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The Agent's Daughter*****FINISHED*****

You Love Me?

You love me?” I asked him, with a faint smile on my lips. He smiled at me and nodded. “I love you too…It took me a while to figure out what I was feeling for you, but I know now…” I said, as I kissed him once more. I pulled back after. He smiled at me, and then he frowned. “What’s wrong?” I asked, sounding concerned. “What’s wrong?” He asked me. “What do you mean?” I asked, curiously. “Your eyes are red…What’s wrong? What did Loki do to you?” I stood up, and walked away from the bed. Tears leaking from my eyes. “Maddy??” He asked, sounding concerned. “He killed him…” I said, with my back to him still. I heard him walk up behind me. “Who, Maddy?” He asked, gently. “My…my…dad…” He touched my shoulder.

“Who was?” “A…age…nt… Coulson…” I sobbed. Clint turned me around so that I would be facing him. I had tears pouring down my face, my vision was blurred. “Maddy, you’re Coulson’s daughter…?” I nodded, with tears still pouring down my face. “Maddy……” He said, soothingly. He wrapped me in a warm and loving hug. As soon as my head hit his chest, I broke out in more sobs, he stroked my hair, and he kissed the top of my forehead. His arms were protectively wrapped around me. He held me like that for a few minutes, until I stopped sobbing. He looked into my eyes, and said,

“I won’t let him hurt you Maddy, I almost lost you once, and I’m not going to lose you again…” He said, as he kissed my forehead, that’s when he noticed something on my forehead, and he frowned again. “What’s wrong?” I asked. Responding, he gently touched the corner of my forehead. “Did I do this to you?” He asked. “No, I got it when the Hulk was chasing me…” I said, truthfully. He let go of me, and he got a damp towel, and dabbed at my cut. While he was doing that, he kept smiling at me, keeping me from crying. When he was done, he left to go to the bathroom to rinse out the towel, as soon as he walked into the bathroom, Cap walked in. “Time to go…” He simply stated.

“Go where?” I asked. “I’ll tell you on the way. Can you fly on of those jets?” He asked. Clint then appeared out of the bathroom, and he said, “I can…” Steve looked at me, and I nodded. “You got a suit?” He asked the both of us. “Yeah…” We both answered. “Then suit up…”

Sorry if this chapter was so chessy :(


The Goddess is revealed

The Goddess is revealed

PG-13 Romance Drama Action

It has been a while since Loki had tried to take over the earth, and Maddy and Clint are living their care-free lives together. For now. Suddenly, Maddy starts having strange dreams, these dreams keep occuring, and she dosent know what is going on.


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it's Coulson… And each sentence should begin with a new paragraph. Ex:

"Can you see anything that might shut this off?" Fury asked, the both of us.

"Well if there's any tampering. It's not from this end." I said.

"This end?" Fury asked, sounding concerned.

"Yeah, well the Tesseract's a portal. It's a portal to the other end of space. Door's open from both sides." Clint added and I nodded.

"Doctor, it's spiking again."

YoungDopeProud YoungDopeProud



Yeah, that was the reaction I was aiming for, and the reaction that I recieved the most. And I know, I felt bad for putting Maddy in a coma, but there is a very good reason for it though...
At first I was like WHAT? SHE IS DEAD? but being in a coma is almost just as bad. :(
@Marvel is my life.
Aweeh thanks. I didnt mean to almost kill you :)
I'm glad you're liking the story so far :D