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A Shot in the Dark


Captain America slowly rouses from his unconscious state to find that he is in a dark and damp room. He can faintly hear the sound of water dripping from over toward his right. As his eyes adjust to the darkness, he sees a door about five yards straight across the way. Steve’s head throbs and he touches his forehead to feel blood dripping from a gash.

“Hello?” He calls out, his voice cracking. Steve tries to swallow but his throat his too dry to get anything down. He then erupts in a coughing fit, causing pain to rattle through his skull.

Suddenly, there is commotion. An ear-shattering creak boasts from the door and Steve watches as a tall, feminine figure comes through from outside. He tries to stand but becomes disoriented and falls back to the ground.

“Who’s there?” He calls out, starting to become a little fearful. He pushes himself back against the wall harder, kicking with his feet. “Where am I?” His brows furrow together and sweat begins to bead at his hairline and on his upper lip.

“Hello, Steve,” a familiar voice says calmly.

“Ophelia? Is that you?” Steve exclaims. Indeed, it was Madame Viper, member of the Serpent Society, which was a villain group, ran by Hydra. “What am I doing here?” His voice is full of bewilderment. The last thing he remembers was fighting with his fellow Avengers against the Serpent Society. “Where are the rest of the Avengers?” Steve demands.

“They’re safe,” she answers plainly.

“Am I?”

Madame Viper pauses a moment. Soundlessly, she kneels down to get at eye level with Captain America. “Of course you are, Steve,” she whispers, running the back of her hand along the side of his face. She then pushes her face forward, smashing her lips against Steve’s. Her tongue wiggles against his tight lips, trying to gain access.

Steve pulls away. “Ophelia, stop!” He shouts. “Why am I here? Tell me!” He commands.

Ophelia runs her finger along the Captain’s pecks, contemplating her next words. “You’re here because… I want you to… run away with me.” She looks into his eyes.

“What?” Steve asks, astonished. “Are you serious?”

“Of course I am!” She says, offended. “C’mon, Steve, we’ve had such a great thing going. You know you love the thrill of sleeping with the enemy. You love the rush you get when you’re with me. You know it’s wrong but it feels oh so right.” She lets out a sinister chuckle.

Steve thinks about it a moment and then lunges forward, jumping on top of the seductive woman, causing her to fall on her back. Captain America’s lips attack Madame Viper’s in an intense kiss. This time, Ophelia’s tongue gains access. Their tongues play back and forth, teasing each other. Mouths open wide, they suck each other faces.

Steve’s left hand keeps himself steady as his right travels from Ophelia’s hip, across her waist and breasts to the zipper on her emerald and black body suit. He unzips it completely and puts his hand around her neck, squeezing gently. A satisfactory moan comes from within Madame Viper. She always did like it rough.

“Do it,” Ophelia says. “You know you want to.”

Steve pulls away, to the Viper’s disappointment. He peels off his Captain America suit and throws in it a heap on the grimy floor next to the two lovers. He then returns to his loving. He starts with nibbling on Ophelia’s right ear lobe. The nibbling turns into kissing. He leaves sloppy kisses all over her torso area. Wanting more, he pulls the cat suit off his woman and continues with his smooches.

“Ohh,” Ophelia groans. “Yes, Steve, that’s it.”

The Captain stops a moment, overwhelmed by how turned on he is. His length is pulsating, almost begging to enter Madame Viper. Steve follows his body’s responses and pushes himself into the woman below him. Ophelia yelps in pleasure at the feeling of him inside her. She continues to egg him on, wanting to be taken to Seventh Heaven.

She forcibly grabs Steve’s chin and pulls him close. “You better do this right; just like we used to. Ravage me, Steven Rogers.” Her voice becomes a barely audible hoarse whisper. “Ravage me.”

Steve does what he told, just like a good soldier would do. It was a game that he and the Viper would play. He was the measly soldier, while she was the Captain; she was the leader. He felt it kept him grounded. He did whatever she told him to do. They did not even have a safe word because he would and wanted to go as far as she would tell him to go. It was a sick fantasy; one that would not have been accepted back in the 1940’s but it’s not the 20th century anymore.

Steve pumps away, going as rough and rugged as he possible can. Viper calls out obscenities and remarks that even make Steve blush. He is so thankful they are in the dark. It has been a long time since they have done this. He is a little out of sync.

“Come on, soldier! Work harder! Go faster!” Ophelia practically screams at the man on top of her.

The Captain bends down and slides his tongue across Ophelia’s right breast. When he reaches her nipple, he begins to suckle on it. The touch sends a shudder down the woman’s spine. When he is satisfied, he moves up to her neck, licking her soft, white skin. Steve leaves love bites all over her neck, check and breasts. As Steve still thrusts into her, Madame Viper shoves her fingers in his mouth. He sucks on them, tasting the sweat and grime, but he does not mind it.

As Ophelia nears her orgasm, her hands fly out of Steve’s mouth and slap him on the back. Her fingernails dig deep, breaking the skin and drawing blood, causing Captain America to cry out. The pain just urges him on even harder. He tries to thrust harder but his body begins to slow since he is reaching his own climax. An immense pressure presses down on his head and it feels like his head is going to explode—but in a good way.

They both lie flat on the filthy floor, panting and gasping for air. The cold, murky dungeon has now become a hot and humid sex sanctuary for the two of them. Neither of them says a word, not knowing how to make small talk to each other. It has always been this way. Their relationship is purely sexual… well, at least to Steve.

“That was some of your best work yet, Soldier,” Ophelia finally says as they get dressed. She laughs to herself quietly, thinking about how much she would be rewarded by Hydra for sleeping with Captain America, but only if she were to assassinate him. But she would not want to do that. Ophelia cannot feel love but she does care for Cap.

“Thanks,” Steve breaths. His hand then silently moves down Madame Viper’s cat suit as he embraces her for a sexy hug. He feels around and then finds a pocket with a knife in it—all his weapons were taken when he was captured. He grips the weapon, counts to three, and holds it up against Ophelia’s neck. “Do what I say or I’ll slit your throat,” he says darkly.

“Steve—what are you—“

“Quiet!” He shouts. “There are guards at the door, right?”

“Yes,” Ophelia mutters, her voice breaking from the shock.

“Walk toward the door and knock.” Steve stands behind Madame Viper with the knife are her neck as they step to the Captain’s hopeful freedom.

Ophelia knocks, causing a metallic sound to ring out in the room. “I’m ready to come out now,” she says, her voice shaky.

The door opens. “Try anything and I’ll slit her throat!” Steve screams.

“Steve, you don’t need to—“ Ophelia pleads.

“Shut up and tell them to let me go.” When she does not saying anything, he smashes his shoulder into her back and tightens the knife around her neck. “Tell them!”

“Let him go,” Viper says softly. A tear rolls down her cheek. She was stabbed in the back and now her heart is broken.

The guards stand down and Captain America moves quickly down the hallway. He begins sprinting through the corridors, expecting to be ambushed at any moment. But to his surprise, no one comes. They are really just let him go. Steve becomes suspicious. It’s too easy. It must have been Ophelia. She let him go so that she can seek her own revenge on him.


You guys wanted Cap stuff so I gave you Cap stuff! Everyone makes him seem so timid and innocent. I wanted to show a modern Captain America. So there you go. I chose Madame Viper (she has a million different aliases but "Madame Viper" is my favorite) because she is incredibly sexy and is one of my favorites.


SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!! DEAN!!!!!!!!!! SAM!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CLINTASHA!!!!!!!!!!!! MY OTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey, you may do a Steve/OC? c: I really loved this :'D

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Make a chapter stark/romanoff

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Sorry it's been so long. :/ I've just been focusing on my Supernatural fic. I do have a few storylines started. I'll try working on them. :) (STEVE AND BUCKY, ANYONE?)
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