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The Agent's Daughter*****FINISHED*****

Discussing Loki

We had returned from Germany, with Loki has our captive. We all sat around a large table, and watched on small screens, as Fury went to talk to Loki. "In case, it's unclear.." Fury started. "You try to escape,.. if you so much as scratch that glass.." He pressed a button, that opened up a chamber that was under Loki's cell. Loki looked nervously down the pit. "30, 000 feet straight down, In a steel trap. You get how that works?!" Fury said, pushing a button to close the chamber. "Ant." Fury said, pointing at Loki. "Boot." He said, pointing to the panel. Loki laughed. "It's an impressive cage. Not built, I think for me." "It's built for something a lot stronger than you.." Fury replied. "Oh, I've heard.." He said, turning to face the camera to his right. "The mindless beast. Makes play he's still a man." I could feel Bruce tensing up, and I pitied him(Bruce). "How desperate are you?" Loki continued.

"To call on such lost creatures to defend you, especially one with no past whatsoever.." He was starting to tick Fury off now. But his comment about me,made me tense up. I hated whenever people purposely mentioned that I knew nothing of my past. I made fists with my hands. Steve saw this, and he put one of his hands over top one of my own. I tried to calm down just a little. "How desperate am I? You threaten my world with war. You steal a force you can't hope to control. You talk about peace. Yet, you kill cause it's fun. You have made me very desperate." Fury paused, before continuing. "And you might not be glad that you did."

"Ooh.. it burns you to have come so close. To have the tesseract. To have power, unlimited power and for what. A warm light for all mankind to share.. and then to be reminded of what real power is.." Loki taunted. Fury just walked over to the stairs, and began to make his way down them. "Well let me know, if 'Real Power' wants a magazine or something.." Fury said, as he walked down the stairs. Loki turned to the camera's and I could tell that he was staring straight at me, and we shut the screens off.

"He really grows on you dosen't he?" Bruce said. "Loki's going to drag this out.." I said, sourly. "So, Thor what's his play?" Steve continued for me. "He has an army called the Chitauri.." Thor began to explain, but I zoned out. Why did everyone seem to make a big deal about me, not knowing barely anything about my past. What was it to Loki that knew nothing about my past? What did he know that I didn't? I had so many questions, but I wasn't sure when or if I was going to get them answered. I was brought back to the present when I heard Bruce say. "We shouldn't be focused on Loki. That guys brain is like a bag of cats. You can smell crazy on him." I smirked.

Thor wasn't amused. "Have care how you speak? Loki maybe beyond reason. But he is of Asguard. And he's my brother." "He killed 80 people in 2 days." Nat said, sourly. I smirked at that. "He's adopted.." Thor said, quickly. Just then, Tony walked in, and him and Bruce began talking about the Tesseract, which went on for a little while, until Nick dismissed us. "Artemis.." He called to me. I walked over to him. "I need you to confront Loki." He said, abruptly. "Sir.." I said, confused, on why he had asked me to do this. "Are you sure, you want ME to do this?" "Madison..." He said, gently. I was surprised, because this was the first time that Fury called me by my first name. "We all have faith in you. Especially Agent Coulsen, and Barton would have faith in you too. You can do this Madison. We know you can." "Yes, sir.." I said, before walking to the detention level. While, I was walkimg to the detention level, lots of things were racing through my mind. I reached the detention level, I crept up to Loki's cage and stood there with my arms crossed, with his back to me. "There's not too many people who could sneak up on me.." He said. I took a deep breath. "But, I bet you figured I'd come.."


The Goddess is revealed

The Goddess is revealed

PG-13 Romance Drama Action

It has been a while since Loki had tried to take over the earth, and Maddy and Clint are living their care-free lives together. For now. Suddenly, Maddy starts having strange dreams, these dreams keep occuring, and she dosent know what is going on.


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it's Coulson… And each sentence should begin with a new paragraph. Ex:

"Can you see anything that might shut this off?" Fury asked, the both of us.

"Well if there's any tampering. It's not from this end." I said.

"This end?" Fury asked, sounding concerned.

"Yeah, well the Tesseract's a portal. It's a portal to the other end of space. Door's open from both sides." Clint added and I nodded.

"Doctor, it's spiking again."

YoungDopeProud YoungDopeProud



Yeah, that was the reaction I was aiming for, and the reaction that I recieved the most. And I know, I felt bad for putting Maddy in a coma, but there is a very good reason for it though...
At first I was like WHAT? SHE IS DEAD? but being in a coma is almost just as bad. :(
@Marvel is my life.
Aweeh thanks. I didnt mean to almost kill you :)
I'm glad you're liking the story so far :D