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The Agent's Daughter*****FINISHED*****


My name is Madison, or Maddy. To me it doesn't matter..Anyways, Madison Coulsen/ Carter is my name. Which means that, 1. I'm Agent Coulsen's daughter. and 2. Peggy Carter (Captain America's Love Interest in the war) is my grandmother.
This is the story of how I found out who I really was, and also how the mission I was about to go on would change my life forever..


Madison Coulsen Carter

Madison Coulsen Carter

My name is Madison. Madison Coulsen/Carter. That's right, Agent Phil Coulsen is my dad. Well he's my adopted father. It also means that Peggy Carter(Captain America's Love Interest when he was in the war, was my grandmother. That's all I know of my past.)I'm known as Artemis usually, because of my Greek decsent. I have no memory of what I was like before I was a S.H.I.E.L.D Agent I have waist length reddish brownish hair, and green eyes. I love archery. I am a professionally trained assasin. I can throw pretty much anything,I am pretty strong for my age, and I'm only 24. Like Natasha, I got under S.H.I.E.L.D's radar in a bad way, and Agent Barton was sent to capture me, and bring me back, but he somehow persuaded Nick Fury to give me a chance to help the world There's something special about me too. Apparently, I can control the 5 elements, and use them in a form of alchemy. But I didn't know about it. Nick knew


  1. Meeting Madison

    Just Madison's Profile, when I was creating her as a character, it wouldn't hold all of her info

  2. The Evacuation

    The Evacuation at S.H.I.E.L.D

  3. Meeting Loki

    When the Tesseract brings Loki to S.H.I.E.L.D

  4. Recruiting Steve Rogers/Captain America

  5. Reaching the Base

  6. Time To Suit Up

  7. Meeting Iron Man and Thor

  8. Confronting Iron Man and Thor, and finding out something else about me

  9. Discussing Loki

  10. Confronting Loki

  11. You've go to be Kidding Me!!

  12. Bruce?

  13. You're Going to be alright

  14. You Love Me?

  15. I'm Bringing the Party to You

  16. I Have to go

  17. Everybody Clear Out!!!

  18. Jump!

  19. He's not slowing down!

    Clint's Point of view

  20. Where are you?

    Still Clint's Point of View

  21. Why Isn't She Waking Up?


  22. No.....

  23. You are a very special child, Madison

    Inside Maddy's thoughts

  24. I love you...

    Time to put the pieces together in this chapter...

  25. Choices.....

    Maddy's Point of View

  26. Decisions, Decisions

  27. Thinking

  28. Maddy????

  29. Making a Desicion

    Inside Maddy's Head when she passed out

  30. I'm.....

    Maddy had made a desicion......


The Goddess is revealed

The Goddess is revealed

PG-13 Romance Drama Action

It has been a while since Loki had tried to take over the earth, and Maddy and Clint are living their care-free lives together. For now. Suddenly, Maddy starts having strange dreams, these dreams keep occuring, and she dosent know what is going on.


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it's Coulson… And each sentence should begin with a new paragraph. Ex:

"Can you see anything that might shut this off?" Fury asked, the both of us.

"Well if there's any tampering. It's not from this end." I said.

"This end?" Fury asked, sounding concerned.

"Yeah, well the Tesseract's a portal. It's a portal to the other end of space. Door's open from both sides." Clint added and I nodded.

"Doctor, it's spiking again."

YoungDopeProud YoungDopeProud



Yeah, that was the reaction I was aiming for, and the reaction that I recieved the most. And I know, I felt bad for putting Maddy in a coma, but there is a very good reason for it though...
At first I was like WHAT? SHE IS DEAD? but being in a coma is almost just as bad. :(
@Marvel is my life.
Aweeh thanks. I didnt mean to almost kill you :)
I'm glad you're liking the story so far :D