with each other. Natasha puts her hand on Maria's hip and slowly moves it up her waist and to her breast.

Natasha then realizes what she is doing. She breaks the kiss. "This is so, so, so crazy," she breathes, putting her hand on her forehead.

"I know, right?" Maria giggles, putting her hand up to her mouth to wipe the saliva away. "I've never done anything like this before."

"Neither have I!" Natasha exclaims. She then sighs.

Maria waits a moment. "Do you want to continue?"

Natasha thinks, and then she finds the answer. She looks up and locks eyes with Maria. "Yeah, I think I do." She smirks and then proceeds to kiss Maria.

The women strip off their clothing, still holding a kiss. They make their way to the twin bed on the left side of the room. Maria is in disbelief at what is happening. She has dreamed about this moment for a long time and now it is finally coming true.

"What shall I do?" Natasha asks, sitting back on the bed.

"Shh," Maria whispers. She places her finger over Natasha's mouth. "I'll show you." Agent Hill moves to the end of the bed, getting on her knees. She removes Natasha's panties and spreads her legs. She places her warm tongue on her sex.

"Oh!" Natasha gasps.

Maria licks Natasha's slit. She tongues her swollen clitoris, tasting her juices. She motions the letters of the alphabet against Natasha, a trick she picked up from television and films. The moaning from Natasha makes Maria so hot. She enjoys pleasuring this woman to a full extent. Maria then slips her finger into Natasha's heat and pulls in and out as she continues to suckle.

Natasha is overwhelmed at this situation. Is she really having sex with a woman? Sure she has had some lesbian dreams, who hasn't? But what is really astounding is that this is the best oral sex she has ever received. She feels as if she is floating. The pressure at her head is so sweet. She is almost breaking into a cold sweat. The Black Widow grabs fistfuls of the bed sheets. Her mouth is frozen in an O-shape.

"Oh, Maria, yes!" She moans in satisfaction as she reaches climax. Her back arches and her toes curl. Natasha's hips roll faster and faster. The pressure grows increasingly as her brain contineus to shoot off chemicals. Her entire body feels lighter than a feather. She is shaking from the intensity of her orgasm.

Once Maria is satisfied with Natasha's reaction, she removes her lips and kisses her labia once last time. She leaves soft smooches along Natasha's abdomen and up to her breasts. Maria squeezes and gropes Natasha's left breast as she sucks on her hardening nipple. Natasha throws her head back, mouth gaping open. Maria then moves to her right breast, repeating the same process. She then kisses her neck and travels up to her lips.

"That was amazing," Natasha whispers, sweating dripping down her forehead.

"Thank you," Maria smirks.

"Where did you learn how to do that?"

"Nowhere. I have thought about doing that to you every night for a long time. You're so beautiful, Natasha. And I feel so blessed and lucky to be sharing this moment with you right now."

Natasha blushes. "Come here," she says. She lightly grabs Maria's arm and pulls her into a sitting position on her knees. She wraps her legs around her. "Is this okay?"

"Yes, of course!" Maria smiles. She knew exactly what was doing to happen.

Maria opens her legs as well. She believed the term "scissoring" was correct. She rubs her heat against Natasha's. The sensation was magical. The two women hold each other close as their hips whirl into each other. Their breathing become desperate and sporadic as they hold an intense kiss. Their tongues dance a passionate tango. Maria bites Natasha's lip when she pulls away, wanting more of the wonderful taste. When both women have had their fill, they fall into a dead heap on the bed, tired and drunk with ecstasy.

After a few moments, Natasha speaks up. "That was nice," she says plainly.

"Yes it was." Maria nuzzles her face into Natasha's hair, breathing in her scent. Her fantasy had finally come true. But would this last? Was this just a one-time thing? God only knows what kind of perverted response they would get if anyone would find out. But Maria couldn't stop; she needed more. One time would never be enough. She loved Natasha.


Ah! I love this chapter! If you haven't read my bio, I'm a lesbian so this chapter is pretty pro. I'm quite proud of it. I just finished another chapter about five minutes ago and I have another one to post so don't worry! You will not run out of smut! And I'm loving these requests! Keep 'em coming!


SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!! DEAN!!!!!!!!!! SAM!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey, you may do a Steve/OC? c: I really loved this :'D

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Make a chapter stark/romanoff

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Sorry it's been so long. :/ I've just been focusing on my Supernatural fic. I do have a few storylines started. I'll try working on them. :) (STEVE AND BUCKY, ANYONE?)
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