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The Agent's Daughter*****FINISHED*****

Meeting Iron Man and Thor

Just then, a blast hit Loki knocking me out of my trance. A familiar red iron suit flew by me. I smiled. I knew that red suit anywhere. "Make your move reindeer games.." Tony said. Loki surrendered. I grabbed my bow, and stood beside Steve. "Mr.Stark." Steve said. "Captain.." Tony said. "Stark.." I said, with a small smile on my face. "Artemis.." He replied.
*On the Helicopter*
"Is he saying anything?" Fury asked Natasha. "Not a word.." Natasha said, flatly. "Just get him here.." Fury said. Steve, Tony, and I were discussing Loki. "I don't like it.." Cap said. "What? Rock of Ages giving up so easliy??" Tony replied. "No, I don't remember it being that easy. This guy packs a wallop." I nodded. "He has a point Tony, he was pummeling both Cap and I. He just gave up when you showed up.." "Still you are pretty spry for an older fellow.What's your thing? Pilates?" Tony asked Steve. I rolled my eyes. "What?" "It's like calisthenics. You might have missed a couple things. Y'know doin' time as a...Cap-sicle." "Tony, give him a break will ya.." I said, sharply. "What?" Tony asked. I just rolled my eyes. "Ya know Fury didn't tell us that he was calling you in.." I said, sharply. "Yeah, there's alot of things that Fury dosen't tell you." Tony said, plainly. I began to argue, then I realised that he did have a point. Tony saw that I was considering his point, and he cocked his eyebrows at me. I made a face.
Just then, there was a loud rumble. It was thunder. "Where's this coming from?" Natasha asked worridly, looking around. I looked over at Loki, who had a worried/scared expression on his face. "What's the matter, scared of a little lightning?" Steve asked Loki. "I'm not overly fond of what follows.." Loki said, looking up. "I don't blame him.." I said quietly. Just then, we heard a loud thump on the roof of the helicopter. I jumped, as did Loki. Steve saw me jump, and he placed a hand on my arm. Tony put on his mask, Cap put on his cowel and grabbed his shield. I grabbed my bow. Tony walked over to the door, and pressed the button to open it. As he opened it, Thor landed on the ramp. Tony went to fire at Thor, but Thor hit im with his hammer. Tony went flying into Cap and I. Thor grabbed Loki, and jumped out. "Now there's that guy." Tony said, abit annoyed, standing up. "Another Asguardian?" Nat asked. "Think that guys friendly?"Steve asked. "It dosen't matter. If he frees or kills Loki. The tesseract's lost." Tony said, about to fly out. "Stark..we need a plan of attack.'' Steve said. "I have a plan.Attack." Tony said, plainy, as he flew out. Steve sighed as he grabbed a parachute and began to attach it to himself. "I would sit this one out Cap.." Nat said. "Don't see how I can." Steve said. "These guys come from legends. They're basically gods." I smirked. Thor and Loki were Gods. "There's only one God mam'and I'm sure he doesn't dress like that.." Cap said. I smiled
"Then you might as well take Maddy with you.." I looked at Nat. She gave me a smile. "Make sure they don't kill each other.." She smiled. I nodded, "Yes mam.." I smiled. I nodded to Cap, he grabbed hold of me, and jumped..


The Goddess is revealed

The Goddess is revealed

PG-13 Romance Drama Action

It has been a while since Loki had tried to take over the earth, and Maddy and Clint are living their care-free lives together. For now. Suddenly, Maddy starts having strange dreams, these dreams keep occuring, and she dosent know what is going on.


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it's Coulson… And each sentence should begin with a new paragraph. Ex:

"Can you see anything that might shut this off?" Fury asked, the both of us.

"Well if there's any tampering. It's not from this end." I said.

"This end?" Fury asked, sounding concerned.

"Yeah, well the Tesseract's a portal. It's a portal to the other end of space. Door's open from both sides." Clint added and I nodded.

"Doctor, it's spiking again."

YoungDopeProud YoungDopeProud



Yeah, that was the reaction I was aiming for, and the reaction that I recieved the most. And I know, I felt bad for putting Maddy in a coma, but there is a very good reason for it though...
At first I was like WHAT? SHE IS DEAD? but being in a coma is almost just as bad. :(
@Marvel is my life.
Aweeh thanks. I didnt mean to almost kill you :)
I'm glad you're liking the story so far :D