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Avengers Assemble!

Chapter 4

I lay in my bed that night, wondering about this whole team thing. Should I trust them? My teammates are basically a bunch of misfits toys put together as one big unavoidable toy. A robot, a monster, a patriotic doll, an action figure, a demi-god Ken doll, and a redheaded Barbie. What am I to them? An alien Barbie? Or a Bratz doll? I turned onto my back and stared into the ceiling. I began to think of our mission. We are supposed to leave in a matter of a few days. Nick Fury originally had us leave tonight but he claims something’s come up and he wants us to wait a little longer.
“Yea, something’s come up,” I mumbled to myself, closing my eyes. I took a deep breath and soon fell asleep.
Bang Bang! I jolted up from the sudden sound. I swiftly and quietly got of the bed. On the desk that was near my bed, I grabbed my handgun. Nick said it wouldn’t be much of a use after I figure out how to control my powers again. I reached the door. I leaned against it, hoping to hear any noises. Luckily for me, my one of my super senses that I lost was regained when I first came to the earth. My hearing, I relaxed and began to listening again. I heard breathing outside of my door. I opened the door really fast and pointed at the suspect’s head; I wasn’t going to take any chance if this was an intruder trying to catch me off guard.
“Whoa! Whoa! It’s me! Tony!” the intruder exclaimed, raising his hands. I squinted at the him, since there was some light to the corridor. It was Tony, I sighed highly annoyed. I lowered my weapon.
“Mr. Stark? What the hell you doing banging on my door this late at night?” I snarled.
“Couldn’t sleep. Decided to walk around.” He replied, with a sly smile. He did it on purpose to wake me up. I looked away, blushing profusely. As I thought about it, he was kind of cute…in an older way that is.
“Well, sorry to hear that. But why are you waking me up? I barely know you.” He moved up closer, I took a step back.
“Sorry, but you look really nice in your pajamas.” I turned around and quickly returned to my room. Before I could angrily slam the door, Tony grabs it.
“How dare you, trying to what you stupid males call hit on? You have a girlfriend!” I snapped. I didn’t care that if anyone heard me or not anymore. I wanted him to leave. I saw in his eyes that the flirtness has disappeared.
“Pepper and I…we decided to date other people…” he murmured. He looked hurt a little. I softened. He must have been in love, even though he’s not that type of guy to admit it. He must have a lot, this Pepper girl. I slowly felt my grip on the door and my anger disappearing. Before I could apologize for my reaction, Tony let’s go of the door and slowly turns around to start walking away.
“Wait Mr. -“I began to apologize but suddenly there was a loud BANG. Tony and I fell from the quake. After a scary moment, an alarm began to ring loudly. We both looked at each other with concerned looks. Stark jumps up and run toward the sound of the alarm. I return to my room and throw on some decent clothes. “So much for sleep.” I mumbled as I ran, following Tony’s steps.


Hey! Sorry for the long wait!! Wow over 200 views!! Thanks guys!! I'm graduating tomorrow!! So I'll update a lot more!!!


I totally think this could be a GREAT story i hope you update soon!!!!
Lokilover Lokilover
I totally think this could be a GREAT story i hope you update soon!!!!
Lokilover Lokilover