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The Agent's Daughter*****FINISHED*****

I'm Bringing the Party to You

We exited the medical room after Clint and I had suited up, and we started walking down to the jet terminal. I saw Nat turn to follow us. We entered a jet, there was a guy working in it. When he saw us, he stood. “Hey, you guys aren’t authorized to be in here…” “Son. Just don’t.” Cap said. I stifled a laugh, as the boy ran off. Clint went up to the front of the jet, I went to go sit in the back but, Natasha and Steve stopped me. “

What?” I asked. “Maddy……we’re so sorry about Coulson…” Natasha said, quietly. I looked at the ground, tears threatening to fall, but I fought against them. “It’s fine, there’s nothing that anyone can really say or do to bring him back now…” I said. Both Nat and Steve gave me a sympathetic look. “Go sit up front with Clint…” Nat said, to me. I smiled at her. Nat always understood me, no matter what it was.

I walked up to the front of the jet, and sat beside Clint, who gave me a quick smile, which I returned. “Do you know how to fly a jet?” Clint asked me. I laughed. “I knew how to fly this jet, since I was about 14…” I smiled, as did Clint. “Where are we going to, anyway Cap?” I asked. “Stark Tower…” He replied. I turned to face Steve, with a questioning look on my face. “Why?” Clint asked.

“Loki’s going to use the power from Tony’s power source that he uses to power the Stark Tower, to power the machine that he’s using the Tesseract with, to open up the portal to let his army out with…” “O̱, af̱tó den akoúgetai kaló …” I said. Everyone turned to me with questioning looks on their face. “Oh, that doesn’t sound good. Remember, when I’m angry, or pissed off. I speak Greek…I’m not strange ok...” I winked, they all smiled at me.

After Stark’s Conversation with Loki

We were beginning to approach the tower, and I pressed on my earpiece. “Stark, we’re on your three, headed northeast.” “What took you so? Stop for drive through?” He asked, cockily. I knew he could see me, so I rolled my eyes at him, Clint chuckled. “Swing up Park, I’m going to lay them out for you…” Tony added. We did as he told us, as soon as we saw the aliens or the Chitauri, I started firing at them, hitting most of them, while Clint continued steering the jet. As soon as most of the aliens were ash, we circled around, and on the Stark Tower, we saw Thor battling Loki. Anger boiled through me, when I saw Loki, but of course I didn’t show it. I aimed and fired at Loki, but he avoided it, and he used his sceptre to hit the jet, and knock us out of the air. “Hold on tight, guys!” I ordered to Steve and Nat, who grabbed onto anything that could hold them steady. When we crashed, Clint and I unbuckled ourselves, and we grabbed our bows, and we ran outside. “We have to get back up there!” Steve yelled. We all stopped in our tracks, because we heard a sound coming from the portal.

We looked up, to see a huge shark-like creature come out of the portal. I had seen this creature before, but I didn’t know when or where I had seen a creature like this. We watched as more of the aliens started jumping off the creature and landing on buildings. “Mia Leviáthan…” I said, suddenly. They all looked at me, with a look in their eyes that said, English Please. “A Leviathan…” I explained. They still gave me a questioning look, which I ignored. “Stark, are you seeing this?” I asked, through my ear piece. “Seeing……still working on believing……” He said, in disbelief. “Where’s Banner? Has he shown up yet?” He added. “Banner?” Steve asked, confused. I heard Tony sigh, “Just keep me posted…”

The aliens started shooting at us from everywhere, so we took shelter, behind a taxi cab. “We’ve got civilians still trapped up here…” Clint said, to Steve. Just then, we heard shots being fired above us. We ducked, to see Loki shooting at civilians. “Loki…” Steve hissed. He looked over the cab, to see the civilians. “They’re like fish in a barrel down there…” He said. “We got this. We’re good. Go.” I heard Natasha say to Cap. “Do you think you can hold them off?” Cap asked, Clint and I. “Captain…” Clint started to say. “It would be our genuine pleasure…” I continued. We stood up, and I shot a creature in the eye, killing it instantly. Natasha started to shoot the aliens, and I said, “O pólemos eíche mólis archísei” Translation: And so the war begins..

Just then, Clint’s voice interrupted my thoughts. “Maddy, come on. There are people are trapped on a bus…” I turned to Nat. “Go, I’ve got your backs…” She said to me. I nodded, and Clint and I ran for the bus, and we started unloading people off the buses. Once we finished, we ran back to Nat, and we all stood side by side. Clint on her right, I was on her left. “This is just like Budapest, huh?” I heard Natasha say to Clint. “You and I remember Budapest very differently…” Clint said, while looking around. I smirked.

Just then, we were ambushed again……right when Natasha ran out of ammo. I sighed; thankfully, I had enrolled in martial arts when I was younger, so I fought off the aliens with my fists, feet and my bow. I saw Clint using an arrow to stab them in the heart; I began to copy his actions. Suddenly, a creature grabbed me from behind, and threw me on my back. I struggled against it, but the creature weighed too much. It grabbed a knife, and it tried to stab me in the heart.

I kept trying to move out of the way, but the alien wouldn’t budge. It managed to clip me across the forehead, and in the arm, until I saw an arrow pierce the alien in the skull, and the creature lay there, dead across my body. I closed my eyes, taking in what had just happened. “Maddy……” I heard, Clint say. I stood up, throwing the alien’s dead body off me. I stumbled a little bit, thankfully; Clint caught me, and stood me back up. He touched my forehead; I winced for the cut had been pretty deep. He gave me a sad look. “Eímai próstimo…” I said. “English…” He smiled. “I’m fine…” I repeated. “You?” “Just peachy…” He smirked, as he stabbed another creature in the heart.

Creatures started circling the three of us, when Cap jumped back in and helped. We killed them off and as more began to approach they were suddenly electrocuted by Thor. I smiled, as Thor landed near us. “What’s the story upstairs?” Steve asked Thor. “The power surrounding the Cube is impenetrable…” Stark said, in our ear pieces. “Thor’s right. We’ve got to deal with these guys…” He added. “How do we do this?” Nat asked. “As a team…” Cap answered. “I have unfinished with Loki…” Thor said. “Yeah, well get in line…” Clint said. “I think that Maddy would like to deal with Loki before anyone else does…” Steve said. “Oh, you have no idea……” I growled.

“Save it…” Cap said, walking in front of us, before turning around. “Loki’s going to keep this fight focused on us, and that’s what we need. Without him, these things could run wild…” Steve continued, but I zoned out. I couldn’t help but thinking that something was going to happen and that I wouldn’t see them again. They were they family that I never had. Clint noticed that I had zoned out, and he placed a hand on my shoulder. “Maddy?” He asked, concerned. When I didn’t respond, he wrapped an arm around my waist. “We can and will win this Maddy, everything will be okay…I love you.” He kissed me on the head. I was blushing madly. “I love you too…” I said.

Just then, we heard the sound of a motorcycle approaching. It was Bruce? “So this all seems horrible…” Bruce stated. “I’ve seen worse…” I said, with a faint smile on my face. “Sorry…” Bruce said, apologetically. “No, we could use a little worse…” Natasha added. “Stark…we got him..” Cap said. “Banner?” Tony asked. “Yep, just like you said.” “Good, now tell him to suit up, I’m bringing the party to you…” In the distance, I saw him come around the corner of a building; behind him was one of the Leviathans. “I don’t see how that’s a party…” Natasha said, sarcastically. Bruce began walking towards the creature. “Dr. Banner…Now might be a very good time for you to get angry…” Bruce turned around. “That’s my secret, Cap…I’m always angry…”

He turned back around, he was the Hulk. He hit the creature, in the head with his fist. Suddenly, that back half of the creature went up, and it started to fall towards us. “Hold on…” Tony said, aiming and firing at an open piece of flesh on the Leviathan. It exploded, and Clint pushed me behind a taxi, and covered my body with his. I heard metal hit the ground constantly. When, it finally stopped, we all stood in a circle, looking out for more aliens. I looked around at my family, wondering if this would be the last time, I would see them, or if it was the last time they were going to see……me?


The Goddess is revealed

The Goddess is revealed

PG-13 Romance Drama Action

It has been a while since Loki had tried to take over the earth, and Maddy and Clint are living their care-free lives together. For now. Suddenly, Maddy starts having strange dreams, these dreams keep occuring, and she dosent know what is going on.


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it's Coulson… And each sentence should begin with a new paragraph. Ex:

"Can you see anything that might shut this off?" Fury asked, the both of us.

"Well if there's any tampering. It's not from this end." I said.

"This end?" Fury asked, sounding concerned.

"Yeah, well the Tesseract's a portal. It's a portal to the other end of space. Door's open from both sides." Clint added and I nodded.

"Doctor, it's spiking again."

YoungDopeProud YoungDopeProud



Yeah, that was the reaction I was aiming for, and the reaction that I recieved the most. And I know, I felt bad for putting Maddy in a coma, but there is a very good reason for it though...
At first I was like WHAT? SHE IS DEAD? but being in a coma is almost just as bad. :(
@Marvel is my life.
Aweeh thanks. I didnt mean to almost kill you :)
I'm glad you're liking the story so far :D