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Gunpowder and Lead

This World Will Fight Against Us, Burning

I walk into the address the guy last night gave me the next day. I look around and it’s basically an abandoned building about an hour outside of the city. It has a couple ledges over head; perfect hiding spots for any sniper. A smile appears on my lips as I take of my sunglasses, putting them on top of my head, before climbing up onto one of the ledges. Just as I begin to scope out the place, the guy from last night walks into the building with another guy. He looks middle aged, receding hairline and all. This guy however is carrying in a paintball gun along with a suitcase.

“I thought you needed a serious worker?” I ask before dropping in on them from above. “I don’t do paintball guys. I’m a real sniper; not some punk kid.”

“We know that.” The trench coat guy asks. “I’m Nick Fury and this is my associate, Phil Coulson. I’m the director for SHIELD.”

“And SHIELD is?” I ask. “This isn’t another Men in Black kind of thing is it?”

“Only difference is, we don’t necessarily work with aliens.” ‘Phil’ chuckles, but stop when Fury glares at him.

“This is a test Barton.” Fury says before grabbing the paintball gun from Phil and throws it at me. I catch it and look at it before looking up at Fury. “We’re gonna have you hide up on the ledges and take down anyone that walks into this building. These people walking in are fellow agents of ours so we need them back alive.”

“Hence the paintball gun.” I muse with a chuckle. “You really have faith that I can make the perfect kill shot, huh?”

“Like I told you last night, I’ve had my eye on you.” Fury replies. “Get into a hiding spot, your test starts down.” I smirk climbing back up onto the ledge and find a comfortable hiding spot.

The first hour was successful. I made perfect kill shots after perfect kill shot. That’s until the last two targets walk in. I take out the redhead with ease but when the guy looks up at the ceiling; my heart stops. I feel the air suck back into my lungs as tears fill my eyes. He may have changed, but his eyes are still the same. “Fury, I can’t take this job.” I announce before dropping down from the ceiling, right in front of the redhead and the man.

“And why the hell not?” Fury asks, walking into the building. “You’re the best sniper I’ve seen. You’d be the perfect agent, Barton!”

The man looks over at me and his eyes widen. “This can’t be.” He mutters softly, earning a look from the redhead and Fury.

“Well it is.” I mutter, bitterly. “Good to see you Clint.”

“You two know each other?” The redhead asks, obviously confused.

“Of course we know each other,” I reply. “I’m his baby sister…”


I have other Captain America fanfics but this is the easiest one to tranfer over. My other fanfics have a ton of chapters I need to edit before I can transfer them over =]

chapter title credit: Vital Signs by Picture Me Broken.


Update please I love your story!!!!!

Chummy70 Chummy70
dvcodfndvjsdocdnfjds update please mother of pearl!
JenoWatina JenoWatina
This is really well written. :D
SavvyBori SavvyBori
Please update :)
blasttyrant blasttyrant