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Avengers Assemble!

Chapter 2

The Avengers? I thought who the hell are they? “The Avengers are a group of special people with unique abilities.” Nick says, walking towards a table to sit. He looks at me, expressionless but in his eyes, I could tell that he saw the questioning look on my face. Maria returned to the table with 6 files in her hand. She sat down and she sullenly says, “Here they are sir. Just as you ordered.”

Fury nodded, “You can leave and see if the other agents need help.” Maria stared stunned for a moment and then thunderously walked away. Fury watched her leave and then faced me. One by one he started to open the files. He gave one of them to me, the touch screen files shows a woman in her late 20’s shooting a handgun and stabbing an alien from the previous big war with Loki. The image repeated over and over. “Natasha Romanov, aka Black Widow. A Russian assassin that used to be bad, now she works for S.H.I.E.L.D.”

I continued to watch the image, something inside of one of emotions made me somewhat…angry of her beauty. I handed back the file, fiercely. “She’s very beautiful, I bet a lot of men…dated her from what you humans call.”

“I suppose, she never really mentions men that have gone steady with her…but she’s very close to Hawkeye for some reason.”

“Hawkeye, is he a half bird man?’ I questioned. Nick chuckled.

“No, he’s a human,” he handed me Hawkeye’s file, “he’s also an assassin, but he uses arrows to kill instead. The arrows have technology that can give him basically any type of arrow he needs, such like a bomb arrow.”

His name is Clint Barton, I read in my mind, seeing another image of a mortal shooting an arrow over and over. “This is Anthony Stark…or Tony Stark most people know him by. Better known as Iron Man.” Another file of a robot aiming lasers and bombs at huge aliens. “Before you ask, he’s not a robot; he’s a selfish billionaire that can make his own toys. Plus the glowing rock in the middle of his chest is basically his generator that keeps him going.” I smirked selfish huh?

Nick took Hawkeye’s and Iron Man’s files away and returned two more. “Steven Rogers, the first and only soldier from World War II, that successfully survived the Soldier Serum. He froze in an iceberg over 70 years ago and recently kind of just woke up. And this Bruce Banner, an amazing scientist that tried to recreate the Soldier Serum a few years ago using gamma radiation but failed. Now…when he’s pissed…you need to stay away from him.”

Two males, a male obviously in his early 30’s, which should be in his 100’s throwing a shield and another male…well…looks like a male green monster…throwing a huge tank like a baseball. “Hulk…sounds scary,” I mumbled, not really scared at all.

“Sweetheart, you should be.” Handing me the last file, I felt my body getting surprisingly warm. I never felt like this before. “Thor is his name. The demi-god and son of Odin. The thunder god, they call him and his younger brother was the crazed man that tried to destroy New York. Loki. The god of MISCHIEF.” I heard the hatred in Fury’s voice. “Thor is also from another planet…Asgard.”

“Is this planet close to my home?” He shook his head. My one heart suddenly had that so called sunken feeling.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find your family soon.” Fury says, standing up, collecting the files. He started to walk away, leaving me behind with my loneliness.

“Captain Fury,” I called. He stopped and turned around, waiting for my question, “When will I meet my new teammates?”

“Oh…in about half an hour. You might want to shower.”


Sorry, it took so long. I was waiting to get more views from my first chapter. Here it is! The second chapter! Please suscribe and leave comments!!!


I totally think this could be a GREAT story i hope you update soon!!!!
Lokilover Lokilover
I totally think this could be a GREAT story i hope you update soon!!!!
Lokilover Lokilover