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Avengers Assemble!

Chapter 3

I felt the warm water falling down my body as I grabbed soap from shelf. I rubbed the soap lathering the foam. While rinsing off the soap off, I began to wonder about my teammates. What if they don’t like me? What if they can’t stand aliens like they can’t stand Loki? I stopped the water, listening to drain taking away the dirty water. I love hearing the drain sucking up the water. I pull my colorful hair back to filter out the excess water. I grabbed my green towel off the rack next to shower. I dry myself off and wrapped the towel around me.
I walked out to my bedroom and sat on the bed. I looked down and started to question my body. Is it…like Natasha’s…so slim and curved? Or is it like Agent Hill’s…so flat and slightly curved? I stare at my chest, it’s bigger than both women but I believe I don’t have the goddess face of Natasha’s or Thor’s. My heart jumped at the thought of Thor. This man, whom I haven’t even met yet, gives me this tremble and warmth inside my body. I can’t quite figure this out, what is this feeling? I lifted up my knees and hugged them. My hair clings to my neck and back, I push it out of my face.
“Anastasia,” I heard a familiar voice and knocking on the door. I leaped off my bed and stood in the middle of the room, staring at the door.
“Yes, Agent Hill?” I announced.
“Are you almost ready? Most of the team members are here.” She returned the question.
Crap. “Yeah, I’ll be out in about 5 minutes.” I scrambled to my closet trying to find an outfit to wear. I stopped, expecting footsteps walking away. “Come on…do what you did when you came to this planet.” I mumbled to myself. While putting on my underwear and skinny jeans (which I can’t stand to wear), I concentrated on my hearing. I felt my head starting to pound profusely, don’t give up yet. I concentrate even harder…I thought my brain along with my heart was about to explode. I finally put to the final touches of my outfit. Skinny jeans, with black knee high boots, a black tank top and blue jean jacket. I stopped trying to hurt myself and opened the door. Agent Hill…wasn’t even there.
“Rogers, Banner, Romanov, Stark this is your new member. Her real name is Anmoma, but we legally changed to Anastasia Bendarson. She is an alien and her family is missing after an explosion in space. She speaks English pretty well, but can still be easily confused with our planet. So please respect her and Tony, stop looking at her like that. You have a girlfriend for the love of God.”
I kept my eyes from staring straight into any of my teams’ eyes. Mainly Natasha’s whose eyes make me uncomfortable by her beauty. “Hello, Avengers.” I mumbled, just loud enough for them to hear.
“Hello, I’m Captain America. But you can call me Steve.” Captain America remarked, standing up and an army’s greeting. A salute I believe it’s called. He held out his hand, and I hesitantly grabbed and shook it. Hard. Captain let go and quickly held his hand. “You got some strength, that’s good. We could use another muscle.”
Banner glared at Captain like he said something inappropriate. I realized this before Captain America did, I walked over to Banner and smiled. “Nice to meet you Dr. Banner, I heard a lot about your work.” He stopped glaring and softened to a more mature and cowardly man.
“Nice to meet you too, Anastasia.” He nodded.
I chuckled, “Please call me Ana.” As I said this, I moved forward to the next person.
“Tony Stark, at your service my fair maiden.” I somewhat cringed at the ‘my fair maiden.’ Really Iron Man is that the best you can do?
“Yes, my poor friend, I’ve heard SO much about you.” I continued to move but he grabbed my hand, and held it. He kissed it; I felt my whole body tremble with mixed emotions. I fiercely pulled my hand back and almost stumbled upon Black Widow.
Natasha stopped me from falling over and looked at me like I did it on purpose. I didn’t say anything except a simple, “It’s a wonderful chance to finally meet you, Black Widow.”
“Please call me Natasha, Anastasia.” She replied, sarcastically. I started to make fists, I wanted to humiliate her in such a way, but I didn’t.
“Call me Ana.” I answered bitterly as I sat down right next to her. Nick Fury, who was watching the whole time, sat down at the head of the table, staring into my soul. I can tell by his annoyed expression he’s saying, don’t you start this what so ever. I looked away, embarrassed at the show I have given.
“Hawkeye will arrive shortly and Thor…we’re trying to find a way to reach him.” Fury started to talk. “The reason why I called you here is because we came across a huge problem.” Nobody said anything, I continued to look down. “At around 5:00 AM, a witness was driving to work when he came across a huge hole in the middle of the street. He pulled over and went to investigate it. The next thing you know he sees a blast of energy coming out of the ground and was attacked.”
“So, you’re saying that an energy blast started to attack a man?” Stark said with a snicker in his voice.
“I’m saying,” Fury continued, ignoring Tony’s comment, “the energy blast is not just from the ground but a full blown person.”
“Or thing.” I muttered.
“Yeah, or thing.” Nick sighed. The table was silent and there was no sudden movement.
“Is there any forensic evidence if this figure is human or not?” Bruce finally spoke, taking off his glasses. He blows on them getting rid of any dust on his glasses, “There’s got to be physical evidence to prove what it is.”
“Very little evidence.” Maria suddenly said. I looked to see her standing behind Fury. She must have been there since the meeting started. “Sir, Hawkeye has arrived.”
“Don’t send him in now; the meeting is pretty much over. I’m sure of us will explain the meeting to him. Maybe Black Widow can do it.”
“What’s that suppose to mean?” Black Widow retorted, staring at Nick like he said something rude.
“It means that you’re closest to him, fool. You tell him about the information. Now, if you excuse me I must attend to my duties. If you have any questions you can come to me or Maria.” Nick left with Agent Hill following him like a trained Rottweiler. Tony stood up and stretched.
“Wellllll, that boring ass meeting is finally over. I’m going to the science room and look at the research of evidence, they so called collected. You coming, Brucey?”
“Don’t call me that.” Dr. Banner rose from his chair and walked out of the room. Stark just looked out the door and then at me giving me a sly smile. I glared at him but felt my cheeks burning. He left, still smiling.
Natasha abruptly left a few minutes later, I heard her mumble under her breath, “You’re the fool.” I felt that same angry emotion I had earlier. She’s still beautiful even when she’s mad.
I shook my head and closed my eyes. The room was pretty much deserted besides me and Captain America. I opened one of my eyes and stared at him with a questioningly look. “Is your team always this weird and exhausting?”
Captain America laughed and also got up from the table. He walked passed me and then stood at the door. Still chuckling, he says “You should have seen us at the beginning of it all.”
“Yeah, but how can 6 individuals with different personalities and unique talents becomes so well fit together as one group?” I asked, standing up.
Captain continued to stand at the door. Staring off into the other room he says, “Don’t you mean 7 individuals with different personalities and unique talents becoming one well fit group?” Then he left.


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I totally think this could be a GREAT story i hope you update soon!!!!
Lokilover Lokilover
I totally think this could be a GREAT story i hope you update soon!!!!
Lokilover Lokilover