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The youngest SHIELD Agent and Avenger


Emillie Cali Swiss is just a teenage mutant girl that grew up under the watchful eyes of SHIELD. Though she has a normal life doing whatever normal teenage girls do living in California with he uncle Nathan. She learns why she is moving to the east coast on her sixteen birthday but she isn't leaving without taking her new pet Azul to guide her through this mess.

Tony/Steve! Clint/Bruce!


Anthony Bonest

Anthony Bonest

Anothony is 30 years old and has a big crush on Nathan. Anthony knew Nathan since when they where teenages when Nathan went missing for some years he thought he was dead. That was when on his 28 birthday he went to goldengate before his night out he saw Nathan again. Though Anthony was heart broken when he saw Cali by his side but he got the nerve to go up to him and talk to him. When he realized that Cali wasn't his daughter Anthony was back to trying to woo. Anthony knew about Nathan being a mutant and he doesn't care he is in love with him. An he fell in love with Cali taking her under his wing as well to him Nathan and him where like a mother and father. Nathan being the mother and Anthony being the father.



Is a Mutant wolf he is 70 years old but has the wolf body of a young wolf. Has made himself the protector of Cali is very loyal when threatend or Cali threaten will not hesitate to attack. Has a secret power that he doesn't know of yet he is an Eastern Wolf his eyes are a piercing blue. Enjoys walks being petted by Cali dislike people judging before knowing hates when he feels helpless.

Emilie Cali Swiss

Emilie Cali Swiss

Strong, Calm, Mutant, Funny, Can be a pain at times, Tall, Friendly, Scared of spiders and of thunder storms,Hates people who judge before knowing, Loves candy and baking. She is a 16 year old girl that deals with more importants things then any other teenages have to deal with. Her uncle is the only thing she knows to having a real parent also her uncle Anthony. She didn't make that many friends in her old school because they found out they where a mutant.

Nathan Gidson

Nathan Gidson

He is Cali's uncle is 27 he took care of her after her parents where killed. He takes his job as a parent very seriously. Whenever he sense Cali in some sort of danger he has to go find her. Cali is the only family he has since his parents abandoned him after finding out he is a mutant. He had a trouble some past in his youth but when SHIELD offered him a job he took it. Cali's parents became the family he never had and bounded with them rather quickly that when they died he quickly took Cali in not wanting anyone else to raise her.



i can't wait to read more you are doing awesome

Amanda06 Amanda06
Great job so far:)
You should update it soon